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Hoover TC5212 Cylinder

Sledge Cleaner - Mains Power Supply - 2100 Watt - Bagless - with HEPA Filter

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published 06/08/2006 | vicki.lyon
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"Satan's vacuum cleaner"

Hoover Dustmanager Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Cleaner.

Sometimes inanimate objects make me really angry. I kind of have a 'Basil Fawlty' moment where I have to shout, scream and kick it a bit in the hope that it will somehow make it work. This vacuum cleaner ladies and gents is one of those such objects.

Never before have I been driven to the brink of insanity or felt such rage and fury against something. I can feel my blood boil as I think about this hoover even though it went to the great rubbish dump in the sky a good 3 months ago now.


• Model number TC5212.
• 2100 watts.
• 2.5 litre dust capacity.
• Washable HEPA filtration.
• Foot operated cord rewind and on/off control.
• Includes floor brush, dusting brush and crevice tool.
• On-board tool storage.
• Stretch hose for staircase cleaning.
• Metal telescopic extension tubes.
• Adjustable floor head for different floor types.
• 6m power cord.
• Weight 8.2kg.


Do not be fooled by this long list of things that this vacuum is supposed to do. It is truely awful.

The noise

The noise is just the right pitch to make your whole head resonate. It makes your ears seem like they are going to explode. I am not a particular fan of hoovering but this made a bad job a million times worse. It was really loud.

The special bagless feature

When I got this cleaner I liked the idea of no bags. I used to hate forking out £5 every few weeks for hoover bags so this seemed like a good way to save money.

However, the stupid thing that it dig have inside needed emptying so often that it made vacuuming almost impossible. You would have to keep emptying it every 5 minutes where as a proper bag would last a couple of weeks. Also the cyclone action big used to get blocked with hair so the hoover would over-heat and cut out for half an hour.

Another problem with the bagless feature was that when you had to empty the plastic casing you had to seperated it in two around the middle hence you and the bit of floor that you managed to hoover before the bloody thing cut out or got full end up covered in dust and other crap. What a great feature. At least with a bag you can just slide the bit of paper across and put it in the bin.

So after it had worked for 5 minutes, stopped, been emptied and then you had covered yourself with dust, you had to try and reassemble the buggar to clean up the mess you had made by emptying the damn thing (starting to get cross now......having nasty flash backs to the darn thing).

Reassembling the hoover

The hoover is hinged at the handle, so when you open it to empty it it falls apart at the hinges. The hinges themselves are thin bits of plastic that are easy to break. After 10 minutes of swearing and a couple of kicks to the hoover, I usually found that it could be reassembled (beware you could end up with a few scratches trying though). Who ever designed this needs similar sort of treatment (i.e. a good kicking). Don't get me wrong, I am not a violent person but this hoover drove me mad.

The suction wasn't that good. I would have gotten better results getting the baby to pick the crumbs up individually (not that I condone child save labour either).

It came with the usual pointless attachments that I never use but the kids seem to enjoy playing with the though (I really must get them some toys!)

The only upside is that the wretched thing finally died after about 10 months (must have been the kicks) and I was able to persuade the hubby to buy a decent one that does as it should. I now happily part with £5 for the hoover bags too.


All in all, I can say that this hoover was a complete waste of time. It was a total sack of cack and shouldn't be purchased by anyone that values their sanity or wants a clean carpet.

You have been warned.........now I'm off to deal with my anger/housework 'issues'!

Anyone insane or sadistic enough to want to buy one can pick one up from most electrical shops or good old Argos for about £99.

Thanks for reading, Vicki

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  • LIZKEMPO published 15/08/2006
    sounds good lizzieX
  • BadCompany77 published 09/08/2006
    Twas a good read x
  • Nar published 08/08/2006
    OH dear another consumer has seen the joys of a cyclonic Hoover - this company are designed to rip off the customer - and also its another reason to why I prefer bagged cleaners.
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Product Information : Hoover TC5212 Cylinder

Manufacturer's product description

Sledge Cleaner - Mains Power Supply - 2100 Watt - Bagless - with HEPA Filter

Product Details

Manufacturer: Hoover

Type / Shape: Sledge

Maximum Wattage: 2100

Cable Rewind: with Automatic Cable Rewind

Bagless Technology: Cyclonic Filter

Multifunctional: without Multifunction

HEPA Filter: with HEPA Filter

Fragrance Diffusor: without Fragrance Diffusor

Animal Brush: without Animal Brush

Hardfloor Brush: without Hard Floor Brush

Turbine Brush: without Turbine Brush

Integrated Tools: with Integrated Tools

Power Brush: without Power Brush

Tube Material: Plastic Telescopic

Variable Power: without Variable Power

Power Supply: Mains

Type of Dust Container: Bagless

Controls in Handle: without Controls in Handle


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