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Hyatt Regency, Birmingham

Hotel - 2 Bridge Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 2JZ - 4 Stars - 319 Rooms

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Review of "Hyatt Regency, Birmingham"

published 19/07/2017 | chrisandmark_is_here
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About me :
Getting rid of a lot of our 'too young' toys (*sob*) so I'm reviewing them thanks to the fact I CANNOT get new products added! Photos will be lacking as most of these reviews are updated from another site where I used the pics & Ciao's new rule scares me!
Pro A beautiful and very comfortable room, prime location, excellent staff, gorgeous bathroom
Cons The building site view would be a disadvantage to some I suppose
Value for Money

"A Whirlwind 18 Hours At The Hyatt"

The very comfortable twin beds

The very comfortable twin beds

~x~x~x~ Tourists in our own backyard ~x~x~x~

~x~ (Or: why I'm staying in an expensive hotel less than seven miles from my house) ~x~

Nine year old Hollie has suffered massively with recurring tonsillitis since she was around eighteen months old but the, frankly, ridiculous process of 'proving' to Birmingham Children's Hospital that they needed to come out meant she's been in a kind of will they/won't they limbo for practically all her life. This all changed last year when school started mithering me about Hollie's attendance, I knew it was affecting her education (when tonsillitis strikes Hollie it strikes bad and she can literally lose a week of school just with one bout) - anyway, armed with a strongly worded letter from school and a printout of her GP records confirming the crazy amount of times she had to attend for antibiotics I made an appointment with her consultant and I didn't intend to leave until Hollie was confirmed to have a tonsillectomy. As luck would have it her consultant wasn't there when the appointment rolled around and Hollie saw a very sympathetic clinical fellow who scheduled her in straightaway, a little too straightaway for Hollie's liking as the pre-op appointment was a few days later and very quickly she was contemplating the fact that she was going into hospital.

Like her mum, Hollie likes her luxuries and after hearing her say how nervous she was about the operation I decided to treat her (and me!) to a night in a hotel - parking is a notorious nightmare at the Children's Hospital and we had to be there for 7am so the more I thought about it the more a hotel closeby made sense. Forking out £104 for one night in The Hyatt was, maybe, taking the idea a little too far but if you can't go somewhere fancy when you're about to lose a body part...

Ours was a midweek stay, check-in at 3pm and begone by 12 noon the following day. There's a valet service and help with your luggage if needed, we made use of neither service as we only had an overnight bag between us (the smartly dressed doorman offered to take it, but that was overkill) but at various times during our short stay we saw them dealing with people with mountains of luggage and moving all sorts of cars.

I'd booked the room directly from the hotel website so check-in was a simple case of giving my name and providing the card I'd used to book the room so The Hyatt could take a small £40 deposit, refunded when you leave the room in the condition you found it (and providing you don't raid the minibar or snacks!).

~x~x~x~ First impressions ~x~x~x~

The Hyatt is one of Birmingham City Centre's modern landmarks; if you know the cityscape you'll recognise it, the tall glass hotel at the top of Broad Street - perfectly located for the theatres and clubland, with central 'Town' a short walk away the hotel does fill up surprisingly quickly considering how expensive it is for a standard room (we visited on a Wednesday and they were fully booked).

The Reception is beautifully appointed with a long well staffed reception desk and lounge area which features comfortable chairs and a smart modern benches for those important business types who can't possibly leave their laptops alone while they check in. We had a brief delay before we could be seen at the reception desk but were acknowledged as soon as we were spotted waiting, the lady explained there was a problem with the key card programming so guests were having to be shown manually to their room in order for the reception staff to open the door to allow access. I was a little concerned about this as me and Hollie were planning to spend some time away from the hotel and I didn't particularly want the hotel escorting us whenever we went back to our room, I was quickly assured that the problem would be corrected within the hour and advised to ask at reception when we returned from our first trip out so I could pick up the card. I got the impression that children don't stay at the Hyatt very often as two of the ladies on reception positively cooed over Hollie; pouring her a drink from the posh lemon-ey water cooler in the lounge, commiserating with her over her upcoming hospital visit and telling her how lovely she looked when we emerged that evening to go for dinner, we definitely both felt very welcomed by all the staff and Hollie absolutely loved the extra attention!

Our room was on the 15th floor, due to the key card issue we were taken up in the lift by the lady who had checked us in - she gave me some information about the hotel and told Hollie which lift was the best for views (two lifts operate in the interior of the hotel and two travel up the side with plate glass windows - absolutely bloody terrifying in my opinion but Hollie loved watching the pavement drop away as we speedily travelled up the building...). A quick tour of the room and we were finally left alone to explore...

~x~x~x~ A room with a view ~x~x~x~

The first thing that struck me when we walked into our room was the fact the whole outer wall is one big window - I should have realised this, the Hyatt is known in Birmingham as the glass hotel, but somehow my brain didn't compute this to the actual windows in the room being so huge. The first thing Hollie did was run over to the windows and take a look, quickly realising the view wasn't going anywhere and dashing across to throw herself on the bed!

I'd describe the room as modernly plush. It's not chintzy and in your face posh, but the whole room is well appointed, clean and comfortable. As per my booking there were two single beds, which were both amazingly comfortable with plenty of pillows and layers of bedding which could be adjusted easily should the room become warm during the night. There was a temperature control located in the main area of the room but I personally didn't need to use it as the ambient temperature of the hotel was just about perfect, the thick lined (and probably very expensive) floor to ceiling curtains kept the room at a lovely temperature all night and made for a really cosy environment when we pulled them closed - I was also grateful for the quality of them as they shut out the light from outside, being located in the city centre there's lighting galore outside and as me and Hollie both need a very dark room to sleep I was pleased to find this light disappeared as soon as the curtains were drawn.

The room is set out with a desk in the corner underneath the window for optimum natural light when you're working and a comfortable chair is placed in the other window corner, again a nice touch to allow you somewhere comfortable to sit and read in good lighting while taking in the view. The TV is in a sensible spot on the opposite wall to the beds, the reception on our TV wasn't brilliant but it was working and to be honest I only put it on to watch the news while Hollie was having a bath before bed so I couldn't be bothered to report the iffy and mildly pixelated picture - when we checked out the following morning I mentioned it to the reception staff and it was immediately flagged for someone to go and look at it, I have no doubt the issue was fixed before the next people checked into our room as I was told if I had reported it the night before it would have been repaired immediately.

A large wardrobe was filled with all the bits and pieces you may need to keep yourself looking presentable during your stay - as ours was a very short visit to the hotel we didn't unpack our bag and only used the wardrobe to hang our coats up, as well as for storing the snacks we'd bought for the obligatory hotel midnight feast. I used the iron and ironing board to freshen up the clothes Hollie was wearing to the hospital the following morning, both being of high quality and at least as good as the ones I have at home (despite the iron looking like a 1980s relic it actually performed very well!). We didn't need to use the safe, but it's there and fitted into the wardrobe to the point where it's absolutely immobile so if you're carrying lots of cash or valuables you can store them safely while you're not in your room.

I was VERY impressed with the bathroom, and so was Hollie (who shares my love of a nice hotel bathroom). Between us we used everything and had absolutely no issues; Hollie had a bath and said how nice it was, I used the shower the following morning and while it wasn't the power shower I'd been expecting it had good water pressure and a constant hot temperature. Of course I spent the usual five minutes reminding myself how those stupid combi bath-shower control taps work, but once I'd got the water flowing from the shower head rather than the bath taps everything worked perfectly... The bath is wonderfully deep, Hollie wallowed with her book for over an hour as she got so comfortable in there - the depth could possibly pose a problem for disabled visitors however as the shower is in the bath and I'm sure people with poor mobility would struggle to step over the side (my mum is always my yardstick with things like this, and no WAY would she have safely been able to take a shower (or have a bath to be honest) in this room).

I charged Hollie's toothbrush using the shaving socket and used the spotlight lighting and smart magnifying mirror to apply my make up, everything worked perfectly and gave me that yummy feeling when I get to use a bathroom that isn't covered in kids toys and where I can actually lay my stuff out without it being disturbed by the rest of the family. Fully tiled in a nice neutral colour it's definitely a relaxing bathroom, two bathrobes are supplied (sadly without Hyatt branding) along with several towels in all sizes and plenty of complimentary Portico toiletries.

~x~x~x~ Eating and drinking at the Hyatt ~x~x~x~

There's a large restaurant at the hotel but I'd given Hollie the choice of where we had dinner than night and she decided on Frankie & Bennys, I wasn't fussed either way to be honest as I don't particularly need to eat in any hotel we stay at in order to get the full experience. Breakfast was actually included in our special room rate but as Hollie had to be 'nil by mouth' from 2am we didn't take advantage of this, I could have nipped down for a quick bite while Hollie was getting ready but as we left the hotel at 6.30am that was a little early for me to be eating (although I regretted that decision ten hours later while sitting in the children's hospital with actual hunger pains as there was nowhere to grab a snack from nearby!).

We did sample the food in the form of a tray of mini cakes which was brought to our room a few minutes after we arrived, the room service guy knocked the door and gave them to Hollie as reception had asked for a treat to be sent up to her being as she was going into hospital the next day. This was a lovely and really thoughtful thing to do in my opinion, and the cakes were absolutely delicious!

When we got back from having our dinner we went into the bar for an hour as I fancied a couple of drinks before we went up to the room. Prices are what I'd expect for a city centre hotel, a double vodka and mixer costing around £6 and Hollie's glass of Coke being just short of £4 (I noticed this as it was a tenner a 'round'!). I'm not entirely sure that Hollie, as a child, should have been in the bar and was prepared to leave if a member of staff had told me that kids weren't allowed in - the bar is very open plan and located just off the entrance to the hotel, there was a conference on while we were there so the bar was filled with people who knew each other which led to it being quite loud but it was a nice enough atmosphere to sit in for a while.

~x~x~x~ Recommended? ~x~x~x~

I've done more than recommend the Hyatt, as we were checking out in the early morning I actually booked another room for three days later for my other daughter who was turning eighteen and had a night out in town planned. I thought it would be a nice treat (and would also save her having to find a taxi to get home) and was right as she absolutely loved it and had an even better 18th than she'd originally thought!

I'd definitely use this hotel again if I needed accommodation in the city centre; everything about it was excellent from the staff to the quality of the room. The only downside (and it's a tiny and personally insignificant downside) is that fact part of our view was of a building site, this part of the city centre is undergoing some redevelopment so that's to be expected really but it's a bit of a sorry sight compared to the view when we looked left upon the beautiful Centenary Square and Birmingham's new(ish) library.

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  • euphie published 27/07/2017
    e :o)
  • mummytobe78 published 21/07/2017
    Excellent but no Es left sorry. I hope Hollie is on the mend
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 21/07/2017
    Great review and I hope Hollie is recovering well? I and a friend both suffered badly as children, my friend had her tonsils removed, whilst I did not, she has great health, I still suffer with an iffy throat and subject to painful, swollen tonsils and swollen neck glands at the drop of a hat. So the right call to keep going back. I have decided too, if I ever win big on the lottery, I will treat Chris to a luxury en suite bathroom extension :)
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