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Hot Flush - Touring Comedy Musical

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... The women have formed a "Hot Flush" club which meets once a week in a local bar. How it's put across... Each woman has a story to tell which is put across in songs with a few jokes interspersed. There is a very small amount of bad language and quite a bit of innuendo. The women sometimes ... Read review

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Community Level 2JulieHaycr...


Can you lend me a Tena?

Advantages Excellent - A great laugh

DisadvantagesThe Man is one person throughout (but he's fit)

"Seeing this advertised in the local press I thought it would make a nice change to go to the Theatre. "This should be a laugh - lets go" was what started the ball rolling. We managed to get a couple of tickets due to a cancellation so off we went. Who's in it? Sheila Ferguson - Ex 3 Degree, Rula Lenska - Was famously married to Dennis Waterman and appeared recently in Celeb Big Brother, Marti Webb - singer\performer, Rachel Izen - has done loads ..." Read review

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Community Level 0huseyin1

Quick review of Hot Flush - Touring Comedy Musical

"Superb - especially Sam Kane. Very funny too. Made us laugh and cheer and we wanted to go back the next night! Shame the audience was small - the people of Plymouth missed out.

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The car flies. It really does.
Some oddities compared to 'normal' musicals (*)
Someone may contact you from the beyond!
If you want a good night out dont go.... (*)
Great show, lively music, spectacular dancing, great costumes
Perhaps it would've been better if there had been a better plot between dances (*)
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