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"Stop, Look and BLINK 182"

When Blink 182 went on there Hiatus there last album came out featuring all the singles that had come out. So these songs are taken off all the previous albums:
1. Buddha
2. Cheshire Cat
3. Dude Ranch
4. Enema Of The State
5. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show
6. Take Off your Pants and Jacket
7. Self Titled

This album highlights the best of Blink 182, With the group which is guitarist/vocalist 'Tom Delonge', bassist/vocalist 'Mark Hoppus' and the start of the album features the original drummer 'Scott Raynor' until 'Travis Barker' took over Drumming on 'Enema of the State'

***Back Information on the Group***

This San Diego, California group started out in 1993 with an EP called Flyswatter, As Blink 182 was originally just Blink until Irish band forced the group to rename after having similar names.

The group then Brought out 'Buddha' and 'Cheshire Cat' which was featured in a lot of skate/snowboarding videos this getting them popular to the skate audience. Then in 1997 they releasing there next album 'Dude Ranch' which went platinum this also containing there first official single release 'Dammit'. This is where Drummer 'Scott Raynor' left the group and 'Travis Barker' stepped in.

In 1999 teen film 'American Pie' had just been released Punk-pop was the new thing with group such as 'The Offspring', 'Green Day' and 'Blink 182' became big. This is when 'Enema of the State' was released this was a main stream success. With the toilet humour which featured in the teen films that was being released 'Blink 182' was in the mitts of it.

Later the live album 'Mark, Tom and Travis Show' was released with only limited edition. Then in 2001 reunited with the release of 'American Pie 2' was the release of 'Take off your Pants and Jacket' again another Punk-pop album with more toilet humour and immature songs.

The last album was 'Self Titled' this was a more of a mature album with song that were more meaningful this probably because of the backlash at the comments that Blink 182 are nothing more that a Fart joke band. With some of the songs on this album being slower it did show a different side to blink.

Never the less came February 14th 2005 (A day I'll never forget so sad) the band went on an 'indefinite hiatus' to spend more time with there families. This then began the making of the 'Greatest Hits' Album compiled by the Fan's.

The band of 'Blink 182' now have formed 2 groups one featuring 'Mark Hoppus' and 'Travis Barker' called 'Plus 44' only one album to date but one I would recommend. On the other hand is 'Tom Delonge' went on his own and made 'Angel and Airwaves' as he is trying to change the world of music, unfortunately for him this album lacks what most fans want which is some decent music (I must admit there's a few good tunes on it, just not my cup of tea).

*****Greatest Hits Album*****

With its Black Smile Cover, taken from the self titled album it give a nice look to it.

Track Listing

1. Carousel
There oldest track that still get played at gigs named after the tune sounding like a carousel, this song is very fast and very un-mainstream, You can't really tell what there saying, but it is about being alone and dealing with life by your self.

2. M+M's
There unofficial first released, Not one of there best songs with very simple tune but with the lyrics being funny and silly this is the start to what there legacy will turn out to be. The song is about if it is worth being single or can he actually get a girlfriend.

3. Dammit
A lively tune about what it is like when you see your ex-girlfriend, but your friends are always there to pick you up. This would have to be the main song on the album for any skates, it's fast, bouncy and you really get into the main chorus. Which is repeat 'This is Growing up' which gets you into the sprit of it.

4. Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine)
This is about how your girlfriend is always making you feel happy and loved. This really is one of them songs that are not the best of tunes, that's why the words are the main thing on this song. This would have to be the weakest part of the album, but since I am a 'Blink 182' fan I know that you do get into the song and end up liking it as much and just think about your girlfriend.

5. What's My Age Again?
Being my favourite song on the album, it is hard to review as I feel this song just makes me feel young again (not that I am old) but it reminds your that you should always feel young. The tune in the background give you loads of momentum and the words are about how you are 23 but you just want to act young, then the song goes on how you like to play pranks and mess about. !!!One not to be missed.!!!

6. All The Small Things
There most popular mainstream song, which tipped the charts at number 2. With the comedy lyrics again this song gives off a nice rock anthem which tells of a guy who girlfriend always tries but he never does but he doesn't want to leave her. This was the start of 'Blink 182' stardom. Where in the music video they parody (copy) other pop video's such as 'Backstreet boys' 'Christina Aguilera' and 'Britney Spears' other Punk-Pop band shortly followed this.

7. Adam's Song
One of there slowest songs on the album bringing it to a sad mood but showing how the band isn't just comedy fart jokes. The song talks about how it's all over and we just disappear in our room and everyone forgets about us.

8. Man Overboard
Back to a fast song, this is in relation to the leaving of band member 'Scott Raynor'. To be honest you would realize though as this fast pace melody give you a really good feeling about break-ups and being on your own. This is one of them song which will just make you get on that dance floor and dance.

9. The Rock Show
As 'Blink 182' got bigger there songs got rockier this song is about meeting a girl at a rock show and falling in love. The rocky tune give it a nice edge, this is one of the classic anthems on the album.

10. First Date
This being a Pop-punk tune it really does bring the pop out in it, the rhythm is completely different to other songs more high pitched and the chorus is very repetitive. (This being my brother's favourite song on the album, he's 26 by the way)

11. Stay Together For The Kids
Like 'Adam's Song' this one also has a slow melody, but the chorus far from upbeat has momentum with give the song feeling. This is an example of how diverse 'Blink 182' actually was.

12. Feeling This
Another song which is a very summer song, as I like to call it as it is up beat talking about summer and how you feel and do everything around you.

13. I Miss You
This 'Blink 182' brilliant attempt at a love song which came top of the modern rock charts and also 3rd on the pop charts, a song which the title displays what it is a song how hard it is to go on when you miss the one you love. A great love song which contains not the usual guitars but also Violins and Keyboards, One which will touch your heart.

14. Down
What it is like to be down? That is what this very song displays if no one picked you up and all you wanted is not to be down. Not much of a tune in the music once again focusing just on the words to give them the prominent place in the song that they need.

15. Always
About how to get your lover back how all you want to do is hold, kiss, and feel them (Always). A touching song with a nice tune again it is more about the lyrics.

16. Not Now
This there last released single before the hiatus, it reflect how much they appreciate what family, friends, fans and God have done for them. A good song with great words not what you would expect from there rocky songs in the past and the tune aren't to bad nothing groundbreaking in this song.

17. Another Girl Another Planet
A nice song to finish the album, this the theme tune to 'Travis Barkers' TV show 'Meet the Barkers' a cover but a great cover. The song is about being alone with your girl away from everyone and you're just in your moment.

18. I Won't Be Home For Christmas (UK Bonus Track)
The greatest Christmas punk song ever, shame that it is only available on Christmas rock cd's and not mainstream. But this is a song I listen to many times at Christmas, full of the troubles with Christmas thought you may think it just another grumpy Christmas song but it got some great Christmas instruments in it and gets you really into the mood. If anything I'd by this CD just for this limited edition song.

19. GO (BBC Radio 1 Session) (UK Bonus Track)
This song isn't what I would have finished the album with it about escaping from terrors. This song is quite powerful and the tune is full of feeling, the words are a bit unlike anything I could relate to though.


This album is a great dedication to 'Blink 182' the songs show all the best points in every album, With the songs revolving around getting a girlfriend, having a girlfriend and loosing a girlfriend that pretty much sums up the album. This is one I highly suggest having in the collection as there will be one song to fulfil any mood which you're in. I loved the whole cd and it is often played.

The album priced for £8.99 (or £6.99 in just a card sleeve) for £7.98
HMV for £8.99

Or pick it up second hand for round about £3.00 on eBay or Amazon marketplace.

Also check out there Blink 182 Greatest Videos which shows all the singles videos

****what's next for Blink 182****

If you want to know more about the band visit

But now the group have 2 side groups

Tom Delonge has a group called
Angel and Airwaves this band isn't much like blink 182 but if you want to see what there like go to:
Have a listen to 'The Adventure' of the album 'we don't need to Whisper'

Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have got a group called +44
Which has some songs similar to the one they previously did we 'Blink 182'
There website is:
Have a listen to 'When my heart stops beating' off the album 'When my heart stops beating'

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