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Horrible Bosses (Blu-ray)

Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day star in this workplace comedy about three frustrated employees who hatch a plan to kil...

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Review of "Horrible Bosses (Blu-ray)"

published 21/04/2017 | thedevilinme
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"Yep, horribly dull..."

Seriously Jen?

Seriously Jen?

Star – Jason Bateman
Genre – Comedy
Run Time – 98 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – USA
Awards – 3 Wins & 10 Nominations
Amazon – £1.66 DVD £8.99 Blue Ray
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Horrible Bosses is one of those films that gets good rates on well known internet movie sites but you know deep down the film is not going to be your thing but you end up watching it anyway. This was one of those films. Its star packed with people like Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston and tons of big names cameos. These people must want to be in this comedy for a reason, right? Wrong. It’s all about the paycheck.

The clues were there. It’s from director Seth Gordon, who has bought us two other misfiring comedies, Four Christmases and Identity Thief, and has done a ton of TV and box set stuff. It also took $200 million dollars from its $40 million budget, another bum steer. Still, I didn’t pay much money for the Blue Ray on Amazon Marketplace to watch it so only the loss of my time and effort.


Jason Bateman ... Nick Hendricks
Kevin Spacey ... Dave Harken
Charlie Day ... Dale Arbus
Lindsay Sloane ... Stacy
Michael Albala ... Mr. Anderton
Colin Farrell... Bobby Pellit Jennifer Aniston ... Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S.
Jamie Foxx... Dean 'MF' Jones Jason Sudeikis ... Kurt Buckman
George Back ... Kurt's Co-Worker
Meghan Markle ... Jamie
Donald Sutherland ... Jack Pellit
Celia Finkelstein ... Margie Emerman

Nick Hendricks (Bateman) and Dale Arbus (Day) are buddies who absolutely despise their bosses. Nick works for a financial firm for the sadistic David Harken (Kevin Spacey), who has been hinting at the possibility of promotion for Nick for 4 months now, only to obnoxiously award the job to himself, extending his office space some more for his ‘new responsibilities’ in the process to taunt Nick some more.

Dale, alas, is less important and a dental assistant who has just got engaged but being sexually harassed by his horny dentist boss Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston); threatening to tell Dales fiancée Stacy (Lindsay Sloane) that he had sex with her unless he actually has sex with her. Seriously?

The trio of male protagonist is made up by Nick and Dale's accountant friend Kurt Buckman (Sudeikis) who enjoys working for his boss Jack Pellitt (Donald Sutherland) at a chemical company. But Jack unexpectedly dies of a heart attack and the company is taken over by Jack's coke head son Bobby (Colin Farrell), whose incompetence and disinterest in the business threaten the future of the company.

In the pub the trio brood over their bosses and work situation as Kurt jokingly suggests that their lives would be a whole lot more fun if their bosses were no longer around to give them grief. Its beer talk but they eventually agree to kill their employers anyway. The next morning they are sobered up in search of a hitman to actually do the job, Dean "Motherf*ckah" Jones (Foxx) selected from a nefarious method. The ex-con agrees and after a meet at the bar demands 30 grand up front. The boys mistakenly – quite rightfully – believe he is going to do the deed but the mean looking dude announces he is their "murder consultant" and they are going to do the deed with his advice and he is not giving them their money back. The best advice can offer is making sure it looks like an accident.

So thirty grand light the three first recon Bobby's house, stealing his phone. Next thy go to Harken's more palatial home, where Kurt and Nick break in while Dale waits in the car. But then someone ends up dead and the boys didn’t do the killing and the tension cranks up and gets serious.
The next night, Kurt, the ladies man, watches Julia's the dentists home, but she seduces a more whiling Kurt. Nick and Dale reluctantly wait outside Bobby's and Harken's houses, respectively, to commit the murders, despite neither of them wanting to. But Harken is on to them and in hot pursuit, OJ Simpson style.


An expensive line up of footballers doesn’t always mean a good team and results. This is not a very funny film guys and coupled with poor unfunny script and a cast doing the bear minimum you have a film to avoid. How on Earth this took $200 million dollars is beyond me. I don’t think I laughed once and I don’t think the cast were either after they saw the finished product. It’s not terrible but just bland. I don’t want to be too cruel but I suspect the jokes were not aimed at me and very much a film for people who just want to go watch a date movie or a night out with friends. It had potential on paper but it wasn’t realized.

The film idea of employees wanting to kill their bosses is a good one as you all want to do it at some point in your working lives and so a big audience out there ready to watch this. But there are too many implausible and silly plot lines going on here for you to care for and the idea just doesn’t produce the comic material it should. I was hoping for more Gross Point Blank in style but it ended up a fairly brainless screwball comedy. On what planet is the gorgeous Jennifer Anniston and her still killer body at 42-years-young going to want to seduce her bearded 5ft 7 and rather plain dental assistant when she could have any man she wanted? Its cynical gratuitous casting so we get to see her nearly naked. She has been doing a lot of that of late in films. There are just too many moments in this film that just don’t work.

AS I said cast wise they are mostly big names and have done comedy. Never been convinced Spacey has ever been funny in a film or, indeed, a great actor and here he is a fish out of water pretty early on. The amiable Jason Bateman is the best thing in it and centers the movie but everyone else rather miscast. What is Donald Sutherland doing here? I thought he was dead! I just can’t recommend this guys and one to steer clear of. I know it’s on ITV2 at the moment if you want to try it but I can assure you it’s just not funny. Not that funny and teeth itching waste of time and talent.


Imdb.com – 6.9/10.0 (367,234votes)
Rottentomatos.com – 61% critic’s approval
Metacritic.com – 57% critic’s approval

Special Features

It’s a Blue Ray disc so some unwanted extras. It looks good in Blue Ray but not the sort of film you need to spend more for Blue Ray. Don’t spend yet more money on this movie in Blue Ray.

-Audio commentary-

Seth Gordon talks about his dull movie

-Deleted Scenes-

A lot and I’m not surprised.



Empire Magazine – ‘These bosses cannot justify either murder or lasting comic memories, fatally compromising a farce that could have been great but ends up merely mediocre’.

Independent –‘The sub-Porky's style humour elicits a few guffaws, but a little more wit and subtlety would have helped’.

Little White Lies ‘-Yet another unoriginal and out-of-touch Hollywood comedy prizing its R cert status over substance’

Cinephile –‘Like rats in a collapsed maze, these are characters struggling hard to find a path to comedic freedom, and are constantly getting lost in the ruins of an absurd plot’.

Philadelphia Weekly -A ramshackle assembly of recycled characters and conflicting tones, duct-taped together at odd angles’

Deadspin –‘With this cast, and this concept, it's just a shame that "Horrible Bosses" pulls up just when it should be taking off’.

Concrete Playground –‘A star-studded black comedy for anyone who's ever fantasised about killing their boss’.

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  • bettyboo47 published 20/05/2017
    Not a lot left to the imagination there!!
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 19/05/2017
    ironically "I don’t think I laughed once" made me... laugh! Great reviewing
  • mousy86 published 18/05/2017
    vh x
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Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day star in this workplace comedy about three frustrated employees who hatch a plan to kill their micromanaging bosses, only to find their murderous plot snowballing into disaster. Seth Green makes his feature directorial debut with a film written by Michael Markowitz.


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