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Review of "Honda (TV Advertisement)"

published 24/11/2004 | Kazzay
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"Here’s a little review in the key of “Ahhhh”...."

The first question (after laughing at me) that my partner asked when I decided to write about the latest Honda advert was why on earth write about an advert? Who would be interested and isn’t it a waste of time? This comes from the Advert King himself who gives me the evils if I even open my mouth to say something when adverts are on! Talk about not being allowed to talk during a very interesting part (all of it) of a programme, it actually gets worse in the adverts! He transcends into some sort of hypnotic trance like state, unblinking and seemingly unbreathing. So I was little bit amused at his reaction, especially on the day he had been at work discussing the advert for a cereal (I think) in which a little boy says “I hope its not fish I ate fish” (which he loves - sorry Lee your secret’s out). So this is my reply...

If people discuss adverts at work and Channel 5 can have a show on the Top 100 (or whatever it was) Greatest Adverts I can put my very top favourite advert forward for discussion. Personally, I don’t really like adverts. I’d much rather sit through a whole film or programme without the constant intrusion of marketing and advertising. However, the breaks do come in handy for me to rush off to the loo or get a drink, so they do have some uses! There have sometimes even been adverts that I have thought are really great, usually when they have very cute babies in them, but I’m usually very hazy about what the advert is actually trying to sell (although with the babies I can hazard a very clever guess). So I always come to the conclusion that they have failed in their true and only purpose - and that I am still not going to go out and buy that item.

However, the Honda diesel advert is different!! I am not saying this has made me want to go out and buy the product because, well, I can’t drive but my point is that it is excellent at what it has set out to do. That is advertise Honda’s new diesel and make me find out more about it and be interested.

What first captured me about the advert was the extremely catchy, sunny little tune that plays throughout the whole advert. I first heard it on the radio when I listen in the mornings before work and found myself whistling and singing along at the top of my voice and hoping it would come on again. It seriously used to give me a little happy boost for a few seconds! For ages I kept asking Lee and my friends if they had heard this great sing-along advert but no one had and I couldn’t remember what it was advertising. Maybe it’s just me but I seem to have a sort of mental barrier to adverts that prevents me, most times, from knowing what they are advertising. I just don’t care normally, I might like it but I don’t want to know any further details. This is why I am rarely persuaded to buy anything I see on the tele because I can’t remember what product it was advertising. Actually I think I have some sort of memory problem anyway because when I hear songs I really like I tend to make up the words if I cant decipher them. So in my enthusiasm to tell everyone what I was raving on about I had to actually really listen to the advert to find out what it was for.

In my clever Columbo way I realised it was an advert for Honda but this confused me because of the words (“Here's a song for anyone who's ever hated... in the key of Grr... ”). What’s that all about? It didn’t seem to make sense, let alone as it was selling a car product that pollutes the environment. I suppose I did gradually get the gist of it all but it wasn’t until we finally saw it on the tv one day that I really started to understand it! On tv the advert is a fabulous technicolour creation of all things not car manufacturing, with little bunnies, green grassy hills and a Disney-type atmosphere. It’s message asks what if a diesel engine was built by someone who hates them and all their associated noise and dirt. “If anyone could build a better diesel wouldn’t it be it’s greatest critic”. Well if you say so! You’re not going to convince me that easily although it would be a marvellous idea that a huge company like this would care about pollution. It’s very hippyish, colourful and lovely but it’s the song that does it for me. Honestly they should make this into our national anthem and make children sing it at school everyday! So here are the words for anyone who would like to sing along. ( I got this off the net so if there are mistakes Im sorry).

Here's a song for anyone who's ever hated...
in the key of Grr...

Can hate be good? can hate be great?
Can hate be good? can hate be great?
Can hate be something we don’t hate?

We'd like to know...why it is so
That certain diesels must be slow
And thwack and thrum...and pong
And hum and clatter-clat

Hate something. change something
Hate something, change something,
Make something better.

Oh isn't it just bliss...when a diesel goes like this?

Hate something. change something
Hate something, change something,
Make something better.

And then there’s the Honda web site: - have a look at it! I’ve never thought a manufacturing web site would be anything like it! You can access the entire advert adventure via the site and are invited to see the film and sing along. You feel that you’re actually looking at a fun games site rather than one for cars. You can sing to your hearts’ content and watch little bunnies in a cinema watching the advert themselves. The concept itself is great even if you have a little trouble believing it or that people would care enough to buy this diesel to help protect the environment. Altogether it is very clever marketing indeed.

Other things I found to do on the site are to read about the engineer called Kenichi Nagahiro (a hero) who thought up the diesel design. His page looks almost Communist in it’s colour and stars! You can take part in a game to win an Ipod here as well, it involves you directing a rabbit round a course to pick up carrots in a certain time. So fun for all to be had! As sites go there’s a lot to dip into every now and again for someone who doesn’t even own a car!

So that’s all folks, it just goes to show you can fill a page about an advert and if you got this far you must’ve been interested at least a little bit! And remember: Make Life Better - listen to the Honda advert.

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  • Dan_ep published 10/09/2006
    I really like the ad.. often have thetube in my head. Acutally, thats quite annoying! Dan.
  • rickyshah published 28/05/2006
    As a marketing student I think the Honda advert was instrumental in rebranding the company. In fact, its so good its used as examples in lectures. Nice review of it. And the song is awesome :)
  • n13roy published 29/10/2005
    It certainly sticks in the mind, I too first saw it in the Cinema, and had a good giggle how silly it was. Nice easy to read and informative review too.......Roy
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