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published 17/01/2017 | sirodar
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Pro Dries clothes eventually
Cons Poorly thought out, hard to use, door tank pointless
Ease of use
User's Manual
Cleaning & Maintenance

"What A Weird Fish Tank"

Hoover DNCD813B

Hoover DNCD813B


Am I back? Meh, not really, but work appears to be suffering due to a concoction of weird events transpiring such as because Leicester won the premier league, Nicola Sturgeon decided she is Joseph Stalin, America has gone completely insane and leaving Europe has given everyone an excuse to raise prices and spend less money on things and stuff. So, here is a coughed up review. It's not brilliant, it's not interesting but I get given an opportunity to slag off the world stupidest Tumble Dryer. This was bought because one fine day in the kitchen, an explosion occurred followed by a small trouser accident. As it transpired, our Beko DRC68S Tumble Dryer has gone 'kablammo', and that now meant I would have to spend money. Sarcastic 'yay'.

The Review

What We Bought

What 'Mastercard' bought was a Hoover DNCD813B Freestanding tumble dryer. It has also been given a fancy name so marketing people in extremely thin glasses can use as as an advertising makeweight. This 'buzzword' is AquaVision, which sounds jolly excellent because it is two words duct taped together.

This 8kg tumble dryer is 'bang up to date' apparently with many 'exciting' features to allow you to dry children's bears, ninja turtle under-crackers, manly boxers and that mat that goes round the front of the toilet in a quick and efficient way. We bought a black one, mainly because white would have looked stupid in our kitchen and because black looks cooler in a black tiled room. Anyway, who really cares what a tumble dryer looks like? Features - features are what we like and here are some.

Features include:

• 8kg capacity
• 18 programmes for drying everything from slutty negligee to the fluffiest of 'I have a cold leave me alone' socks.
• 2 hour timer
• 3 heat settings
• Delicates, easy Iron, freshen up, woollens cycles
• A sensor with dryness level indicator
• Reverse tumble option (whatever that does)
• Anti-Crease option when you cant be arsed to get up to empty it immediately
• A fluff filter indicator so that you can empty it before flames appear
• Delayed start

Finally it has the AquaVision - which I will review (destroy) later.

This all sounds jolly tumble dryer like, but lets be honest, its all pretty tedious.

Overview of its looks and controls

Well, its no looker - I mean, it is a black box with a port hole, it has some numbers on a small screen backlit in red, a few buttons, a dial and some large graphics with the word 'Dynamic' and 'Next' which mean precisely nothing. As this is a condenser dryer, it looks like a washing machine so you could pair it with the equivalent Hoover model and it would look jolly neat and tidy. If you care about aesthetics, in my opinion, the door is too high up on the front which looks a bit odd. Other than that, it is fairly inoffensive. What I will say, is that the display which features many unfathomable symbols and logos, looks a bit cheap and against the black metal and surrounds, looks more commodore64 rather than MacOS.
Using the black box of hotness

And this is where is all goes horribly wrong. In my opinion, this is one of the poorest designed tumble dryer's I have ever experienced. I have had this machine for over 8 months and so far, I have never had an occasion where i haven't needed the user manual, because as an intuitive machine, this is as easy to fathom as a Lego Hogwarts without instructions.

Firstly, none of the buttons make sense - you press what you think is the correct function and the machine beeps at you and flashes some random code on the screen - then when you try to do something else, it flashes and beeps again and I find it almost impossible to get it reset again using the supposed reset buttons.

The display is an old fashioned looking seven segment display with some other symbols to indicate what it maybe doing at that given moment. Again, they mean nothing and you need a good stare at the manual to fathom what they mean. The buttons beneath the display change the timings, but press one of them and random shapes and letters appear flashing wildly at you and so far, I have yet to understand why they are doing this to me. Eventually, a reset of the machine is the only thing that sorts it and this involves holding down the pause button for several seconds until the whole display glows angry red and beeps at you in a disapproving way.

The dial for choosing the programme again looks simple, but it isn't and without using the buttons to reset it overtime, the standard time selector is frankly dimwitted and antiquated. It claims there are sensors so you do not over dry clothing, and I am sure there are, but god knows what setting the machine has to be on, as I have never fully understood it.

We tend to mash the keys, spin the dial, keep everything crossed, stick the machine on for an hour and hit the rubbish feeling start button and sometimes this works, clothes spin and we can finally leave the room flicking the stupid dryer off - whilst checking no children are present of course - because I am a responsible parent.

Did I mention that the buttons are stupid? What? Twice?....moving on then!
AquaVision - oh dear

Condensor dryers collect the water from clothes in a tank rather than send it into space through a wall or window. Most condenser dryers have a tank in the top corner hiding the water from view ready for you to empty when it gets full or after each tumble. However, Hoover ran out of good ideas and decided their feature will be a tank that is actually part of the door porthole so you can see the water level rising - like a weird fish tank - but without Nemo. Oh clever - now you can see permanent water levels and unsightly condensation even when the machine is switched off! How cool! **Slow hand clap** This feature is frankly stupid.

Firstly, it makes the door much heaver and heavier as you try to open it which ergonomically is daft. The door takes a huge tug and you can actually move the machine a bit unless you hold onto the front with the other hand. Secondly, when you want to empty it half way through a tumble, the handle on the inside gets hotter than the surface of a car exhaust. Thirdly, it leaks water every time you open the door or remove it even if you approach it slowly and try to catch the machine off guard. Fourth, it hangs on the inside of the door on two of the cheapest clear plastic hangers and if they last more than a couple of years I will eat my own shoes. Finally, emptying the tank is awkward and for anyone with mobility issues, this design is…how can I put this kindly….crap.
Yes, it's a bit crap, but does it dry clothes?

Honestly, sort of. It is just a bit dimwitted and sometimes it does and and sometimes it doesn't. The 20 minute cycle is useless as it just doesn't heat up quick enough, and if you put the full 8kg capacity in it, it will take a month dry them. This is a B rated appliance so it's not the most harsh on baby hedgehogs, but it will still use a lot of electricity, and we actually find it considerably less efficient at drying clothes than our old Beko which was actually a pretty clever machine….and cheaper.

Good bits

Erm…I am unprepared. Erm, it tells you how long there is to go on the cycle…the fluff filter which is inside the door is easy to clean. This requires the door open, and to remove it from the door frame. Flip it open and de-fluff ready for more collecting action…..and finally...erm… can get it with a longer warranty….Thats about it.
Build quality

Frankly, this feels cheap. The buttons looks cheap and operate like they did on a 1989 VHS recorder. The dial is made from the nattiest looking chromed plastic and feels like it is going to come off in your hand. The sound of the beeps have been salvaged from a Casio calculator watch but worst of all is the quality of the door and water tank. Opening the door takes a mammoth yank and one day I expect it to just 'come off' in my hand. The tank itself has started to craze a bit too, and I do not trust the hangers on to which it mounts the machine. All in all, it feels like it has been made to a price, unlike the samsung washing machine sitting next to it which feels expensive and upmarket. I hate it.


We regret buying the Hoover…whatever it is. In theory, it all sounds cool, but I think it is badly made, the door water tank is a gimmick which doesn't work properly, the buttons are extremely complicated to understand, the display looks cheap, the beeps sound nasty and it doesn't do a consistent drying. The sensor system doesn't appear to work no matter what we have done and we find our level of swearing in the kitchen has increased 17% since it's arrival. Sadly, we bought an extended warranty which was only £30 for 3 years, so we are stuck with the machine for 4 years. but after this four years, we will be quite happy to sell the stupid thing and buy something much better.

Hoover should probably stick to making things that they do better - Hoovers mainly.

2 stars me thinks

Should you decide I am an idiot and want one of these hateful machines, they are available from many places including the Coop (where we found it for £239 ecluding the extra warranty) Currys, Dixons, Argos, John Lewis and many many more. But frankly, try something else.

© Sirodar January 2016

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  • jb0077 published 02/02/2017
    E from me. Hoover is not the company it once was, we had a vacuum from them and it was cr-p, I will not make another purchase bearing the name Hoover.
  • jb0077 published 02/02/2017
    E from me. Hoover is not the company it once was, we had a vacuum from them and it was cr-p, I will not make another purchase bearing the name Hoover.
  • Pointress published 02/02/2017
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