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I Am Not A Serial Killer (Blu-ray)

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published 17/05/2017 | kiss_me2070
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"An Average, Easy Watch Film."

I Am Not A Serial Killer (Blu-ray)

I Am Not A Serial Killer (Blu-ray)

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This is a random film that I added to my Amazon list to watch and sure enough I watched it at the weekend, whilst my boyfriend had a nap on the sofa, which I wasn’t too bothered about because I don’t think he would have enjoyed this film anyway. This film is a 2016 Irish-British psychological horror, thriller film directed by Billy O’Brien and based on Dan Wells, 2009 novel of the same name. It stars Christopher Lloyd, Max Records, Laura Fraser and Christina Baldwin. A creature of unknown origin falls in love with a human woman. To stay by her side, he kills people and steals their body parts so that he can maintain his human form. Old age sees them living in a Minnesota town with young John as a helpful neighbour. Essentially though, John's observations of the recent murders in their town, combined with his understanding of a killer’s mentality, lead him to uncover his elderly neighbours strange secret. This film premiered on 13th March 2016 and received limited theatrical and video on demand release on 26th August 2016. This film is rated a 15.

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Rather than list the full cast, I have decided to list the main characters in the film.

• John Wayne Cleaver played by Max Records
• Mr. Crowley – Christopher Lloyd
• April Cleaver – Laura Fraser
• Kay Crowley – Dee Noah

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The Film
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I have to be honest that within the first ten minutes of the film I didn’t think it was going to be very exciting and I thought I was going to end up switching the film off, how-ever I did continue to watch it and I did get into the film. John Wayne Cleaver comes across as a lonely boy and a lot of people think he is strange, he gets bullies at school and only has a limited number of friends, and those friends he doesn’t see very often. John has been diagnosed as a sociopath and suffers homicidal impulses. These are exacerbated by working at his mother April's funeral home. He controls his urges with rules, mental stopgaps, and speaking to his therapist, Grant. There are some scenes at the funeral home which some people may not like as it shows them in the morgue preparing the body for embalming. People keep getting murdered and after an identical murder, talk of a serial killer piques John's interest.

Mr., Crowley comes across as a lovely old man and John does his best to help his elderly neighbour, as best as he can. When John sees a drifter outside of his neighbours house, he becomes intrigued and suspicious and starts to follow his neighbour to see if he is up to anything. John is surprised when someone joins his neighbour to go ice fishing and as he watches them he realizes just what his neighbour is actually capable of. There is a little bit of gore during this scene, although it’s not too bad. John continues to watch and follow his neighbour and he soon learns that his neighbour is the one killing people in the local town but he doesn’t know why. As people continue to die, John becomes even more obsessed with his neighbour and leaves a note on his neighbour’s car stating that he knows what his neighbour is doing. Naturally this makes his neighbour worried as he doesn’t know who left the note there or does he?

During the film, John’s character remains strong throughout and Max Records does a good job of playing him. Christopher Lloyd also does a great job at playing Mr. Crowley and comes across as a lovely, kind old man, how-ever he seems to be the complete opposite. Later on, in the film John’s mother (April Cleaver) is found on the embalming table in the funeral home, but who put her there and will John be able to get to her on time before someone else does? The ending of the film wasn’t what I expected and to be honest I was a little shocked at the ending and also a little disappointed at the same time as I did feel as though the ending was a little bit silly and didn’t really go with the rest of the film. I would have personally preferred a slightly different ending, but then that’s just my personal opinion.

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Overall Opinion
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I was expecting this film to be a little boring, but I was actually quite surprised at how much the film kept my attention throughout. I thought the storyline to the film was good and I liked all of the characters in the film and I thought all of the actors, did a great job at playing their characters. Of course, the two real main characters are John Wayne Cleaver and Mr. Crowley, whom we see throughout the film and we get to know them very well, especially John, who although others bully, he seems like a nice guy, despite some things about him being a little strange. Although there were some scenes in the film which may have been a little bit gory, to be honest you don’t really see many of the killings happening during the film. There is only one main scene when you see someone kill somebody else, but this scene isn’t very long. This was an easy to watch film which was perfect for me to watch on Sunday as I was feeling tired so I didn’t have to concentrate on the film too hard in order to follow the storyline. As stated earlier I was a little surprised at the ending of the film, how-ever overall, I thought the film was OK. I personally wouldn’t watch it again and I certainly wouldn’t buy it on DVD or pay to watch this film but if you do want something easy to watch one afternoon, then I’d suggest giving this a go.

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