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published 28/04/2015 | Nar2
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Pro Easy to use, durable, good length, better material, many different uses, good large size, strong.
Cons Easily confused with less durable aluminium types, high tension opening can be difficult
Value for money

"Hanging On With Hamma: Practical Tips With Strong Carbine Clips."

Hamma Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip - Great for so many uses, not just a more durable weather proof loop hanger.

Hamma Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip - Great for so many uses, not just a more durable weather proof loop hanger.

I suppose in the way that things unfold I should be grateful that in the area that I live in Scotland, it is an area which is pretty much countryside with plenty of hills and mountains to trek for the most fittest. There are also less arduous areas that provide all sorts of activities such as gorge climbing, rambling, walking, cycling and backpacking, too. But the ideal accessories that I have always relied upon when doing lots of different outdoor activities are “Carbine” clips, or “Carabiner,” clips, as they are also known as.

Plenty of different companies produce different sized carbine clips but the one company that I am aware of who produce different sizes and weights of these versatile clips are “Hamma.” Recently with the purchase of the Brabantia 30M rotary wash airer, I required the usage of these clips that would enable me to store the airer properly and be able to hang up the airer when not in use, given that it has a main hanging loop located on its central pole.

Hamma carbine stainless steel clips are slightly different to many available online and it takes a bit of knowledge to know exactly what you need to look out for where general requirements are concerned. Originally the Hamma 3 pack of 8mm by 80mm Carbine clips were purchased at my local Halfords store a few years ago at a cost of £22-00! I am pleased to find that they are still on sale at Amazon UK with a much lower cost of £12-95 (product code B00KSCFJRE) per pack of 3.

The general promise that Hamma has released with these Carabiner clips conveys:

“…Hamma Carbine Clips offer a combination of great strength, reliability and corrosion resistance. 5 Year Warranty covering defects in materials, manufacture or workmanship. Each clip is precisely engineered, having a high quality spring action with close fit and heavy-duty pivot pin for maximum strength and durability. All radiuses and curves are smoothly radiused for maximum strength. Hamma carbine clips are built from marine grade 316 stainless steel, known for its high resistance to corrosion. They are also electro polished and passivated for increased corrosion resistance and a fine finish…”

General Impressions & Design

Packaged in a very tightly packed thick plastic pouch and in a quantity of three, Hamma Carabiner stainless steel clips by the 8mm by 80mm sizing appear to be very heavy-duty to my hands, but remind me of the kinds of clips used for clipping gorge/ climbing equipment as well as strengthening general ropes together. They are quite large and are often used for camping as well. Though suitable for the home, they can also provide an easy clip for the storage of many things in my opinion such as house or garage keys at their most basic.

Hamma promise quite a number of different manufacture processes with this product but it is clear to me that the product is extremely well made. From a built in flush and sprung mechanised straight opening clip on a pivot hinge that allows the opening process and an instant snap back closure, these “electro-polished” carabiner clips look and feel well made, in my opinion. The curvaecous body is easy to see and there are open ends fore and aft for smaller key rings or attachments that can easily cradle off a single clip.

The general total load bearing weight that a single clip can take appears to be 600kg whilst each clip itself weighs 68grams. However, though the measurements are clearly displayed online by the selling company’s own images on Amazon UK, they are not completely exact, which in my purchasing experience can be a bit annoying. The general sizing of the 8mm by 80mm single Hamma clip here has a length quoted of 64mm but that’s only the inner length of the carabiner clip. Externally the measurement length wise measures 8cm and the barrel diameter is just under 1cm, which is crucial if you have accessories that have a bigger or smaller width.

General Performance & Downsides

Substantial to the touch and curvy without many rough edges, these rather large oval figure of 8 style carabiner clips offer up quite a few versatile uses, not just for the intended usage of a storage hook for the Brabantia 30m rotary airer. Although I find the built in black PVC hook is substantial enough on the airer itself, the usage of this kind of “hanging” clip increases protection and longevity at its most basic, taking the more durable use of metal and forged stainless steel to bear the brunt of constant hanging jobs, or metal against metal in use.

Though the first requirement was easy for a single 8mm by 80mm clip to hook on with the main pole of the Brabantia 30m rotary airer, the smaller trio of wings with storage loops on them are far smaller with a thinner width of 0.5cm making these clips unsuitable. Despite that, I find that these larger size carabiner hooks are great for just about anything with a bigger width that requires hanging together or being connected up safely and without fear of the clips coming off in the process.

From the usage of suitcases or two travel bags stored in a moving vehicle or a train seem to be able to be hooked together, for extra stability - provided that the handles are wide and close enough to cling together due to the 12cm length of this 8mm sized Hamma carabiner clip. Once connected the clip does appear to be very durable and sturdy in use. They also appear to be able to take the load bearing of weight that Hamma suggest.

The general tension provided by the opening rod itself is tough to do though and it opens up to a total of 2.5cm width. Dependent on use, the opening spring loaded rod only begins to get weaker in time and provides an easier way of opening. My older one is testament to that! It isn’t easy to open the link with a few of my weaker fingers although I am pleased to say that I can open the straight link on the clip by pushing down with my thumb quickly to connect the clip to whatever I require the clip to connect to. Metal against metal is far easier rather than trying to open this type of clip with fingers though.

One of the aspects of living in the countryside that I adore is dog walking with friends or relatives. One or two dogs that can walk together with the owner can usually be connected to just one lead dependent on the type. However, it is not always possible to walk two dogs off one lead UNLESS you have a clip that connects the two leads together. Here is where this kind of clip comes into its own! I find it does appear to be easier to connect this clip with gloves on, which I often wear when out and about with dogs on hills and rough terrain. I find the clips provide an easier but safer walk when dogs are required to be walked by being connected to a lead.

All the while, the complete physical cylindrical body of the clip has no sharp edges can ever endanger an animal or the owner. My old one has been through ponds and puddles where dogs have run through and still in the good couple of years my old one has endured, there are no signs of rust on it!

Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

Hamma produce a few different sizes of carbine/carabiner clip and on sale at Amazon UK but I must point out that there are quite a few different brands that produce these kinds of clips in similar sizes but NOT in the kind of forged stainless steel provided here. Aluminium types don’t tend to last as long in my experience and some opening mechanisms are weaker than the forged flush spring mechanism that Hamma have engineered, here.

Known for being more suited for outdoor activities than in the home, but not limiting withstanding in the home, I think Hamma’s carabiner clips by the 8mm by 80mm sizing do offer several advantages. Though slightly wide and more suited for wider articles and accessories that require safe and durable linking up, there are plenty of ways in which this well made, heavy-duty clip can be used without stress and in many ways the cheaper £12/£13 is a bit cheaper to what I paid for a few years ago. From safe storage of keys to a more robust hanging loop, it is probably one of the more overlooked accessories I use in my home. I recommend these clips though if at least you own a couple of dogs who adore walking in the great outdoors! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2015.


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  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 29/04/2015
    I use Hamma clips too and consider them the real deal, I'd never compromise with a cheap brand :)
  • StewwyB published 29/04/2015
    Very well reviewed, E
  • Secre published 29/04/2015
    Exceptional review
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