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Hertfordshire University (Faculties)

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Astronomy at the University of Hertfordshire

20.08.2001 Review of Astronomy

"...The University of Hertfordshire is an excellent place to study. Take it from me, I graduated in 2000 which isn't bad considering I originally didn't want to go there (Another story for another time)! I chose to study Astronomy and I was not disappointed ..."

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Watching those heavenly bodies

15.04.2001 Review of Astronomy

"Hello to all, I wrote this op over a week ago, and for some reason it has not been published, I think the powers that be at Ciao have been busy with other things. Anyway, as you can see I am cheating by putting this op under the heading Astronomy, as i ..."

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Very challenging

12.04.2001 (30.05.2001) Review of Chemistry

"...This is an excellent course but it is very challenging as chemistry is the hardest course that you can do ever, finish a chemistry degree and you are set for life as 70% of chemistry students dont do science but can move into law accountancy ECT, as you a ..."

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05.04.2001 Review of Environmental Pollution Science

"Are you as unimpressed as I am by Prescott’s sclerotic deprecation of Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto resolution, to cut harmful emissions? Particularly with Blair supporting the intellectual property ethic (and bugger Aids sufferers in A ..."

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