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Hulk Volume 1: Red Hulk Premiere HC: Red Hulk Premiere v. 1 - Jeph Loeb

Hulk Volume 1: Red Hulk Premiere HC: Red Hulk Premiere v. 1 - Jeph Loeb

When one of the Hulk's oldest cast members is murdered, everyone turns to the team of Iron ... more

Man, She-Hulk, and Leonard Samson to solve the
grizzly case. All the evidence points to the Hulk
as the killer - but...! This title collects 'The
Hulk' numbers 1-6.

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Title Hulk: Red Hulk
Author Jeph Loeb
Publisher Marvel Comics
EAN 9780785128823
Release Date 11.03.2009
Type Comics
ISBN 0785128824


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