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Pro Smith Is Amazing In Role, Interesting Story, Bob Marley Referenced
Cons CGI Loses Reality
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"Smith Is A Legend"

On Sky Movies

On Sky Movies

This is a movie that I have watched countless times. Not that it is my #1 favourite movie but I just find it easy to watch, interesting and generally a good movie to stick on. I didn't realise until my friend told me that this movie is actually based on a book. I have yet to find the time to sit and read it but it seems like something that would tickle my fancy.


Director - Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games & Water for Elephants)

Producers - Akiva Goldsman (Cinderella Man & Batman Forever), James Lassiter (Ali & After Earth), David Heyman (Harry Potter & Gravity) & Neal H. Moritz (I Know What You Did Last Summer & The Big C.)

Screenplay - Mark Protosevich (Thor & Oldboy) & Akiva Goldsman

Music - James Newton Howard (Pretty Woman & The Prince of Tides)

Cinematography - Andrew Lesnie (The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit)

Editors - Wayne Warhman (Charlie's Angels & The Day the Earth Stood Still)


Will Smith - Dr Robert Neville (Suicide Squad & Hitch)

Alice Braga - Anna Montez (Elysium & The Rite)

Charlie Tahan - Ethan (The Other Woman & Ozark)

Dash Mihok - Darkseekers' Alpha Male (Silver Linings Playbook & Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

Emma Thompson - Dr Alice Krippin (Much Ado About Nothing & Love Actually)

Salli Richardson - Zoe Neville (Eureka & Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid)

Willow Smith - Marley Neville

Joanna Numata - Darkseekers' Alpha Female

Darrell Foster - Mike

Pat Fraley - Voice of President of United States (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Toy Story 2)

Mike Patton - Voices of Darkseekers (The Place Beyond the Pines)

Additional Information

Based on "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson

Genre - Horror, Thriller, Drama & Science Fiction

Certificate - 15

Country - US

Language - English

Production Companies - Village Roadshow Pictures, Weed Road Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment, Heyday Films & Original Film

Distribution Companies - Warner Bros. Pictures & Roadshow Entertainment

Released - December 2007

Running Time - 100 minutes

Budget - $150 million

Box Office - £585.3 million

Tagline - "The Last Man On Earth Is Not Alone"


In 2009, a cure for cancer is discovered by Dr. Alice Krippin through altering a string of the measles virus. The "cure" however turns people into killing vampire mutants which are called "Darkseekers". "Darkseekers" are vulnerable to sunlight and other sources of light. When the world comes to an apocalyptic end, Dr Robert Neville who stays in New York to try and find a cure for those who are infected seems to be the last man left alive, living in total isolation with his German Shepherd, Sam. He sets up mannequins around New York just to feel like he isn't the only man left standing. Fighting against time and against the Darkseekers, he needs to find a cure to save all those who are infected before humanity comes to a screeching halt.


I really enjoyed the story. I thought it was quite a sad one. Being the only person left alive, having no contact with any human life and struggling to find a cure because if you don't then humanity is lost? Good story. I enjoyed watching this story develop to the end.

I didn't feel at all bored during watching this movie. You would think that watching the same person do the same thing for minutes on end would get a bit tedious but the acting of Smith really shines through to the story.

It's always been a question of what would happen if we found a cure for an illness and I would imagine that people have thought that something would go horrible wrong. Maybe not in respect of people turning into vampires but it's a story that does make you think what would happen. To me, it felt like a believable story.

I liked the idea of going into flashbacks of Neville's life whilst the virus was spreading. It was interesting and sad to see what happened to his family and loved ones. A little difficult to watch at points.

I like how the Darkseekers weren't the main point of the story. It wasn't so much about the action and fighting them. It was more about watching Neville trying to find a cure. The Darkseekers were good to watch and the action was amazing don't get me wrong; but seeing Neville in his day-to-day life and watching him was interesting and kept me wanting to know what he was going to do next.

The moments when the Darkseekers appeared did have me on the edge of my seat. They look terrifying and I felt nervous whenever they were around.

Overall, I thought the story was good. It kept me interested and hooked until the end.


Seeing as Smith is the main actor of this movie and is mainly the only person on screen, it was imperative that he be able to keep the audience's interests peeked and he did this to a T. Smith, I think, has always been a good actor regardless of the movies he has been in and he has always been able to embody each of his characters and Neville was not exception. He made me believe that this was a real person fighting to find a cure to save humanity. My heart went out to him during the times you could tell his isolation was starting to get the better of him. Seeing him talk to mannequins as if they were people and becoming frustrated with them as if they were people was ominous to me. Seeing a character act totally normal in a strange situation made me a little uneasy. Smith managed to do this well really and I did feel sorry for Neville. I imagine that would be how someone would act if they were in his situation. Smith also does well with the action scenes too. He is one actor who is known for his action and in this film, he did not disappoint me when it came to fighting the Darkseekers.

The supporting actors were also good in their roles. I don't want to speak too much about them at the risk of giving away any spoilers but they seemed to work well against Smith's character and aided the story in its conclusion.

Overall, Smith really shone through in this movie. As much as all the acting was good, I think Smith was the one that did it for me. I don't see their being another actor who could have played this role better than him.

Special Effects

I thought the effects of his movie were really good. However, I could tell they were special effects and as much as the Darkseekers were scary, it did bring me back to reality watching them as I could tell that they were not real. Originally, the Darkseekers were actors in prosthetics, but director Lawrence felt that they were not convincing and decided to go for CGI effects to bring the Darkseekers to live (for want of a better term). Obviously, I haven't seen what they originally looked like so if they were that bad, I understand why CGI was used but again, this brings the audience back into the reality that they are watching a movie. Saying that, the CGI for them was great. If I am totally honest, I didn't really know they were meant to be vampire-like until I researched the film. I thought they were just mutants hell-bent on killing. The vampire-like quality did not shine through to me really. You can tell from the movie that they don't like sunlight but I didn't think that was because they were vampires. Maybe they just don't like the sun?

Regardless of that, the Darkseekers did look terrifying. They were skinny and weird, breathing difficult and I hated it when you saw them on screen. You knew something bad was going to happen when you saw those ugly things flopping about the place.

There is an effect I wish to talk about but I cannot otherwise MASSIVE SPOILER but... the effects of things becoming infected by the virus was really good.

Overall, I thought, as much as I'm not a fan of CGI, its use in the movie was good.


I liked the idea of including Bob Marley into this movie and having an actual story behind why his music is involved. I think this gave the story more of a realistic tone; having music that is so well-known to the audience.

One thing I did like, strangely enough, was how loud some parts of the sound was. There was one crash that was extremely loud and as much as it hurt my ears. I thought this worked well with showing the disaster of what had happened.

Overall, I thought the music and sound worked well with keeping the realistic tone of the movie.


This is a really easy and enjoyable film to watch. It is interesting and will keep you hooked until the end. Smith is amazing in it and he will keep you on your seat until the end.

I would recommend this film.

Cost & Where to Buy

I watched this on Sky Movies.

You can purchase this online at HMV for £5.99 for the DVD or the Blu-ray for £2.25 ensuring that you purchase Region 2.


IMDB - 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 70%

Metacritic - 65%

"Bold, and successfully maintains suspense." - Independent (UK)

"What started out so promisingly, a companion piece of sorts to Children of Men, disappears in a frenzy of screaming, head-banging, bloodiness - followed by totally unconvincing redemption." - Daily Telegraph (UK)

"There is something a bit thin about the story, and just as in 28 Days Later, I find that digital, rage-filled zombies halve in dramatic interest with every second that passes." - Guardian

"So often, sci-fi is overproduced, but I Am Legend doesn't look like a CGI extravaganza. It looks like an edgy suspense movie shot on the fly in New York City after the fall. And because of that, it's all the more effective." -

Thank you for reading my review.

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