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Community Level 3Deviant


sun, mud and dodgy sound systems

Advantagesgood music

Disadvantagesenglish weather, dodgy sound system

"I have been to homelands for the last 2 years now and have had a variable experience of the festival scene. There are various tents from various clubs reflecting a huge choice of dance music from Drum n Bass to tribal Trance. The cost is around £45 a ticket plus with Ticketmaster (I hate them) plus booking fee. Getting to Winchester by car is simple and the directions are labelled on route, parking the car was easy as well. There is a big ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kateleybwfc


Muddy Marvellous!

AdvantagesMusic, crowd

DisadvantagesMud. Buses back to Winchester. Mud. Weather. Did I mention the mud?

"Music festivals, on the whole, have three stereotypical factors year in, year out - excellent music, an audience that knows how to party,and mud. This one was no exception. Homelands may not be Glastonbury or Reading, but to dance music fans it is the nadir of this generation's culture. The rain started at about 4.30p.m, and boy, did it rain! The crowd didn't care, though, as tents were packed right through to the 6a.m end. On a personal note, Lisa ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hedzy


Whether or not you should go

AdvantagesA million emotions in 18 hours

DisadvantagesSome people lost their friends, their money, their transport and their sanity.

"...Some of the people at Homelands looked SO unhappy that I seriously considered NOT going to Glastonbury. But that would have been ridiculous...... ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mpart





"I went to homelands last year and it was better than anything i had been to before, gorgoeus sunshine, great atmosphere and great music. This year however great atmosphere, great music and lots of mud. When i first got there i remember the ground being quite sturdy and the rain being refreshing. Come two in the morning there was mud up to your knees and nowhere to sit down and recouperate. Apart from the mud it was a great laugh with music to cater ..." Read review

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Community Level 1buddenam


Homelands we miss you

AdvantagesAll of it

Disadvantagesit's gone now

"I know that Homelands is no more but still feel that it is necessary to review it for my own sense of satisfaction. Homelands was an amazing festival, it kick started the festival season and was always set to be a good one (regardless of weather). I went in 2001, 2003 and even when it changed to Hi-Fi in 2006. The setting of the festival was perfect. Once you had walked up the big hill, not really sure where exactly it was leading you, you reached ..." Read review

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Central, Great Bands, FREE
Ride, Food and Drinks prices. (*)
The music, the bands, the freaks, the displays, the people you run into
The weather. (*)
Great atmosphere
Not very clean (*)
fantastic fun for all the family
loos, loos, loos (*)
you will get some of your best memories from the festival
The price if the alcohol inside the festival (*)
Stunning band, thrilling show, thoroughly brilliant
It had to end, and I had a sore throat whe it did (*)
Great for all the family
Having to wait for a wristband even if you bought your ticket prior (*)
Fantastic Line-up
Limited tickets available (*)
So many varied top acts to see
too much choice sometimes, weather dependant (*)
Just beautiful with happy people
no such thing, I am offended you suggest there might be (*)
In Op
In Op (*)
Excellent Line-Up
None (*)
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