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Sweet, chewy, tasty sweets

Not sure why they are called Starmix !

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Whenever I go shopping I find myself instinctively loitering in the sweetie aisle, I just sort of wander there in a semi conscious trance, seeking comfort in the multitude of sweet and colourful treats. My latest trip heralded a veritable bargain in sweet form when I noticed - sitting on the shelves - the offer of any two bags of Haribo sweets for 98p! Losing all of my legendary composure I elbowed kids picking penny treats out of the way and old folk picking up their Wurthers Originals and grabbed greedy handfuls of every different sort of Haribo pack available before racing to the checkout to make them mine. Once home I set about the different packs and found that the one that really stood out was the interestingly titled "Starmix", you don't really need to know the measurements of the pack or what kink of plastic is used but I will mention in passing that the pack is predominantly blue with the large headed Haribo boy looking out of a space rocket!

The rear of the packet is given over to nutritional, ingredient and consumer information as is common with food products, but for some reason Haribo seem to think I'd like to know said information in half a dozen different languages! As far as Ingredients go there are no great surprises with glucose syrup and sugar the predominate constituents with a smattering of artificial flavourings and colours added to ensure kiddies will be hyper for a good half hour after eating them! Calorie values are also on the high side with the 175g packet I have notching up just over six hundred of the blighters - on the plus side there is only a trace of fat and the sweets are suitable for those with gluten or dairy intolerances.

OK, enough of this shilly-shallying, lets rip the packet open and gorge on the contents. I dip my hand into the soft collection of sweets looking forward to retrieving a space themed morsel and come out with…… what appears to be a fried egg! I see! Maybe tomorrows world was wrong when they heralded the foil vacuum packed meals that would be eaten in space; maybe astronauts like nothing better than a sunny side up egg for breakfast. Not wishing to be put off by the distinct lack of space-ness in this sweet I pop the little blighter into my mouth, the yellow of the yolk seems to be made up of a gelatinous fruity substance which sits nicely on a foam type base about the size of a ten pence piece. The contrast is nice and I soon polish off the half dozen or so fried eggs I can find in the packet.

Next, in my quest for something more fitting of the Starmix name and space theme I pick out…… a cola bottle chew! Well, since most space expeditions at the moment are American based and Cola is their national drink I guess this is not so unbelievable - I just somehow didn't envisage Neil Armstrong glugging from a bottle of "the real thing" before taking one giant step for mankind! No matter, I pop a cola bottle in my mouth and chew it to release a faint sweet taste of something vaguely resembling cola - a nice enough experience in itself.

Third time lucky perhaps in my quest to find an intergalactic resemblance in this pack of sweets, I come away from the pack with what appears to be……. A teddy bear! Right, well I know there have been many animals shot into space for experimental purposes but I'd never heard that Gentle Ben was amongst them! I'm beginning to wonder if someone at the Haribo factory has put the wrong sweets in the wrong packet! Nevertheless these chewy little bears in for colours are rather tasty and again release the vaguest of fruity tastes in the mouth when bitten.

I'm beginning to lose all hope of finding anything remotely to do with stars or space now as the pack starts to get empty, and I retrieve what looks like…… a heart! I almost want to go back to discovering eggs or cola bottles now, especially if we are moving onto bodily organs! The hearts are red and gelatinous with a thin foam backing, the sensation as the two mix when chewed is nice and I almost forget I'm munching on a sweet recreation of a blood pump!

We are down to the last few sweeties now and they are all the same shape, I almost dread to think what I may be unearthing next but the last variety in the pack appears to be nothing more startling than….. a ring. It's still not remotely space related but I'm so relieved that I'm not faced with more innards or animals I gratefully throw a handful into my mouth. Again they are fruity and chewy and not overly sweet tasting which is nice, in fact I think these are my favourite of the five different sorts.

I'm fairly sure the marketing men at Haribo were faced with a hotchpotch of sweets and didn't have a clue what to do with them - thus they called them Starmix in the hope that us consumers thought the fried eggs were odd looking squashed planets or the cola bottles were actually a soft drink sponsored space rocket! No matter, these are still a tasty and fun selection of sweets - just don't expect to find a gelatinous scale model of sputnik or Apollo 13 hiding in the pack! And since Starmix are Haribos` best selling packet I guess most people spend less time analysing them and more time scoffing them! Four stars out of five from me.

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Haribo Starmix
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BazzaBoyT 04.11.2010 21:01

To add to my previous i believe that if you look closely one of the gummy bears in each packet is actually an alien (this is only in large packets of Haribo Starmix) :) hope this helps with the confusion of the name - maybe!

BazzaBoyT 04.11.2010 20:58

I loved the day when they were only 99p now their pricing has become rather difficult - in my local shop they are 1.09??? why the 9 pence.. anyway great review :)

MizzMolko 19.07.2009 20:11

Haribo always remind me of being at school - we renamed them Garybo (long story) and used to wear the rings as if we were engaged to some gorgeous celeb! Ar, fun times. Great review : ) Eleanor x

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