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How to Become a Qualified Football Coach

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Not so long ago, pretty much anyone with a desire to, could become a football coach in the United Kingdom. Over the past few years this has all changed. At the top level, there are frequent stories about Manager A not being able to manage Club X because he doesn't have the relevant qualifications ... Read review

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Maybe not the next Fergie - but we all have to start somewhere

AdvantagesGreat sense of satisfaction

DisadvantagesA lot of hard work

"...people are teaching the children how to play football the right way instead of making them so scared to make a mistake that they fall out of love for the game. . I chose to run a junior football team in 2006. My son, along with several other children had just been told by his current club that he was not good enough for them and he would not be entered into the league the following season (he was 6 at the time). This angered the parents of the children ..." Read review

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