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Eggs on my vocabulary with short description

30.11.2017 Review of Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

"I think Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is what I was searching so for from elementary classes which could help me to build my vocabulary... Today I am so happy that I have an affluent and rich stalk of words because OALD really helped me to strength ..."

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Brilliant Business Cards

09.04.2014 Review of Easyprint.co.uk

"Easy print have given my team the best business cards and postcards we have had. We are using them and now have ordered more as they have run out. Delivery was quick and easy. They were delivered by DPD and was tracked and sign for. In my opinion I think ..."

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Abamectin to Zygote!!

10.09.2013 Review of Black's Student Veterinary Dictionary - Edward Boden

"As a student of veterinary science, I rely on a LOT of books in my course. Many are textbooks, costing up to several hundred pounds each. However, there are also cheaper and less comprehensive books I need that are equally useful in my studies. This revie ..."

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The best maths book I have come across.

29.03.2012 Review of Engineering Mathematics by K.A. Stroud

"...If you're doing any form of Maths, Physics or Engineering in your degree then I highly recommend that you purchase this book! Maths comes into so many things and covers a very wide range of topics but for the basic things and a wide range of what you will ..."

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