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#HolidayAnthems - Various Artists

3 CD(s) - Dance - Label: Sony Music - Distributor: Universal Music; Sony Music/Sony DADC - Released: 08/07/2013 - 888837368025

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published 21/07/2013 | alliewallie
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"Get Up and Dance!"

#HolidayAnthems - Various Artists

#HolidayAnthems - Various Artists

My role at work involves me traveling to different schools on a regular basis to meet with children who for one reason or another can't come to see me in my office, I like this part of my job as it allows me to watch the interaction between the child and his or her parents. This year is the first time I've spent time alone in the school as I was under a supervisory capacity before, and as the only representative of my department I was given lots of presents last week when they broke up for their summer break. One gift was a voucher for £8.49 and a request to download #Holiday Anthems in MP3 format, I could have spent the voucher on anything but my little friend has a relative in one of the bands featured on this album and she's so proud that I had to be able to honestly say I'd bought it and listened to it when I see her again in September.

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

I don't like compilation albums because there are always too many songs I don't like, it always seems a waste (and a nuisance) to spend so much time skipping through tracks I don't want to listen to when I could download the individual tracks that I DO like. Looking through the track listing I thought there would be more skipping than listening on this album because I didn't recognise half of the songs, it all seemed a bit Clubland~Trance to me and I wasn't looking forward to listening to it in full. I knew I should because it was such a thoughtful present though and played the first set of songs (what would be disc one in hard CD format) in the car on my way home from work, it was a beautiful sunny day so I cranked up the volume and settled back to an opening song of Titanium by David Guetta.

Between the three sets of tracks (or three CDs) there are sixty tracks with a total length of almost 3 1/2 hours, I'm not going to detail every single track and artist but you can find a full track list online (Amazon or any entertainment site that sells this album) or on the back of the physical CD cover. Many of them are radio edits which is good because radio edit is code for the clean version, meaning you won't inadvertently play the album in front of anyone who may be embarrassed by overtly sexual tones to a song or someone who is offended by bad language. Using the radio edits also prevents a parental warning being issued with the album. The songs don't look like they've been separated into specific sounds or times of release but because of them all being of the anthem type (with the occasional banger included) it doesn't matter as the selection of songs chosen for this volume will have universal appeal year in year out, with none that are going to date so quickly that the album will seem irrelevant next summer or the year after.

On the whole I'd say #Holiday Anthems has a very defined dance feel and that's exactly what I'd expect from an album with this name! Most of the songs were either hits or otherwise played regularly on the radio to become etched into your brain, I recognised every single one even though I didn't know all the names when I read the track listing. I've loved listening to it on long car journeys because the fast beat of the songs makes the time go quicker, I also have started listening to different parts of the album when I'm at the gym as many of them are perfect to induce an energetic work out. It's strange because you should be able to listen to a song at any time of year but these do feel and sound like tracks that are best heard in the summer when the sun is out, it won't be the same listening to this album in November when it's wet and cold out! I played the second and third set of tracks (or disc two and three if you have the CD copy) at a BBQ party I hosted on Friday night and was pleased to see they got my guests dancing and in the case of some of the older tracks reminiscing about the long hot summers of yesteryear, even if yesteryear was often only three years ago! Of course, an album like this isn't going to appeal to everyone and there were a few groans when it started playing (mainly from my older guests) but after a while everyone seemed to start enjoying the music (or at least start tolerating it!) and the requests for Michael Buble or Oasis stopped coming in.

Disc One

Here you have the first 20 tracks starting with Titanium and ending with Get Up (Rattle) by Bingo Players feat. Far East Movement. This isn't my favourite set of songs and the one I have played the least since downloading my copy, in my opinion Titanium is one of the most overrated songs of the decade and in honesty I think there are only four songs I could say I liked from this selection. The rest could be good as background party music but I definitely think #Holiday Anthems have for some reason given us their weakest offering as the opening disc, it's all relative I guess and depends on what you like to listen to but I personally am not too bothered either way by this disc.

Loca People by Sak Noel and Avicii's Levels are the highlight of Disc One for me, but sadly these are both towards the beginning so once Levels has finished I lose interest until Thunder in My Heart (Meck feat. Leo Sayer) comes on an hour later. I can't say that the first disc of #Holiday Anthems is bad but it's not to my taste and I can't even fathom the reasoning behind the choosing of some of the more ambiguous tracks, especially as some seem to have been chosen as purely dance tracks rather than because they have anything to do with summer feelings. I just remembered that Cascada's Evacuate the Dancefloor is on this disc and that's another one I like, but it never sounds as good in a home setting as on a night out so doesn't always get played even if I'm in the mood for a bubblegum dance tune.

Disc Two

This is already my favourite collection of tracks from the #Holiday Anthems album. It opens to the amazing Call On Me by Eric Prydz, moves along to dancefloor filler Heaven (DJ Sammy) and works through a total of 20 tracks to finale with I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas. For me this disc whizzes by extremely quickly because I enjoy most of what's on there, even those I consider to be duds aren't skipped through because I feel the tracks work so well together that it would be a shame to lose the gel. Actually if I was being completely honest (and I will be) there are two tracks that I do skip past, but only because they're by the two most irritating women in the public eye right now: Call My Name (Cheryl) and Young (Tulisa). I skip those because they follow one another in the track listing and is eight minutes too much of those two so I move right along to Dizzee Rascal and the fun track Bonkers.

I like the mix of old and new on Disc Two and it's the collection I've played most often in the time I've owned this album. Looking at the track listing I thought this would be the least played as I didn't recognise quite a few of the songs but I'm glad I put that aside as played it as it's really rather good!

Disc Three

This selection sounds more Clubland Classics than anthems for a brilliant summertime to me, but that said I still like to listen to it. I think eventually this disc will be kept for when I have friends round for drinks at the weekend as it's possibly a bit too dance for everyday listening, obviously if dance music is your favourite genre then you'll love it at any time of the day but it's all a bit thumping for me unless I'm driving and need something to make the journey go quicker. Push the Feeling On by Nightcrawlers and Beggin' by Madcon are my favourites, but I think the finale of the three disc set being chosen as Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy was a stroke of genius as it's such a get up and dance track that it finishes the album off with a bang.


I recommend #Holiday Anthems to anyone who likes dance music and wants an album that feels especially summery to listen to in this very hot weather we're having. It's better than the Now! selection as the genre remains constant through the three discs and if you like this type of music then I can't see that there is anything in the listing that would put you off, obviously as it's a compilation there are bound to be tracks you don't like or that bore you (I've heard I See You Baby (Shaking That Ass) far too many times to want to listen to it again on this album) but on the whole when you consider there are sixty songs and I skip past a maximum of eight I think that points to a good selection process by the people who put the album together.

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  • xmum2fourx published 22/07/2013
    Great review x
  • dawnymarie published 22/07/2013
    Very well reviewed - I got a good idea of what to expect x
  • Bollinger28 published 21/07/2013
    I'm not much of a fan of the whole Clubland / Trance scene so I probably wouldn't buy this myself. Super insight though :o)
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