How will you vote in the forthcoming General Election, and why?

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How will you vote in the forthcoming General Election, and why?

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Review of "How will you vote in the forthcoming General Election, and why?"

published 20/10/2007 | shonalaing80
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"We fought for it so use it"

This should be short and sweet but it depends on how much of a rant I get into.

Previous to the last general election I had never voted even though I have been eligible to for a number of years and to be honest there was one main reason that I now ALWAYS vote - my gran, my gran was a great beleiver in having the right to vote - I think we tend to forget that it was not really so long ago alot of people did not have the right to vote due to either race, gender or class - we now all have the right to vote and I think we should use it - many people fought and gave their lives for us to have the vote and also to live in a country that is a democracy - so anyone out there of the age to vote who doesnt just remember the next time you are watching the news and are horrified by some story about a country where people do not have the rights that we do remember we do and we need to use it.

You may not know exactly who does what - do 10 minutes on the internet and make a decision - and dont forget - if you dont vote you cant complain (how I got my husband to vote) so go on use your vote.

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  • shonalaing80 published 24/10/2007
    Hi - yeah I think I might have got a bit confused in writing this review. The point that I was trying to make is that regardless of who you vote for in any election - whether local, general or whatever is that you should. My honest opinion on all the political parties is that one is as bad as the other - I have no doubt in my mind that every MP. MSP. MEP etc has loads of ideas of what they would love to do given the power (even I have ideas!) but the reality is it is not possible to implement most of what they would like to for various different reasons and hey if anyone can explain the differences between the parties please let me know! Anyway - thanks for the comments - my main point is just we have the right to a vote - maybe there is no one you like the sould of just do what I do and pick the best out of a bad lot at least you are having some kind of say in how you want things done.
  • muttleythefrog published 21/10/2007
    Hmmm... yeah I would extent this review... really I think the 'debate' requires you to say who you would vote for and why... why we all So I would do that if you can. On the points you make though I actually disagree.... firstly we don't live in a democracy, we live in a constitutional monarchy which means the vote counts for nothing potentially. Secondly... there are many people out there who would love to vote but don't want to vote for any of the narrow choices on the ballot. The idea that we have choice in an election is actually quite meaningless for many... because the choices represent the same things... or their vote is valueless in the system we have of 'first past the post.' Personally, despite a life in politics and counting MPs past and present as colleagues and friends I would value my ballot paper only for Anyway, I would add to the review... you've got a start there... but we want to hear your views... what are the big issues do you think and which party represents the best choice do you think? Imagine you are trying to persuade a neutral voter to do what you'll do at the ballot box... and if you're persuasive I might see you there... I'll certainly up the rating :) If you need any help at all or change the review, let me know :) Pete
  • Claiiiree published 20/10/2007
    You haven't really answered the question...not that there is a forthcoming general election as far as I am aware ;o)
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