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#HolidayAnthems - Various Artists

3 CD(s) - Dance - Label: Sony Music - Distributor: Universal Music; Sony Music/Sony DADC - Released: 08/07/2013 - 888837368025

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Review of "#HolidayAnthems - Various Artists"

published 22/07/2013 | chrisandmark_is_here
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The back of the cover is much of the same

The back of the cover is much of the same

~x~x~x~ A Hashtag Holiday ~x~x~x~

My daughters' all love music, the older two buying lots of CDs as although they love their digital downloads they both like the physical feel of a CD. My fourteen year old bought #HolidayAnthems while we were shopping in Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago, I've listened to it plenty of times already when she's played it downstairs - most recently today so I could write this review with the music fresh in my mind.

It's an album released with summer in mind, not particularly OUR English summer (which seems best described, musically, as wet boy bands and slapperish girls with fat arses) but perhaps an Ibiza summer - one of the less outrageous clubs that plays a variety of dance music rather than the hypnotic scary-as-heavy-metal European dance tunes which actually and literally make you want to poke out your own ear drums. There's nothing particularly 'holiday' about it and I say that as someone who has, in the dim and distant past, gone on these wild clubbing holidays - I'm not entirely sure what's more irritating, the fact that Sony have cynically tuned into the holiday spirit with a bunch of songs that maybe, just maybe could be categorised as 'summer holiday music' or the fact that there is a hashtag in the title. What the HELL is that about?

Anyway, it's three CDs of dance music - twenty tracks on each CD. That's plenty of hours worth of music, with (in my very humble opinion) the majority of tracks being inoffensive enough that you can easily listen to all three CDs without skipping through any of them. It's funny really because I'm usually very particular about my music when it's chosen music (MTV and the radio are different for obvious reasons) so rarely even bother to put a compilation CD on as they frustrate me so much that I have to sit with the remote in my hand, itching to skip a song at the first hint I'm not going to enjoy it - #HolidayAnthems (bleugh @ #) is different, to someone like myself who likes a bit of dance music it's highly listenable and a fun bit of escapism into a pulsing club where YOU are the life and soul of the party. To someone who doesn't like dance music (like my partner) it's the equivalent of fingernails being dragged down a blackboard. For three hours and twenty-two minutes.

~x~x~x~ Who Can You Expect To Hear? ~x~x~x~

#HolidayAnthems features a veritable who's who of the mainstream dance scene. David Guetta, Calvin Harris, The Shapeshifters, Basshunter, Ultrabeat, Cascada and Avicii jostle for space on the first disc - overall this disc has a reasonable mix of commercial dance stars and those where you'll know the song but not the name of the talent behind it (Mr Saxobeat being a fairly good example). The second disc kicks off with Eric Prydz and continues on to showcase the talents of Rihanna, Example, Madison Avenue, Dizzee Rascal, Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack - unlike the first disc I've heard of every single artist on this one, not because of my vast musical knowledge but more because the tracks on this second disc tend to be more modern than on the other two discs which are more of a chronological mix. At the third disc we return to massive songs with artists whose names I can't put my finger on - the few I do recognise being Robert Miles (albeit a very souped up version!), Livin' Joy, Groove Armada, Phats & Small and a few others whose names ring various bells but I can't quite place at this moment in time.

Anyone who shouldn't be there? Well, of course Cheryl shouldn't be on this album and the addition of the pathetic Call My Name makes me wonder just how she wrangled it - but apart from this particular Geordie irritant I think the artists have been pretty well chosen for #HolidayAnthems. Maybe Faithless seem an odd choice but the track gels nicely enough with those on either side of it so it has obviously worked out, the same goes for Rihanna too as to me she doesn't have the type of sound that I'd usually expect to hear on a compilation like this - although that's not to say either of these artists don't deserve to be selected to feature on #HolidayAnthems. Unlike Cheryl.

~x~x~x~ The Anthems ~x~x~x~

I'm impressed. Very impressed. #HolidayAnthems has a fabulous mix of new and old school dance hits, all have had ample radio play over the years to the point that I doubt you could fail to recognise them even if you don't think you know the tracks intimately. I know, or have at least heard, all of them - the more recent ones I'm less sure about, but all offerings from the 90s I'd recognise at 100 paces as that was definitely my era.

I was chuffed as nuts to find the wondrous Titanium as the first track on the first disc and have before now (and today) put this on repeat simply because I love it so much! A modern classic of a dance hit that ticks every box and a few more besides. Another one I love is I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) - this was my favourite song for ages but it's not one I really listen to these days, I get the BEP buzz all over again when this comes on and it's definitely another I'll hit repeat on and listen to a few times before getting bored and moving on.

My top three personal selection for each CD are as follows.


Hits - Titanium (David Guetta), Evacuate the Dance Floor (Cascada), Satisfaction (Benny Benassi).

Misses - Bounce (Calvin Harris), Tell it To My Heart (Kelly Llorenna), Call My Name (Cheryl)


Hits - Bonkers (Dizzee), I Gotta Feeling (The Black Eyed Peas), King of My Castle (Wamdue Project).

Misses - Touch Me (Rui Da Silva)


Hits - It's Like That (RUN-DMC), A Little Less Conversation (Elvis vs JXL), You're Not Alone (Olive)

Misses - Toca's Miracle (Fragma)

~x~x~x~ Anything I'd Change? ~x~x~x~

A few very minor points; Cheryl out is obviously my number one demand, also why on earth isn't Steal My Sunshine (Len) or What Is Love? (Haddaway) included on the album? Some of the songs seem to be all round odd choices - the Michael Grey track, The Weekend, being a good example of a good dance track that just doesn't *fit* with the other songs, as is Changed the Way You Kiss Me by (erm...) Example. Cracking tune, not quite right for #HolidayAnthems.

Another bugbear is the fact that a lot of the tracks are the radio edits, which is all fine and dandy if you've only heard them on the radio as you won't notice any difference - but if you've listened to the unedited track by other means you might find yourself a little disappointed. The Calvin Harris/Kelis collaboration suffers from being harshly edited in my opinion and it changes the song completely, again not something you'd notice as a casual Capital listener but I love the unedited version and always feel a little bit cheated after hearing it on here. The same is true of Hot (Inna) which is not only significantly shorter than the original but also has lost huge great chunks of instrumental in the edit, not good.

~x~x~x~ Purchase-Worthy? ~x~x~x~

Yes! With the caveat of you liking 'this sort of thing'. It's not something I would personally play all the time but sometimes I'm in the mood for something with pace and for this reason I'm sure this CD will eventually make it into my list of regulars. I'd say it would be perfect for parties and probably does have a sense of summertime warmth about it, as I said at the beginning of the review it's evocative of hot nights partying on the continent rather than a few bottles of something nice in a Birmingham garden - but it's happy and cheerful, brilliant for nipping away to (on my own, obviously) and is frankly a bargain at a tenner. What's not to recommend from an ex-club fiend such as myself?

Let yourself go to some Holiday Anthems

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  • VampirePrincessLizzy published 05/09/2013
    Not for me lol :) x
  • Graygirl published 28/07/2013
    Excellent review x
  • Kukana published 24/07/2013
    I am totally out of touch with current music, so have no idea who any of the artists are. But the title seems particularly silly to me, not just the hashtag, but the fact that in the US 'holiday anthems' would be taken as meaning Christmas carols!
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