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Himalaya With Michael Palin (DVD)

Michael Palin explores the Himalaya region, trekking through the mountains of Pakistan, India, Nepal, China and Bangladesh.

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published 18/01/2006 | gollum3273
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Himalaya - Michael Palin

I am reviewing this 3 disc set on DVD, obviously, otherwise it wouldn't be a disc set.

There are some extras on this DVD, they are: -

Exclusive Pre-Trip Introduction on all three discs

Extended Scenes

Scene selection,

There is over 90 minutes of Bonus Footage on this DVD

It is rated 12, as there is moderate sexual detail.
Running time approx 352 minutes.
Also with subtitles, in English.

Series producer & Director - Roger Mills
Written and Narrated by Michael Palin

The Packaging

The man himself Michael Palin, the great man, and also a fantastic view of the Himalaya mountains.

Well as you can guess from the title it is about the journey of one man, Michael Palin, who at his age is remarkably fit, and needed to be to go on this amazing journey.

Rather than list all the separate titles of each scene that are on the DVD, I will try to explain what is so amazing about this DVD.

After watching this for the third time, I am still amazed at the sheer will power of Michael Palin, as he goes from one altitude to another, his personal insight into this trip is by the means of explaining to the camera, his feelings on the places he visits, the people that he meets, and the views that take his breath away.

From watching the first episode until I reached the final minute I was totally blown away by the factual content, and the knowledge that he obviously needed to know about the countries he was going to be in.

In the words of the man himself as written on the reverse of the DVD box:-

"It was a great adventure, in busy, lively cities, beautiful countryside, and amongst magnificent peaks, glaciers, snow-fields, and isolated, spectacular villages. From the highest point of the journey, just over 18,000feet to the lowest, floating out into the sunset on the Bay of Bengal, the scenery is breathtaking, but as usual, it's the people we meet along the way - who really make the journey amazing."

He sums up the entire 3 DVDs in only a few sentences, which is another thing I find truly amazing about this man.

From seeing him looking so ill, when climbing towards base camp, and wondering if he will ever finish the journey, to the time he was eating breakfast in a hotel/rest place way up in the mountains, and a mobile phone being hung in a plastic juice bottle on the roof of the place as it was the only way to get a signal.

The funniest well when I say funny, its not really funny, but watching Michael taking his time, and steadily pacing himself up the thousands of steps, to seeing all the locals practically running up the steps with flip flops on and carrying all the camera crews, and Michaels belongings on their heads, it really does make you think what they will do in order to make lots of money. I remember a part when going from one country to the next through the only open entry point and there must have been a dozen men carrying the baggage on their heads, and one by one they went up to the white line that separated the two countries, and handed them to another dozen men, who they said earned at least 6 months money for just carrying these bags.

Also at one point they were having tryouts for the local army, when the man in charge and all his team were taken hostage, by the local gang and taken into the forest.

It goes way deeper than I could put into words, but when he joins a family and he helps the wife to make butter from Yak's milk, it really does make you think.

He gets to meet the Dali Lama, and gets an interview with him, he visits the Dali Lama's palace before he had to leave the country. He explains why he had to leave in the film, so I won't spoil it for you.

Also in one of the countries that he visits, they have a special place that only women can go to, which I think sounds like a good idea, but you only get to go to this place when its that special time of the month that all us ladies love to hate, yes you have guessed it, they have a menstruation commune. How good is that, the men have to fend for themselves, whilst the women get to relax, and when you have had a baby it gets even better, they have a party for you, and you have to rest. They should try that here, see what happens.

He even talks to a man who has seen the yeti, now not everyone can say that.

He visits the Buddha temple, where the people there have given up everything in life to follow Buddha.

Also there is the live cremations, so if you're a bit squeamish, better look away.
They have a group of five men, who are members of the deceased, who walk barefoot up to the waiting Pire, they then put the body on the Pire and set it alight, but not so that the body is covered but so you actually see the flames on the skin. Very tummy churning, and when the Pire finally starts to fall, the remains of the Pire and the body fall into the river, now that's disgusting enough, but some of the people are using the water from the river to wash clothes in.

My favourite part of this 3 disc set is when you get to see the Himalaya mountain range, as the view really must have been breathtaking, as it has that effect when you see it in screen, but to actually be there, stood on top of the mountain looking at this wonderful sight, is another thing altogether.

I don't want to spoil the journey for you, as it is worth watching, even if it is just for the views, to see a man who at his age you would probably think was out of his mind to do this, had given the rest of us, who will never get to see the different cultures, beliefs, and countries, the next best thing. So to that man Mr Michael Palin I thank you.

So would I recommend this, it has to be a definite YES.

Even if you just like him for the Monty Python in him, or you liked Pole to Pole, or Around the world in 80 days, this has to be the best yet.

I am still waiting for the next journey he is going to embark on.

But give this a try you won't be disappointed.

You can by this from Amazon, Wh smiths, and online at www.bbcshop.com

Thanks for reading

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Comments on this review

  • pinkmatchstick published 26/01/2006
    I really like the way you wrote that. You could just have waffled on about every part in munute detail, but picked out the salient points instead so well done worth an E easily.
  • Silverback published 22/01/2006
    These do sound endlessly watchable - a great taste of them there. As there seem to be channels on Sky which show nothing but back-to-Back Palin series round the clock, I'm not sure it's necessary for me to buy the DVDs though. Paul
  • charliekermit published 21/01/2006
    the himalayas are great and palin gets it right every time.. great...
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Michael Palin explores the Himalaya region, trekking through the mountains of Pakistan, India, Nepal, China and Bangladesh.


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