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published 10/11/2003 | Immokk
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Pro Great looking, fuel concumption, acceleration
Cons Tight turns (handlebar) oil tank
Customer service

"My baby!"

Okay, I did my CBT back in June after being obsessed with getting a bike for a year. Not too expensive... generally between 70 and 100 pounds. Easy peezey but take my advice if you can't get to grips with the gears off road don't worry. Ask if you can do the on road on a moped. They're much easier to ride and still entitle you to ride up to a 125 cc on the road for two years on L plates. Then get your bike and practise on a car park with out the pressure of the instructor!

Buying the bike.
I knew what bike I wanted pretty much as soon as I saw it earlier in the year. Shop around and you'll find a good deal. They don't make this bike brand new anymore, which is disappointing but if you look in Auto trader and your local papers you will find something.
The NSR is better looking (and bigger) than the Aprilla rs but is slightly slower (Not so you'd be disappointed). I really don't think the Mito is a patch on either bike. (he new Yamaha TZR is a beat if you want something different)

My bike
I bought my bike in August from a gentleman in my area- it was a stroke of luck. He was an older man and had bought it brand new a year and a half ago and had only done 120 miles on it! He wanted 3000 pounds I got him down to 2800. I checked on the finance and history with AA for 34 pounds. It was great, I was in love I bought it. My insurance isnbelievably high as I am 19 and it is my first bike... (f you're young it is in a high insurance bracket.)
My boyfriend had to ride it back with me on the back as I wasn't insured and I was gutted but I loved being on it. That day I called for my insurance, stuck my L plates on... got geared up (spangley helmet, black leather jacket, tough black jeans and bike boots) and got on my baby. I stalled it pulling off the drive (Oops) and was scared out of my wits being on the road on it for the first time.
After a few rides I was getting used to it and having fun. The weather wasn't too bad so I took it out as much as I could. I had problems with the battery but that wasn't a bike fault more of a previous owner fault. I had to buy a new one which was reasonably priced at 23 pounds.
I've been glancing at myself in shop windows and I look rool. As would anyone riding this beautiful machine.

The bike in general.
Nice looking- looks like a 400/ 500 cc from the side. Quite low down so smaller people should reach the floor with both feet. Is big though so if you're tall its a good bike.
I filled my tank up on Tuesday and set the trip meter. Now I'm going to let the petrol run out to see how much I do to the tank. So far I have done 118 miles and I am having no problems. I will come back to you on this one. It has a reserve tank so when I run out I will be able to get home or to a petrol station.
The brakes are amazing- and contrary to popular belief equal those of the Aprilla.
Hard to get to the oil (situated under tha petrol tank) but I can deal with that.
It' a two stroke so it hates low speeds! Give it some welly on the open road... it will love you for it!
Really quick away from the lights... very quick. The boy racers in their souped up novas will hate you.
Like many bikes no petrol guage so do what I do and chack your milage and set the trip meter every time you fill the tank (which you will fill for around ten pounds).
Gears get cold and you need to be firm when you first go out but after a while your tires and gears will loosen up nicely and improve your control! Just have some patience.
When starting the bike from cold pull out choke and press starter -NEVER twist throttle. It throws the electrics off. Like a lot of bikes and many cars. You won't need the choke on for long and don't worry if it groans... it means she loves you! Put the choke back and catch the throttle... trust me it will smoke... its a two stroke... nothing wrong there.
Clocks are a bit dull but they're useful and neat and there is an oil light to tell you when you're low.
Lights are BRIGHT, it's fantastic when you can see at night!

The test.
I won't be doing my test til early next year but I've been reading up. The only thing I can say is I think the U turn will be hard work on this bike. The best I can tell you is practise riding in circles and get smaller and smaller... thats what I'm doing.
There is an emergency stop (Front, rear brakes and clutch! don't stall. Practise than on car parks with a friend shouting stop)
Hill start... hard work at first easy when you get the hang of it. Stop, shift to neutral using rear and front braketo hold you up. When you come to start down to first, hold rear brake but loose front brake, pull your revs up and loose clutch out slowly, when you feel the bike is ready to go slowly let your brake off until you move. Then when you're moving out with clutch.
Angle start... from behind a parked car. Correct signalling and checks in front and behind....
Wish me luck.

If you get the NSR, I hope you love it as much as I do... it's a great machine.

In reply to your comments - thanks very much. Now more facts,

I can see the appeal of the Cagiva as its fast and looks very race orientated :)

Insurance is disgusting if you're young. Particularly on a provisional license and CBT (It's Compularsy Basic Training that you have to do to ride a motorbike on the road ;) ).

Tax is fifteen pounds per year- brilliant value.

Fuel I'm still working on... I'm up to 133 and still plenty there.

Due for a routine service which I'm not doing myself as the bike is a little fiddly... and because its always a good idea to have a full service history.

Another negative I forgot above is the weight you place on your arms. Although you are not totally lying over the tank you are supporting a lot with your arms... they ache after a little while. Something you'll get used to.

Maybe thats a little more helpful.

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  • Plymyphil published 13/11/2003
    Sounds like a great bike - thanks for sharing the op. - Phil
  • torr published 11/11/2003
    Welcome to Ciao. I really enjoyed reading that - lots of info on the bike, but plenty of personality showing through too. I look forward to reading more from you. Best wishes, Duncan
  • torr published 11/11/2003
    Welcome to Ciao. I really enjoyed reading this. Good info on the bike, but lots of personality showing through too. I hope to read more from you. Best wishes, Duncan
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