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Fruit2day, You're my Hero! (But not quite a Super-Hero!) I first saw this in ASDA at the beginning of February - a pack of two curvaceous (like a pretty woman) bottles - each 205 ml bottle featuring the two main fruits of the variety: and looking like a luxurious treat. What is MORE, ... Read review

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Fruit 2 day, You're My HERO! Review with images

Advantages100% Natural ingredients; No added sugar or preservatives; Real juicy fruit pieces (Not just a "smoothie"); Two of your "Five a Day" fruit and veg.

DisadvantagesALL three varieties contain mini Pineapple pieces; need refrigerator space; once open must consume within 3 days; short shelf-life.

"...(which I submitted from the Hero [www.Fruit2day.co.uk] website when I proposed the product). I do not really know why this is, unless there was a negative response to initial market-research consumer testing, and the flavour never really was properly developed or marketed. As BANANA is often a smoothie ingredient, and BOTH the other flavours have a very strong PINEAPPLE bias, I do not think this flavour is particularly missed from the range, although ..." Read review

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'Hero Fruit 2day', Mango and Peach flavour.

AdvantagesHealthy, sweet, unusual.

DisadvantagesExpensive and slightly bland in comparison to other healthy juice drinks that I have tried.

"A catchy title which advertises the fact that this small bottle contains two portions of the reccommended '5 a day' daily allowance. This is what attracted me to the product as I was looking for a healthy fruit drink and this contains '100% natural ingredients'. The packaging itself however seemed tacky-looking to me. A simpler design works best I think. At first, it was a novelty to drink something with fruit pieces, in this case peach and ..." Read review

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Type Multi-fruit Juice
Juice Type Concentrated Juice
Manufacturer Hero


Listed on Ciao since 21/04/2006

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