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"Own the World's Top Brands"

Hasbro Monopoly Empire

Hasbro Monopoly Empire

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Monopoly Empire is my eldest nephews game and I have played this quite a few times now when visiting them. For those of you whom don’t know about this game, Monopoly Empire is a game play variant of Monopoly that has players collecting billboards to fill a tower instead of properties to bankrupt opponents. This is done by traveling around the board and buying brands. There are no trades, however there are cards that can force players to swap billboards (also called tiles), or to take tiles from other players. I was intrigued by this game as I have only ever played the normal version of Monopoly so I was looking forwards to playing a different version of the game. This game is recommended for children aged 8 years and upwards and you can have two to four players playing the game at any one time. The aim of the game is to be the first person to fill your tower first. You do this simply by buying billboards to fill your tower.

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The game comes in a large box and down the right-hand side there is a clear section so that you can see what the gold playing tokens are. Each of the playing tokens represent a well-known brand. On the front of the box is say’s ‘Own the World’s Top Brands’ and it has a picture of Rich Uncle Pennybags (the mascot man in the suit and top hat) on the front. It also has various different brand logos on the front, which are some of the brands that are on the playing board. On the back of the box it tells you a little about the game; how-ever the instructions and other information about the game is inside the leaflet which is inside the box. The box is made very well and is nice and strong.

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Box Contents
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The box should have the following contents:

• 1 x Set of Instructions
• 1 x Empire Gameboard
• 4 x Black Towers
• 6 x Game Tokens (Tennis Racket, Xbox Remote, Digger, Transformer Head, Trainer, Car)
• 2 x Black Die (1 of which has a picture of two hands shaking)
• 22 x Billboard Tiles
• 8 x Electric Company & Water Works Billboards (4 of each)
• 6 x Office Tiles
• 14 x Chance Cards
• 14 x Empire Cards
• Paper Money (50’s, 100’s and 500’s notes)

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You can purchase this from Amazon for around £27.50. It’s also available in Argos for £24.99 as it has currently got £2.00 off the full price.

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Setting up the Game
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Setting up the game is simple, quick and easy. Simply shuffle the Chance and Empire cards and place them face down on the board in the allocated spaces. Place the black towers in each corner of the board. These towers just slot into place easily. Place the 22 billboard tiles on the brand spaces that they match around the board. Some of the billboard tiles are bigger than others. Put the 4 x Electric and 4 x Water Works billboards on their matching spaces on the board and put the 6 x Office tiles next to the board (although we just put them in the middle of the board). Allocate a player to be the banker and they can then share out the money. Each player gets 1000k each and 2 x Empire Cards, which need to be hidden from the other players. The Banker is in charge of the bank’s money, auctions, paying players money when they go past ‘GO’ and collecting fines and taxes.

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How to Play
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The youngest player goes first, by rolling both the dice. That player moves their gold token clockwise around the board, for the number of spaces shown on both the dice. If a player rolls a double, they move their counter, decide what they want to do and then they roll again. If a player rolls three doubles in a row, that player moves straight to Jail. The next player takes their turn after the previous player has finished their go. When a player lands on a billboard they can buy that particular brand. The price of the brand is shown on the board and the buyer uses their money to purchase that brand. Once they have paid and the money has been given to the banker, that player then takes the token and adds it to their tower. Anyone can purchase a brand on which the billboard has not already been token. If another player lands on your brand on the board, that plyer then has to pay the level shown on your tower. If a player collects the same colour of brands (orange set, red set, etc.) they get a bonus token which is the ‘Office Token’. If a player lands on ‘Empire’ or ‘Chance’, the player needs to take the relevant card. Players can keep their ‘Empire’ games to use at any point on their go during game-play; how-ever ‘Chance’ cards need to be played at the time of picking up the card. There are other spaces on the board such as ‘Just Visiting’, ‘Free Parking’, ‘Go to Jail’, ‘Electric Company’ or ‘Water Works’. If a player lands on an unowned branded space and doesn’t want to buy it for the price listed on the space, then the Banker must auction it. If a player runs out of money they can keep the cash they have and return the topmost billboard back to the board or if a player cannot pay another player, you can give them the topmost billboard on your tower. If a player rolls the dice and they get the two shaking hands on the dice it means they can swap their top billboard with another player.

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Playing the Game
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Setting the game up is very easy and this can be done in just a couple of minutes. My nephew always loves to help set up the game, but we do help him to get the game set up that little bit more quickly. As my nephew is always the youngest when we play, he always rolls the dice first. The instructions to the game, take some time to learn and although we have played this game quite a few times now, there are times when we do have to refer to the book to see what a couple of things mean. The billboard token is made from plastic and they have stickers on them which clearly show the logo of the brand so they can be easily recognised. Some of the brands include ‘Xbox’, ‘Ford’, ‘Transformers’, ‘Cat’, Universal Studios’, ‘eBay’ and more well-known brands. These tokens do vary in size and the more expensive tokens take up more spaces on your tower. There are some specific brands that my nephew likes to buy in each game. This game can get very competitive, especially when it comes to being able to change billboards on each other towers and when using the Empire cards which can give you some really good advantages in the game. You don’t get an awful lot of money in the game, and we do find that if you are not careful, you can use all your money quite quickly so you do have to try and hold back purchasing too many billboards. One minute you think you have quite a bit of money but if you land on another players brand and they almost have a full tower, this is where you could lose all the money that you do have. In terms of game-play the game is a lot quicker to play than the original ‘Monopoly’, which might be a good thing as ‘Monopoly’, can go on for hours before you actually finish the game. We have had some games that have ended within about 20mins, but other games have lasted a little longer. Of course, it does depend on the number of players playing the game as well as if there are four players, playing the game, it does mean that there will be less brands to purchase.

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Overall Opinion
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This game is a fun edition of Monopoly and one that other children may find more exciting and a little easier to play than the original Monopoly. I am not normally a fan of the other versions of Monopoly, but I actually really like Monopoly Empire and every that I do play the game, I really enjoy it. I have played this game a lot now so I am getting used to the game-play and what some of the cards and other things mean. The game doesn’t take long to set up and as there are only three different note denominations, it means there isn’t lots of counting out to do when giving people their money for game-play. Every-time I visit my sister and nephews we always normally play this game and my nephew always seems to win. I think I have probably one this game once when we have played it. The majority of the brands of the board are recogniseable as they are well-known brands and my nephew recognises a lot of the brands as well. Although my nephew likes to collect some specific brands, everyone else just collects what they can in order to fill up their tower. If we manage to play this game quickly, we sometimes have another game straight afterwards. The game is made-well and everything seems very good quality. The board has a shiny coating to it, which helps to protect it from dust and dirt and as the billboards are made from plastic they should last a long time. Some of the tokens are small so you have to be careful not to lose any. In terms of value, I do think the game is fairly reasonable for what it is, especially as some of the other Monopoly versions, I have seen are very expensive. Overall this is a fun and different version of Monopoly that I would definitely recommend.

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