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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Nintendo DS)

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry is mysteriously selected as the fourth competitor in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament. Each contestant ...

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Review of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Nintendo DS)"

published 01/08/2006 | welshgal17
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Pro Includes many of the films characters and events, good sound effects and graphics, nice use of touch screen
Cons Short game time, some fiddly difficult parts
very helpful
Difficulty & Complexity

"You're a wizard 'arry!"

caring for a Niffler

caring for a Niffler

Having just bought my DS and being fed up with the one game they supplied me with, I took a trip to town to buy a new one. I popped into HMV as they had a sale on at the time and saw this game for the low price of £20. The cover immediately caught my attention as I love Harry Potter and will normally snap up anything remotely related to it! Having enjoyed playing Goblet of Fire on the PS2 I took the chance and snapped the game up, hoping it would live up to its predecessor.


Ok so as any Potter fan would know, the Goblet of Fire film sees Harry mysteriously entered into the 'Triwizard Tournament', comprising of 3 extremely dangerous tasks. The game follows closely the events of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film released last year. You will be able to visit the Quidditch World Cup, take part in the Triwizard Tournament, go to the Yule Ball and battle 'He-who-must-not-be-named' as well as much more. Learn spells to help you along the way and collect Bertie Botts Beans for Fred and George. The whole of the wizarding world at your fingertips!

In SINGLE PLAYER mode you get to take on the role of one the main characters of the Goblet of Fire film. Choose Harry, Ron or Hermione to take around a variety of tasks and working alone and together as a team to complete them. There are a variety of options to choose from on the Single Player menu, the most important being -

Like the film, the action starts off mostly with the action at the Quidditch World Cup Campsite. The Death Eaters have turned up causing mayhem and it's up to whichever of the trio you choose to lead the others to safety.
All the action takes place on the top display screen, and all the vital information is shown on the bottom touch screen e.g. life, number of beans, shields. Items collected on the top screen also appear on bottom screen. Controls are easy, using the Joypad to move around and B and A to cast spells at obstacles in your way. B and A act as a number of spells making it easy for the player to remember either one. If you're lucky when fighting an enemy you'll be transported to'3D Magical Encounter'. Instead of using buttons to defeat the enemy you can now step into Harry's shoes and use your wand (well… stylus). Using 3 different methods (swish and flick!) you can defeat your enemy and see a close-up 3D version of your character.

But don't think you're alone fighting this battle - Ron and Hermione aren't there just to look pretty, ask for their help (press L) and things will become much easier. Each of the trio have different strengths at the start so choose wisely e.g. Harry has a higher attack; Ron has higher speed and Hermione a higher defence. Collecting beans and cards throughout the game will gradually raise the stats of each player until eventually all stats are level.

From the World cup we move back to Hogwarts and visit some defence against the dark arts classes in order to train for the upcoming Triwizard Tournament. The next few levels are there just to give you the opportunity of practising and learning some new spells - Moody is always on hand to give you some advice and tips.
Then comes my favourite level - the Yule ball. When I first saw this level how I laughed! I wondered how they were going to fit in the fighting based style of level as they had done in the first few levels in the Yule Ball - no way were they going to change the story like they have done countless times in the movie! But I could relax - the level is a place for Harry and co to show off their dance skills. Like many dance games, pressing buttons in the correct order at the correct time will earn you a ranking which will unlock more music and a harder difficulty of dancing. I love this level although it is quite a hard one - it's so funny to see them dancing terribly (which happens a lot with me!)

Once all the fun is over there are three Triwizard Tasks which have to be played by Harry and Harry alone. These include out flying an angry Hungarian Horntail, rescuing your friends from the bottom of the lake while battling grindylows and finally navigating your way through a huge maze. No easy feat! That said most of the levels are fairly easy to complete with the game being targeted towards a younger audience although as I'm not an expert gamer (nearly there though!) I did have to check the internet for walkthroughs to guide me from time to time. Also some levels can be quite long, especially the Prefects Bathroom, especially if you get lost! I spent an hour or more playing this level, but thankfully it did save at regular intervals.

There are 11 levels in all, finally ending in the epic battle with the Big V himself, Lord Voldemort. I would have expected this level to be the best of all the game, thought they would have gone all out to impress. But no, all this level consists of is one screen, you, Voldemort and some gravestones. This is the only level I'm having trouble completing though! Damn you voldie!

If you want to complete the game more easily you'll need to collect beans that you find along the way, by hitting and lifting anything in sight, for Fred and George, as they'll exchange them for cards in their shop, Weasleys Wares. Cards are one of the most important items in the game as they help your character gain strength and defence. They also display pictures of characters from the films which is a nice added bonus for fans. Triwizard Shields will also help by unlocking cards and the bonuses section at the start - but only if you collect them all!

The only bad thing I've found with this game is the fact that I've finished the levels fairly quickly. I've nearly finished in a week playing an hour a day (But I can't defeat Voldemort - it's impossible!). If you do finish the game it's not all bad as when you unlock new spells in the later levels you can return to earlier levels to find new areas you weren't able to visit before. This also gives you new areas to explore which means new cards and shields.

Not a part of the main game but a fun little extra feature. The task is to look after Hagrid the Gamekeepers pet Niffler and keep its happiness bar high. You do this by feeding it fruit, giving it toys and washing it. Fill the bar up to the heart and in return you'll be awarded with a Shield by the Niffler. The game makes use of the microphone to call the Niffler by blowing into it, which blows a whistle on screen. A fun game but over quite quickly as only one shield can be earned a day.
It's a sort of Nintendogs if you like although definitely no match for it!

Throughout the game you can unlock many minigames from characters you meet along the way. These are all played using the stylus on the touch screen. Some of these games include catching chocolate frogs, feeding a fire crab in Care of magical creatures, matching cards in aparecium pairs, hippogriff feeding at Hagrids, sweet sorting for Ginny, and sorting Bertie Botts beans for Fred and George. These use the touch screen brilliantly - you have to be quick with the stylus to pass these tasks. They aren't as easy as the actual game and will probably need a few tries to pass them.

With this option you can join with others who have the game and a DS. As I don't have any friends with these requirements I haven't been able to try this out yet.

Once you've found and unlocked cards throughout game they are stored here. Cards can be of characters, animals, objects, and places featured in the film. Full Sets increase stats of the characters e.g. speed, defence, attack.

I haven't unlocked these yet as you need all shields and cards but I think there is some artwork and images from the film in this section.


In short:
Stills for story on top screen with narration text on touch screen. Disappointing that it's not actual film footage but good for the console. The graphics are nice and clear 2D when playing, with a definite likeness to film characters. The graphics get much better when the game goes into a 3D magical encounter, much more 3D looking.

Music right for different emotions in story - dramatic music for fights, soft music for lighter parts of story. The spell noises are brilliant, actual human voices used for spells and to call team members. No john Williams music though!

Mostly easy to use. B and A used for a variety of spells, just point and press. L and R hardly used except in Yule Ball. Touch screen fairly easy to use depending on spell. Follow line or hit the mark on screen. Use D-pad to move around levels.

Overall I'd say that the game was of average difficulty. It all depends on how good a gamer you are and your reflexes for most of the levels. The game is meant for younger gamers and so is relatively easy but includes some more challenging parts - but it's not impossible to complete.

A game for a variety of gamers, more based towards younger gamers but older gamers will also find something to entertain them. A short gameplay but with the extras like the mini games it manages to redeem itself.

So should I buy it?
Yes! It is worth the £20 I paid for it as I've had lots of enjoyment from the game. I'd recommend it to Potter fans more as non-potter fans may get bored quickly.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Amy69 published 04/04/2008
    Great review. I bought this game this week. Im only on level two just now...trying to limit playing time to make it last longer! So far, Im really enjoying it! Amyxx
  • sprinklesUK published 08/07/2007
    A nice in-depth review. Personally, despite being a Potter fan myself, I just can't abide the the games. Maybe after your review I'll give this one a rental or something... just to give it a chance.
  • cstar9092 published 16/11/2006
    great review
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