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An effective treatment in the eradication of head lice


Effective, only need to leave on for 15 minutes

Oily residue means the process will take much longer than 15 minutes to get hair back to normal

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Ever since my daughter started school 18 months ago, letters have come home fairly frequently, usually every couple of weeks, informing us that head lice were going around the class. Until last week, she has managed to avoid getting them, but started with the head scratching much to our horror. Luckily, Iím super organised (sometimes embarrassingly so) and I had bought in some Hedrin Once solution for this very occasion, avoiding a mad dash to the chemist for when the inevitable happened. At £6.99 for the 60ml get solution, itís not the cheapest product but I was impressed by its claims and so opted for the branded version.

The benefits of this solution is that it only takes 15 minutes to work unlike some products which need to be left on overnight. The downside is that as it only takes 15 minutes to work, you can probably understand that the solution is thicker with a higher concentrate. While it doesnít smell chemically or sting your eyes (that would be worrying if it was going on a childís scalp!), the thick concentration means it goes on like oil and is an absolute nightmare to get hair back to normal. We treated her hair by spraying the solution starting at the scalp and then covering all of her hair. It should be applied to dry hair and then left on for 15 minutes. I didnít know if the solution may sting her eyes so resisted chucking her in the shower. We put her in the bath and then used the shower head in the bath to rinse her hair and then washed it with shampoo. The formula contains anti foaming ingredients so it is normal that the shampoo will not lather. I rinsed the shampoo but her hair felt very oily and greasy so I repeated the shampooing process again. When her hair was dried it was exceptionally greasy and oily, and being a school night was too late to start all over again so we had to get up early the next morning and shower her. Her hair still had a fine layer of grease on, but looked okay once in a hair bobble, but much to her annoyance, she had to get in the shower as soon as she got home from school to get her hair back to its usual self. Although this process was slightly annoying, I wasnít bothered in the slightest, knowing her hair would be free for the infestation. As her hair is so blonde its almost white, it was easy to spot the eggs, however I canít imagine how difficult this process must be for anyone with dark hair.

As the solution managed to cover our daughters hair while only using approximately a quarter of the bottle, we decided to be safe and treat all of our hair, so it managed to cover 2 short heads of hair and 2 medium to long heads of hair. No one else had complained of itching but with so much solution being spare we decided to take the precaution just in case. I didnít fancy either me or my husband being sat in meetings at work and starting to itch our hair! The solution is safe to use in pregnancy and on children six months or older. It will not cause problems for asthma sufferers.

The solution has been clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs in just one application and in our experience this is entirely accurate. One extra piece of advice I will offer is to remember to clean our showers or baths after you have rinsed the solution out. Surfaces become very slippery and it would be easy to forget and then slip the next time!

Once the lice have been killed, they wash out of the hair or easily comb. I had bought a nit comb too and I used this to just go over the hair, rather than having the eggs in a regularly used hair brush. In the likely event that your child catches nits again in a short period of time, it is completely safe to use the Hedrin treatments again.

A few head lice common misconceptions:

1. Head lice cannot jump and can only be passed by direct head-to-head contact.

2. Head lice only survive on heads, and so by sharing towels, and bedding will not cause head lice to be passed.

3. Having head lice has nothing to do with personal hygiene, head lice can live on all types of hair and no preference exists between clean or dirty hair.

4. Head lice can only live on human beings, people canít catch them from animals.

Hedrin is an effective head lice treatment which totally eradicated the problem in my daughters scalp. I would definitely recommend it to make the time consuming and difficult process slightly easier.

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pgn0 24.03.2012 08:36

It must be something to do with the climate - if we had more sunshine and could swim in the sea occasionally, I'm sure there'd be no need for a lot of these treatments.

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Make sure that the hair is saturated and that the
scalp and hair are fully covered with the lotion.
Spread the lotion uniformly from the roots to the
hair tips by working into the hair using an
ordinary comb or your fingers. Leave the hair to
dry normally. Leave the solution on your hair
overnight or for at least eight hours. Cleanse the
hair with usual shampoo, rinse thoroughly using
water and towel dry. It is recommended to apply
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untreated eggs likely to hatch within that time
period. There is the high likelihood of lice
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leading product since its inception by Hedrin.

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Hedrin is an extremely effective method of lice eradication

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Manufacturer Hedrin


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