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Hunting Party - Linkin Park

Rock & Pop - StudioRecording - 1 CD(s) - Label: Warner Bros. - Distributor: Arvato Services; Proper - Released: 16/06/2014 - 93624936985

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Review of "Hunting Party - Linkin Park"

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"Not To My Taste"

Linkin Park were a band that I fell in love with as a teenager; their mix of angry rock, vocal supremacy and angst filled lyrics really hit the spot for me at the time. I’m a bit of an odd ball with music; I listen very much for the lyrics and whilst I will listen to a wide range of music, screaming, rap and electronic hip hop stuff doesn’t fill me with joy. With Hunting Party, Linkin Park released an album that I would never have listened to had it not been for the band that created it.

Keys to the Kingdom is a track that would normally had me running in the other direction as it is most definitely a screaming track and whilst there is some musical competency with the verses for example, this wouldn’t have been enough for me. The album starts explicit with the lyrics declaring I’m my own casualty, I f*** up everything I see fighting in futility It’s worth just skipping this particular track rather than giving up on the whole album though. All For Nothing comes in with drums and bass and a more typical Linkin Park sound, followed by straight forward rap of the verses. This keeps the anger of the previous track but loses the screaming edge and the chorus is actively musical, although the lyrics didn’t really grab me.

Guilty All The Same has heavy bass and drums with an edgy and threatening feel to the opening as it builds up steadily into a crescendo and then suddenly drops off into electric guitar which builds up once more. When you get to the lyrics, Linkin Park surprise you by changing style and coming in with a sound almost reminiscent of My Chemical Romance in their heyday. It’s punk rock, rather than heavy or metal rock and finally, we have a song that is pulling me in. It comes back with a more Hybrid Theory feel with No regrets and guilt free, you claim that ain't the way that he built me, Smoke scream, we're going in flames that also begin to bring back the political feel of Minutes to Midnight. The Summoning is a random collection of noise for a minute that I don’t quite understand before moving into the next track.

War comes back in with the heavy metal feel which is somewhere between screaming and rapping, but definitely on the edge of screaming with points where it throws itself down the pit of screaming and electronica. Wastelands comes in with rhymic drums before boosting that with the heavy drums and guitar, and then a steady rap In the wastelands of today, when there's nothing left to lose and and there's nothing more to take but you force yourself to choose. The lyrics here caught me once again, although I wouldn’t call them stunning.

Until It’s Gone is another one of the tracks that actually caught me on this album, perhaps because it moves back into the lighter and more melodic rock territory. The lyrics are alternatively belted at you and then almost delicately spun out into the ether; I thought I kept you safe and sound, I thought I made you strong, But something made me realize, That I was wrong which is a clever combination and certainly caught me. Rebellion takes an almost Viking-esque to the backing music and then comes in with well enunciated rap; We are the fortunate ones who've never faced oppression's gun, We are the fortunate ones, imitations of rebellion. The political angle is impossible to ignore and the lyrics are cleverly woven around an increasingly fast backdrop of background music, leading into the final sections being screamed at you.

Mark the Graves starts of gentle, but the bass and drums come in heavily shortly afterwards. The lyrics declare No trace of what remains, No stones to mark the graves, Only memories we thought we could deny as it revolves around the graves of the war and the rebellion that we only play at in our safe, warm beds. The lyrics are sung in a way that would be more befitting a light pop album than a heavy rock album, with a solo leading into gentle harmonies before the drums come back in. Drawbar is an instrumental that begins with delicate piano and violin, once more seeming out of place on this album. The drums and guitar do come in as the piece builds, but it is almost an echo rather than a piece that sits normally in this heavy album.

Final Masquerade with melodic rap once more and actually leads on well from the gentle instrumental as the harmonics in the backghround are far less reliant on the heavy drums and bass. Once more, this is this a piece that could easily belong on a pop album and the lyrics are meaningful whilst not being anywhere as angry as other songs in this album. The album finishes with A Line in the Sand which has some of the most powerful lyrics in the entire album; You were steady as a sniper, We were waiting on a wire, So we never saw it coming when you ran from the fire. It’s melodic and gentle, with the vocal almost wafting across to you at the start before the drums and bass come in. It’s a song that would work surprisingly well acapella… and in fact Linkin Park have done this entire album acapella as another release.

This is a far harsher album than some of Linkin Park’s records and it is only as I have listened to it again for this review, that I have realised that I actually fell in love with the acapella version rather than this heavy metal/rock which was the initial release. There are some tracks worth listening to here, but it’s certainly not one which crops up often in my musical taste, being a little too harsh and overly based on screaming for my particular tastes. But then, their far more gentle last album was far more to my tastes, so that is going to be personal opinion.
Do I Recommend?

Meh. If you like heavy rock with screaming taking a huge role then this might be your cup of tea. Personally, they have an acapella version and that is far more based on the harmonics and vocals, which appeals to me far more. There are some interesting tracks here that are worth listening too, but the album as a whole doesn’t do a lot for me.

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  • Soho_Black published 16/01/2018
    I enjoyed Linkin Park up to a point, but I'm a few albums behind on their output these days. Whilst I may not have followed them closely in recent years, it's a tragedy there will be no more.
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 25/12/2017
  • mikemelmak published 12/12/2017
    Not a word wasted - great post!
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