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published 05/06/2016 | Nar2
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Pro Passes the test to withstand 36C heat, lovely multi-fragrance, wet stick dries quickly.
Cons Could be a bit stronger in terms of fragrance if other ranges not bought, can be pricey.
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"Beats The Heat of Kolkata With A Heavenly, Sporty Scent!"

Hugo Boss The Scent Deodorant Stick - Content

Hugo Boss The Scent Deodorant Stick - Content

A few months ago I noticed that my “Day” stick deodorant version of Hugo Boss aftershave was running very low and I felt the time to go looking for another Hugo Boss aftershave was drawing near. At my local Boots store I discovered a new scent that I have not seen before by Boss; Hugo Boss “The Scent.” However instead of going gun-ho and buying the aftershave, I thought I would go the cheaper route by trying the roll on stick product first knowing that I could take it with me on a short term holiday to see family in India.

At cost Hugo Boss “ The Scent” roll on deodorant stick holds an average price of £16 to £21 online and similar prices on the high street. Mine cost £16-50 from an independent pharmacy even if Ciao’s largest sponsor, Amazon UK is selling the product at £15-48 (product code B0146F1RD8). Apart from average department stores selling selected lines, Boots online also sells the roll on at £20-90 (product code 6292860).

According to Fragrance sites online, “The Scent” by Hugo Boss appeared at the end of August 2015, so I was pleased to find that the scent is not that old in terms of market presence.

The general promise that Hugo Boss have released with this format conveys:

Deodorant stick by Boss with a sensuous masculine fragrance.

Exquisite notes of Ginger, exotic and exclusive Maninka and virile Leather unfold over time.

The effect is unrepentedly potent, crafted to provoke the senses with an air of depth and enigma: powerful, rich, full-bodied. A skincare product you can rely on with a seductive fragrance.

Impressions & Design

Like a few of the previous premium aftershave based roll-on products I have bought, Hugo Boss The Scent roll on deodorant stick is wisely packaged in a round cylindrical body. It is squat, ever so easy for me to store (especially in hand luggage or suitcase) and has a good feel about itself down to a matt black finish with details in gold writing. For those after measurements, it weighs in at 75ml and has a height of 10cm by 4.5cm approximate width.

The base of the canister is a uniform ribbed twist design with a twist to unlocking screw off lid at the top. I like the fact that nothing sharp exists on the body of this roll on deodorant but within days of purchase, I noticed how easy the gold writing disappears on the almost black body of this roll on stick.

Content wise, well it’s not a natural product being a wet hard gel based stick with a Hugo Boss fragrance added to it. HB go onto suggest that this stick roll on is an “Eau de Cologne” and that it is suitable for all skin types. However I note that the product does contain alcohol, which is presumably used as a preservative to stop the wet gel from drying out or going off as well as aiding the glide factor when gel hits under arm skin.

Elsewhere Hugo Boss The Scent deodorant roll on almost mirrors the same ingredients as Hugo Boss Bottled Day roll deodorant with only a few differences. No usage directions are given other than not to use on broken skin.

Scent Performance & Downsides

The claims of scent layers composed consist of Ginger top notes, heart notes of Maninka fruit and base notes of leather are largely delivered to my senses. The leather and ginger are both appealing where my men’s fragrances are concerned as both scent layers make me smell rather young. I was a little unsure of what maninka fruit smells like, though.

Online sources to promote this new fragrance by Hugo Boss relate to strawberries dipped in chocolate and whilst I can smell some kind of berry fruit, I wouldn’t exactly call it chocolate based. Whatever it is, I find it deeply appealing and generally “The Scent” appears to have far more body than either more traditional “Day” or “Night” versions of Hugo Boss fragrances.

I love the way in which this fragrance unfolds; it has an almost dark berry/blackcurrant sweetness to it at the beginning followed by a very sporty, indulgent canvass that seems to attract others to me. There’s just a hint of Diesel “Red Diesel” aftershave to my nose; a latter product I was never that fond of but it is only a slight stab of that fragrance that sits in a continuously relaxing bath of sporty woody musk flavours, deep ginger, a very sporty aqua edge that is presumably designed to make the wearer feel cooled whilst the apparent leathery scent tones conveys a formal approach. Certainly if I want to make a statement, I think I could do it easily when wearing “The Scent” by Hugo Boss and following on from this purchase, I think I would like to try another format of this scent.

At the very least, Hugo Boss The Scent roll on stick isn't ever going to be an every day product for most buyers but I think a man would appreciate the scent in their bathroom for special occasions.

Application, Longevity & Heat Test

The cool whitish non-staining hard gel stick rolls on easily into my underarms too which only requires a quick roll under each arm. Quick and melting fast whilst drying quickly with no sticky feelings, Hugo Boss The Scent roll on stick is both convenient to me and makes me feel clean. I am pleased to find that the roll on doesn’t appear to sting my underarms and I had no adverse reactions either with the slight dry skin that I tend to have.

In the heat of Kolkata, India, which has seen rather dangerously hot temperatures of 36°C to 40°C this May, I wasn’t sure whether “The Scent” by Hugo Boss would cut it as a deodorant. I took two roll on products with me, one of them being my trusted “Sure” cream stick that I usually take when visiting a hot country. Sure’s cream stick has aluminium within it which helps with mosquito bites on my skin, so these two roll on products – one being from a mass corporation brand which is cheap to buy versus the nearly five times the price of Hugo Boss allowed me to see which brand is better, generally.

Once applied in the morning after a cooling shower, I had my doubts initially as to how long this roll on deodorant would last. At the end of the first day when I used this roll on, I was surprised to find that Hugo Boss The Scent can last for around 12 hours before a refresh application might be required but like others on the market, this premium roll on stick can provide a longer lasting fragrance up to 24 hours.

This is a factor that I found provided I am in the vicinity of cooling fans or air conditioner machines. Without them, I find Hugo Boss The Scent is still long lasting enough even if eventually the feeling of being fresh and heavenly scented starts to fall away by dusk.

Generally if you’re the kind of wearer who expects to smell the fragrance every time you lift your arms up in a day, Hugo Boss The Scent roll on might prove to be disappointing – but I find, it very much depends if there’s too much heat around you without air conditioning relief. When the fragrance becomes stale, I am not rewarded with bad body odour, but rather a fine stretch of understated leather, a little of that sporty musk mixed with just a reminder of the peppery ginger.

Hugo Boss The Scent roll on appears to work for me for far longer than Sure’s cream stick in very hot temperatures. It is also very easy to wash off. Certainly I can see that with the purchase of another format of this fragrance, the scent in general would be prolonged.

Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

Prices for Hugo Boss The Scent range start at £15 and continue to rise to £60 dependent on fragrance and format with other varieties consisting of:

150ml Deodorant Spray
150ml Shower Gel
75ml After Shave Balm
50ml Eau De Toilette (EDT)
100ml Eau De Toilette (EDT)
200ml Eau De Toilette (EDT)
50ml Eau De Toilette (EDT)
30ml Eau De Toilette (EDT)
Boss The Scent EDT & Shower Gel gift set (50ml EDT & 100ml shower wash).

Youthful, sporty, invigorating, appealing and very fresh, I think Hugo Boss have worked well to produce a fragrance here which is fine on my skin, non-abrasive and able to nearly give me up to 24 hours freshness with a beautifully appealing fragrance. Given the tremendously hot heat of India in an attempt to keeping the smell of bad body odour away there aren’t many roll on products I know of that can withstand such temperatures! "The Scent' by Hugo Boss is the one I will definitely be buying again! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2016.

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