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Greatest Hits - Shania Twain

1 CD(s) - Country - Label: Mercury, Universal - Distributor: Universal Music, Universal Music; Arvato Services - Released: 08/11/2004 - 602498636046

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published 19/01/2015 | xd-o-n-z-x
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"~ * Still The One I Run To... * ~"

I remember Shania Twain being around when I was kid. I was around eight or nine at the time – I used to like her music, but always felt that it was a bit too ‘grown up’ for me – I was a huge Steps fan at the time! However, as I have got older, I have really grown to like Shania Twain’s music. I bought her greatest hits album a few years ago, and it is one that I keep going back to all the time. The CD is currently available from Amazon for a price of £4.26 which I think is excellent value for money.

~ * Track Listing * ~

1) Forever and Always 2) I’m Gonna Getch Ya Good 3) Up! 4) Ka! Ching! 5) Man I Feel Like A Woman 6) That Don’t Impress Me Much 7) From This Moment 8) Honey I’m Home 9) You’re Still The One 10) Don’t Be Stupid 11) Love Gets Me Everytime 12) No One Needs To Know 13) You Win My Love 14) I’m Outta Here 15) The Woman In Me 16) Any Man of Mine 17) Whose Bed Have Your Boots 18)Party For Two (featuring Mark McGrath) 19) Don’t 20) I Ain’t No Quitter

The album kicks off with Forever and Always; a beautiful, lovely dovey song with a pretty melody and catchy chorus that I cannot resist humming along to. It’s a lovely laid back song with a nice country sound. A lovely start to the album. Things really start going with the second track; it has a real up-beat and catchy beat. It’s one of the more ‘bursting with attitude’ songs, which I like. The song ‘Ka!Ching!’ reminds me a bit of the song...I’m not sure what’s it called, but the one that goes ‘Benny and the jets!! B-b-b-benny!!’. It’s not that song, but it does remind me of it and I keep expecting Shania to break into ‘B-b-b-b-benny!!”

One of my favourite Shania songs (and I think a lot of people will agree), is ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’. It’s such a good tune; bursting with attitude and it’s one of those ‘girl power’ kind of songs, which makes me feel good to be a woman! It’s very catchy too, and always one to get everyone up on the dance floor – no one can sit still while they listen to this song. Another girl power-y song which I also love is ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ – it’s so catchy and I love how the lyrics tell a story. Another one that gets everyone up on the dancefloor as it it such an upbeat song with a good beat. I can’t resist singing along to this one either.

A highly emotional song which now gets me every time, is ‘From This Moment’. When this was released, I used to think ‘what a boring song’. However, a few years ago, I was asked to sing this song at a family friend’s wedding, and it wasn’t until then, I realised how emotional this song actually is. It’s a really beautiful song with thought-provoking and emotional lyrics. Such lyrics include ‘From this moment / life has begun / from this moment / you are the one / right beside you is where I belong / from this moment on”, with the chorus then going on to ‘I give my hand to you with all my heart / can’t wait to my life with you can’t wait to start”. So it’s a really romantic song which is perfect for a wedding. Continuing the lovey-dovey romantic theme is ‘You’re Still The One’, which is such a beautiful and simple song with a beautiful melody and thought provoking lyrics. This is what Shania does best.

I have to say that some of the songs, whilst ok they aren’t as good as some of the other songs on here. An example of this is ‘Honey I’m Home’. Yes, it’s catchy and I again, I love the girl-powery theme – it also has some great harmonies, but I don’t like it as much as her more poppier songs. This song definitely has a more ‘country’ sound. I’m not really a big fan of country music to be honest, and I think that is one good thing about Shania, she is a country artists with a poppy twist and so makes country music more appealing to pop fans.

Shania is a good singer. She is a good performer too and puts her own twist on the songs, really making them her own. She has a unique sound; there is no other artist or vocalist like her. The songs really suit her voice and really show it off. She has an ‘easy listening’ kind of voice, which is nice to listen to.

Overall, I am really pleased with this album; it’s one of my favourites. There are some really good songs on here; some are highly catchy, others are more country, and others and more laid-back and easy listening. I like the country crossed with pop style of music; Shania does it so well. She makes country music appealing to people who don’t necessarily like the ‘real country’ style of music (like me). So this gives a good taste of country music with a poppy twist. I like this music, it’s ‘real’ and there is nothing ‘fake’ or ‘electronic’ about it which makes a nice refreshing change. The songs are all very busy musically and so are interesting to listen to. The songs on this album are very charming and I like how each one tells a different story.

This album is so upbeat and uplifting – it always puts me in a good mood when I listen to it. I like how there are songs to suit all moods on here too, so there is definitely something to suit everyone on here. The album is suitable for all occasions to: for the house, for the car – it’s a great album overall, plus there’s a good amount of songs on here, so there are plenty of songs to choose from and so it never gets boring. It’s the kind of album you can listen to over and over again. I would definitely recommend this album.

Thanks for reading!
January 2015

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