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published 01/08/2017 | Candyperfumegirl
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Huggies Pull Ups Night Time

Huggies Pull Ups Night Time

Shortly after my son turned two he began showing signs that he was ready to begin potty training, I took him out shopping to choose his own potty as well as his big boy pants. At first, I wanted to go straight from nappies to underpants, but soon discovered that I would also need some pull ups for when out and about. The pull ups worked fine during the day but they weren't absorbent enough for night use, so when I saw these Huggies Pull Ups Night Time I decided to give them a go.

What do they look like?

There are two varieties of Huggies Pull Ups Night Time - one for girls and one for boys. We have the boys version which is similar to Ciao's picture above with its blue design, the girls version is bright pink (no surprises there!). The brand and product logo is clearly displayed on the front, along with a stars and moon design showing that these have been specifically designed for night time use. There is a picture of a very happy tot sitting on the potty wearing the pull ups and a picture of the actual pull up too. The current design is the movie Cars - no doubt due to the imminent release of Cars 3 - I am sure the design will change over time and depend on what kids flick is out at the time. A quick look shows me that the girls version currently features Disney Princess . It's a shame we have a little gender stereotyping here with the girls and boys design, but it's not surprising really. I would have hoped a big company like Huggies would have tried something new, but we are stuck with the boys like cars and girls like princesses nonsense. Unfortunately, we don't really have the option to choose a different gender variety for our children as boys tend to wet in a different area to girls and so the nappies are padded slightly differently to accommodate this.

General information is given on the reverse including a product blurb and warnings.

The packaging has a perforated edge, which I just had to just tear to open it up.

The nappies themselves look much like regular pull ups, surprisingly they don't really seem any more bulky. There are two designs in our pack, but in all honesty its hard to tell much difference because the pictures are both so similar. They both feature a happy looking Lightning McQueen, only one also has an additional character in the background. Each design also includes a stars and moon circle, which is actually a wetness indicator. The back of the nappy have road pictures on the reverse. The pictures are nice, bright and colourful, it is also clear who the character (s) are.

What sizes are available?

The sizes of the nappies are given at the top of each pack, and is easy to locate. The Nappies are available in three sizes:

Small - 8 - 15 kg

Medium - 11-18kg

Large - 16-23kg

My son is 26 months old and the Medium fits him fine, but of course it is best to weigh your child for an accurate fit if unsure.
What are the claims?

Huggies claim these night time pull ups are extra absorbent and therefore give all night protection and making potty training fun & easy (!)

The pull ups are stretchy like real underwear ,have resealable sides and a handy wetness indicator.

Huggies proudly declare themselves to be the number one toilet training pants.

How did we get on?

For the first few weeks of potty training, my son was wearing regular pull ups to bed at night, however we soon discovered that this wasn't a viable option. Regular pull ups are designed to absorb most of the wee, but ensure the child still feels wet, thus helping them with potty training - they just weren't absorbent enough for long term use. My son would wake up early in the morning, tugging at his pull ups (or often removing them himself completely), they would be heavy and often hang down between his legs looking pretty uncomfortable. We also experienced leaking too, no it just wouldn't do at all. I didn't want him to go back to nappies at night because I had told him nappies were for little babies - not big boys like him, so I didn't want to go back on what I had said and confuse him. When I discovered Night Time Pull Ups I was over the moon and hoped they would be the solution we were looking for.

Huggies Night Time Pull Ups are a lot more absorbent than the regular variety and thankfully they seem to be doing the trick, my son no longer wakes in the night demanding a fresh pull up and we have not experienced any of that leakage. Sure, they look a little heavy and bulky between his legs, but nowhere near as much compared to the regular variety. He doesn't seem uncomfortable and he has stopped removing them himself, which shows they don't annoy him as much.

We put a fresh pull up on him at night before his Jammie's go on, brush his teeth and he is in bed asleep by 8 o'clock, not waking till gone 7am, so they keep my son dry for a decent amount of time. Occasionally if my son has a number 2 he will wake and cry for me to clean him up, but there is no gross leakage so I cannot complain.

My son is able to pull them up and down himself so has no problems using the potty independently just before bed or early in the morning. He is still in a cot, but I was thinking these are ideal for those in a bed who need to go potty in the night, a great way of them learning to do things by themselves (although, no doubt Mum or Dad would still be woken up !).

My son finds the pull ups comfortable to wear, I am unsure if they really feel just like real underwear like Huggies claim, but my son has no complains whilst wearing them and I am just fine with that. The waist and legs are nice and stretchy and are neither too loose or too tight, its a perfect fir really.

The design is a big hit with my son, he absolutely loves cars and is therefore delighted to wear these pull ups. I quite like characters on kids potty training items as I think it helps them adapt to the new change easier. My son chose his own underpants and went straight for the Fireman Sam and Thomas Tank ones as these are his favourite shows on TV. We actually watched the first Cars film with him the day I bought these for him so he would know the character well when he wore them that night, making them an even bigger hit with him.

We are planning on going on abroad over the summer holidays and I plan on putting one of these night time nappies on him during the flight. I am sure I may very well have to change his nappy but feel confident that these will keep him feeling dry enough to remain comfortable.

If I had one niggle with these pull ups, it would be the smell - and by this I mean how they smell prior to wearing! They have an awful chemical like smell which these new absorbent style nappies always seem to have. Of course it is disconcerting to have such a chemical smell on a product intended for use on babies, but I guess it is what is required to ensure the nappies absorbs liquids. Again, its not unusual for nappies to have these chemical smells and unfortunately it's what we have come to expect. Those who find this unacceptable may be better off finding alternatives perhaps in the washable reusable nappy area.

Final Thoughts

I would certainly recommend these Night Time Pull Ups during the potty training stage, they work well at keeping my son dry yet keep his Independence at the same time. The fit and design is good and they do as they promise, so its the full 5 Ciao stars from me.

Size Small. 14 pack. £5.34

Size Medium. 12 pack. £5.34

Size Large: 12 pack £5.45

Prices taken from Super drug website. Prices correct Aug 2017. Delivery charges may apply.

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