Hi-Five Soup! - Aquabats (The)

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Hi-Five Soup! - Aquabats (The)

1 CD(s) - Ska - Label: Fearless Records - Distributor: ADA/Arvato Services, PIAS UK/Arvato Services - Released: 21/03/2011 - 714753014626

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Review of "Hi-Five Soup! - Aquabats (The)"

published 21/05/2013 | peteellis
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Pro Good cheesy funny album you can't help dancing to
Cons a few weak links...
very helpful
Quality and consistency of tracks
Cover / Inlay Design and Content
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"A very fun not so sensible album"

1. Prologue

The Aquabats are a Ska Punk band, They became famous after there previous drummer Travis Barker now of Blink 182 left and they toured with his new band.
They used to have a Horn section on earlier recordings and a very different sound, instead of maturing they appear to get more and more childish and immature with every album. They are known for dressing up as superheroes at Gigs.

2. Album Lineup

The MC Bat Commander – vocals
Crash McLarson – bass, backing vocals
Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk – guitar, backing vocals
Jimmy The Robot – keyboards, backing vocals
Ricky Fitness – drums, percussion, backing vocals

3. Tracklist

1. "The Shark Fighter!" 2:56
2. "B.F.F.!" 3:20
3. "The Legend Is True!" 3:21
4. "Radio Down!" (Featuring Biz Markie) 3:31
5. "Poppin' A Wheelie!" 2:15
6. "Hey Homies!" 3:04
7. "In My Dreams!" 3:04
8. "Just Can't Lose!" 3:39
9. "All My Money!" 2:48
10. "Pink Pants!" (Featuring Strong Bad) 2:31
11. "Food Fight On The Moon!" 2:39
12. "Luck Dragon Lady!"

4. Track by Track Review

The Shark Fighter: The song starts with the sound of the sea/seagulls and breaks in with a drum roll and high pitched opera like vocals, The bat commanders voice is unique and you can tell it's them as soon as he starts singing, perhaps the only feature of the band that remains throughout each album. The Keys make the sound on this song, it's very radio friendly, very cheesy and the lyrics are childish, It appears to have a dubstep wobble on the bridge, this ruins a otherwise good song.

It goes like: "His only goal is a shark as a role, his only creed is to make sharks bleed"

BFF: The start of this song sounds like a modern rap song, It's slow paced and you can't help but sing along, The guitar technique is very "ska" tinged with minimal feedback which makes it sound very "poppy" AGAIN the lyrics are childish and immature "Stand on the shoulders to get your cat out of a tree" making little sense but remaining fun and free spirited, very enjoyable. This song features a "Autotuned" sequence which is incredibly annoying.

it goes like: "I like hanging with my friends, talkin bout my bff, BIG FRIENDS, forever"

The Legend is True: Electronic glitchy start with a undertone guitar, breaking into a more punky sound, faster drums and harder hitting guitars with minimal keys, a simular sound to past albums, still childish lyrics, but very fun. There is monotone backing vocals which sound almost sarcastic, very catchy, This song certainly shapes the album making it more vast and genre spanning,

It goes like: "You are the legend and the Legend is true"

Radio Down: Favourite Track on the album, It's so easy listening it is unreal, It appears to be poking fun at "Dancing with myself" and even features lyrics from that song, Biz Markie features and that is the only bad thing about this song, The keys are Ska tinged and scream dance at idol legs.

It goes like: "With the record selection and the mirrors reflection and i'm dancing with myself"

Poppin' a Wheelie: Heavier start, into an orgy of keys, Synths and ska tinged guitar riff which abrupltly ends and in comes a simpler formula for song writing a song, the lyrics are minimal and repeated which is a let down on an otherwise good effort, i can't help being slightly disappointed by this weak link on the album especially after such a strong start.

It goes like: i love love love love love love poppin' a wheelie

Hey Homies: A fun "poke" at Hip Hop and the "Gangster" rap genre's, a simple but effective mix of simple drums, Almost electronic sounding, background gameboy sounding keys and group vocals, very fun, very funny. GENIUS.

It goes like: We don't need no thugs unless those thugs was giving out hugs

In my dreams: An almost "Sublime" start to a song, very 90's alternative, The guitar riffs remind me of a band called [Spunge]. The lyrics don't make sense but this does not effect the song as a whole, The bass is very catchy, the keys are minimal and the vocals are exaggerated, another good effort

It goes like: "Things are never what they seem in my dreams"

Just can't lose: I love this song, it names lots of bad things that could happen in a day and the good situations they lead to, a very optimistic way of looking at a bad day. The structure is the same as most on this album with the exception of the guitars which sound almost like they belong on a Blink 182 song, The keyboard solo is very entertaining and you will be whistling along :-D

It goes like: "No matter what i do i just can't lose"

All My Money: Another weak link, the guitars are repetitive but minimal, the vocal range is exaggerated to the point it sounds like screeching and the drums sound too compressed, avoid this track where ever possible.

"blah blah blah squeal blah blah"

Pink Pants: The song starts with a buildup and breaks into a electronic sounding punk anthem, this track is already trying to make up for the song before, which you can't help being thankful for, Still very minimal but it works, the guitars come through on the right ear and the keys on the left so the mix sounds perfect, very good song. Again nothing to spectacular lyrically. Comical voices appear in the chorus so if you are listening outside you may look a little crazy :-D

It goes like: "The world likes to spin around me, let's talk about it"

Food fight on the moon: a countdown and very crazy sounding songs start this song off, it then breaks into a song which sounds like a few others on the album, which is slightly disappointing, A synth which sounds like "clangers" is being used, which made me chuckle quite a bit considering the name of the song, children will love this song.

It goes like: "Let's have a food fight here on the moon, nothings better"

Luck Lady Dragon: A Billy Talent-ish Guitar riff breaks into a comical opera like punk anthem (yeah i know that sounds unreal, but thats what it sounds like) Gameboy sounding synths and electronic drums VERY VERY CATCHY, I dare you to not be singing and bopping away to this one, Youtube it if you are in disbelief :)
A awesome end to a equally awesome album.

It goes like: "We don't have wings but we can fly away, fly away anyway"

5. Overall

A strong album from an equally strong band who in my eyes deserve a lot more recognition, This is not my usual purchase, But as i have been listening to them for a while i gave it a go and i'm glad i did, One for the kids.....

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  • CosmicLove published 21/05/2013
    Great review :)
  • allanharry published 21/05/2013
    Thanks for that, must give them a listen!
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