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HP Notebook (Charcoal Grey) Sleeve - 40,6 cm (16")

HP Notebook (Charcoal Grey) Sleeve - 40,6 cm (16")

With its neoprene exterior, the stylish HP Notebook Sleeve - 40,6 cm (16") in Luminous ... more

Rose is custom made to keep them clean and safe -
with a retractable handle, a luxurious faux-fur
interior and zip pocket for accessories. The HP
Notebook Sleeve - 40,6 cm (16") exterior is made
of durable neoprene, safeguarding your notebook
against everyday bumps and scratches, while the
faux-fur interior holds your notebook securely.
The HP Notebook Sleeve in Luminous Rose - 40,6 cm
(16") is perfect to help you stay organized. The
faux-fur interior holds your notebook softly,
while a secure exterior zip pocket keeps all your
essential accessories perfectly safe. If your HP
notebook has a diagonal screen of up to 40,6 cm
(16\"), it will easily slip into this elegant yet
practical sleeve. You chose the colour of your HP
Notebook because you like it - so why not have a
sleeve that perfectly matches? The HP Luminous
Rose Sleeve - 40,6 cm (16\") features the unique
HP colour accents, for simple, elegant perfection
and style. Dimensions 390 x 35 x 280 mm Weight
0.186 kg

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HP Notebook (Charcoal Grey) 16'' Sleeve

HP Notebook (Charcoal Grey) 16'' Sleeve

With its neoprene exterior, the stylish HP Notebook Sleeve ? 40,6 cm (16?) in Charcoal ... more

Grey is custom made to keep them clean and safe ?
with a retractable handle, a luxurious faux-fur
interior and zip pocket for accessories.

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HP Sleeve for 16 inch Notebook - Charcoal Grey

HP Sleeve for 16 inch Notebook - Charcoal Grey


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Manufacturer's product description

With its neoprene exterior, the stylish HP Notebook Sleeve - 16" in ocean drive is custom made to keep them clean and safe - with a retractable handle, a luxurious faux-fur interior and zip pocket for accessories. The HP Notebook Sleeve - 16" exterior is made of durable neoprene, safeguarding your notebook against everyday bumps and scratches, while the faux-fur interior holds your notebook securely.


Product Type Notebook sleeve
Width 39 cm
Depth 3.5 cm
Height 28 cm
Weight 186 g
Notebook Compatibility 16"
Colour Charcoal grey
Localisation English / Europe

Compatibility information

Designed For HP 15-g000sl, 15-g002sp, 15-g029ca, 15-g030eo, 15-g030so ¦ HP Pavilion 15-e000sa, 15-e000so, 15-e001sl, 15-e004sl, 15-e005sf, 15-e005sy, 15-e006sg, 15-e008so, 15-e010sp, 15-e011ei, 15-e011sa, 15-e012sa, 15-e013sa, 15-e014sa, 15-e020eo, 15-e020sa, 15-e021el, 15-e021sa, 15-e022sa, 15-e023ss, 15-e025sf, 15-e025so, 15-e026sa, 15-e026sf, 15-e026ss, 15-e027cl, 15-e027sa, 15-e027ss, 15-e028sa, 15-e029ss, 15-e033sl, 15-e034sf, 15-e034ss, 15-e036sa, 15-e036sf, 15-e036ss, 15-e037so, 15-e037ss, 15-e040so, 15-e040ss, 15-e041sa, 15-e041so, 15-e042sa, 15-e042so, 15-e043cl, 15-e043sa, 15-e044sa, 15-e045sa, 15-e047sa, 15-e052sg, 15-e052so, 15-e055sp, 15-e056sp, 15-e058sb, 15-e062so, 15-e066ei, 15-e066si, 15-e067sl, 15-e068ei, 15-e068si, 15-e069sl, 15-e070sl, 15-e080eo, 15-e082sg, 15-e085nr, 15-e086nr, 15-e087nr, 15-e088nr, 15-e089nr, 15-e089sg, 15-e089sl, 15-e090sl, 15-e091sl, 15-e093eg, 15-e095eg, 15-e095sr, 15-e096sr, 15-n200eb, 15-n200ed, 15-n201eo, 15-n201sa, 15-n201so, 15-n201sr, 15-n202sf, 15-n203ed, 15-n203sr, 15-n203tu, 15-n204sa, 15-n205sa, 15-n206eo, 15-n206sa, 15-n206sc, 15-n206so, 15-n207eo, 15-n207so, 15-n208sa, 15-n209sa, 15-n209sf, 15-n209so, 15-n210ed, 15-n210eo, 15-n210ez, 15-n210sf, 15-n210so, 15-n210sy, 15-n210us, 15-n211eo, 15-n211sf, 15-n211so, 15-n212tx, 15-n213ed, 15-n213eo, 15-n213so, 15-n214eo, 15-n214so, 15-n216eo, 15-n216so, 15-n217eo, 15-n217so, 15-n218eo, 15-n218so, 15-n219sf, 15-n220sa, 15-n220sf, 15-n224ea, 15-n229sa, 15-n230sl, 15-n235sa, 15-n235sl, 15-n239ca, 15-n240eo, 15-n240sa, 15-n240so, 15-n243eo, 15-n243sa, 15-n243so, 15-n244eo, 15-n244sa, 15-n244so, 15-n245sa, 15-n247sl, 15-n248sa, 15-n250eb, 15-n252sg, 15-N252ss, 15-n253nf, 15-n257eo, 15-n257so, 15-n258ss, 15-n263eo, 15-n263so, 15-n265eo, 15-n267eo, 15-n267so, 15-n269eo, 15-n274eo, 15-n285so ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n204ed, 15-n207sa, 15-n209ed, 15-n212ed, 15-n215eo, 15-n215so, 15-n220us, 15-n230sa, 15-n232sa, 15-n263sa, 15-n280u
Designed For Compaq CQ58-250SG ¦ HP Envy dv6-7200ea, dv6-7200sa, dv6-7200sl, dv6-7201eg, dv6-7202eg, dv6-7202ss, dv6-7203es, DV6-7210US, dv6-7214nr, dv6-7214tx, dv6-7215nr, DV6-7220US, dv6-7222nr, dv6-7223nr, DV6-7227NR, dv6-7227sa, DV6-7228NR, dv6-7229nr, dv6-7240sg, dv6-7250ca, dv6-7251eo, dv6-7252eo, dv6-7254eo, dv6-7267cl, dv6-7276ez, dv6-7280ef, dv6-7280la, dv6-7280sf, dv6-7280sl, dv6-7290sf, dv6-7300ea, dv6-7300sa, dv6-7302eo, dv6-7370sf, dv7-7201eg, dv7-7202eg, dv7-7202ss, dv7-7203ea, dv7-7205tx, dv7-7212nr, dv7-7215sg, DV7-7230US, DV7-7240US, DV7-7243NR, DV7-7250US, dv7-7252eo, DV7-7259NR, dv7-7270ca, dv7-7290eb, dv7-7292eo, dv7-7299ef, dv7-7299sf, m6-1101sg, m6-1101so, m6-1102eo, m6-1102sa, m6-1103eo, m6-1103ss, m6-1104es, m6-1105so, m6-1116tx, m6-1117tx, m6-1140sg, m6-1150sa, m6-1150ss, m6-1151so, m6-1154ez, m6-1155eo, m6-1160la, m6-1160sf, m6-1162la, m6-1170ef, m6-1170sf, m6-1178ea, m6-1188ca ¦ HP ENVY TouchSmart 4-1102sg ¦ HP Envy x2 11-g001eo ¦ HP Mini 200-4200ea, 200-4200sa, 200-4200sb, 200-4200sm, 200-4200so, 200-4200ss, 200-4200sw, 200-4201ea, 200-4201sa, 200-4202ea, 200-4202sa, 200-4202sf, 200-4210ss, 200-4220ss ¦ HP Pavilion dv6-2137el, dv6-3008et, dv6-3025et, dv6-3035et, dv6-3101et, dv6-3102et, dv6-3104et, dv6-3105et, dv6-3107et, dv6-3112st, dv6-3113et, dv6-3120et, dv6-3320et, dv6-3340et, dv6-6186nr, dv6-6b31eo, dv6-6b48nr, dv6-6c11sz, dv6-6c82sl, dv6-7001em, dv6-7002ed, dv6-7003sm, dv6-7003sp, dv6-7009ss, dv6-7013cl, dv6-7014nr, dv6-7030sz, dv6-7041tx, dv6-7050ez, dv6-7050sw, dv6-7053ea, dv6-7054sa, dv6-7063sa, dv6-7070sw, dv6-7086la, dv6-7100sh, DV6-7112HE, dv6-7114nr, dv6-7115nr, DV6-7122HE, dv6-7136nr, dv6-7137nr, dv6-7138us, dv6-7161eo, dv6-7180eb, dv6-7180sl, dv6-7191eo, dv6-7194ef, dv7-3169wm, dv7-4197cl, m6-1000sg, m6-1000so, m6-1000ss, m6-1002sa, m6-1004sa, m6-1009tx, m6-1023so, m6-1035dx, m6-1035so, m6-1040ec, m6-1042so, m6-1045dx, m6-1050sa, m6-1052eo, m6-1054sa, m6-1060sf, m6-1060sl, m6-1060so


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