I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (Single)

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I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (Single)

Single Track from Black Eyed Peas - Genre: Hip Hop/Rap - Release Year: 2008

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Review of "I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (Single)"

published 24/09/2010 | Seresecros
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"Genuinely Terrible"

I have failed the Shamanic temple of Indie Rock. Where once I spent long nights rallying against the rain with torrents of Nick Cave and foggy Shins tracks, I now spend in the company of Diana Vickers and Girls Aloud. And if you say Girls Aloud aren’t a real band then I WILL GET UPSET. Gone are songs about people with diseases and women being drowned in rivers, and in come people who can actually sing and hold high notes, shiver to think of it. I notice that Ciao have changed their rules so now I can discuss individual singles as opposed to full albums. Disappointing. But this does give me the chance to pay my dues to indie. Not through listening to the new, terrible album by Broken Bells or paying homage to the stultifyingly dull orchestral murk of Arcade Fire. No, I’m going to pay tribute to Indie by poking fun at the mass-market crap which dilutes proper pop for those of us with musical inclination. So I get to remain uncharmingly arch and snobby towards all the music you love in two separate ways all at once. Pretty clever, I think you’ll not think about what I think.

Let’s start with the Black Eyed Peas, and their tribute to Jewish victims of war. “I Gotta Feeling” manages to twice take the Holy Torah and compare it to a night out in Camden. Neither time that the song misrepresents the Jewish faith could be said to be an important part of Will.I.Am’s lyrical outpouring, and indeed seem to be crowbarred into the song specifically to upset and patronise the millions and millions of Jewish people out there. But we’ll get to the religiously offensive part later – let’s start with the opening minute. The opening minute of ‘I Gotta Feeling’ is the disarticulate chant of ‘I Gotta Feeling’ to the sound of a single bass chord, repeating itself time and over again. Intended to ramp up the excitement for the subsequent noise explosion where a *second* guitar starts up, the beginning resembles not much a song as an off-colour Mormon chant, uttered on any occasion wherein it appears that the Rapture will finally occur and banish all womenfolk to the Hell they undoubtedly belong to. The atonal drone of Will.I.Am’s singing voice serves as a dulling reminder of how this used to be a real band but have now become a gimmick.

Ever since ‘Where Is The Love’ patronised its way onto the radios of the World, the band have quickly engaged themselves with the task of whirling their music into the fastest lyrical decline since Mark Owen decided to attempt a solo career in the late 90s. You may look at him now and like that song he did for Morrisons, but there was a time when Mark Owen was genuinely the worst thing in British music. How soon we forget. At any rate, the output from the Black Eyed Peas has rapidly dwindled, after their best song (Shut Up) was released and they realised they had nothing left. Forced to trade on the sexual appeal of lead singer Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, the trio eventually worked ou thtat the British public will accept anything which mentions naughty stuff in the title. Hence we were forced to listen to a song called ‘Let’s Get Retarded’ (interestingly, on the same album as ‘Where is the Love’) before they hit their apex with the prototype third wave antifeminist tract ‘My Humps’, a song in which Fergie compared various cereals with her breasts, and decided she enjoyed both.

‘I Gotta Feeling’ comes from the latest attempt by the band to regain the musical faith of the public by transforming into slutty robots with provocative bumps on their chest-plates. Calling forth a cavalry assault, their album ‘The E.N.D: Energy Never Dies’ (quick: name five things worse than this title) ramps up bass and production to the point that there is no space anywhere for a set of lyrics. And so it is that we come across this track, which manages to not only repeat the title for a staggering 90 seconds of airtime, but also rhymes ‘up’ with ‘up’ and has a coda in which they list the days of the week. In case you’re playing along at home, those would be “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday/Friday, Saturday and Sunday”. The band also decided to throw in every unique thought they have when producing the lyrics “party over here. Party over there.” Indeed, there truthfully is a party in both these places during their music video, but surely there could be a better way of describing the surreal, heady occasion of a house party.

The greatest travesty of the song is that it twice subverts Judaism for no apparent reason. I’m focusing on this as I know it’ll bring in the internet search hits and grant me vast waterfalls of artificial internet-currency, but also because it’s a bewildering moment adrift amongst a sea of utterly unsurprising musical production. The band first raise their glasses to a toast before shouting “Mazel Tov” for no reason. And then, they chant “Chayyim”, the phrase previously used to celebrate the engagement of a Jewish couple. Twice, the band refer to the Jewish faith for no apparent reason or benefit for the listener. This is why I burn a solitary copy of the album on November the 11th and stream it onto the internet. I may not be Jewish, but I consider the song to be a terrorist attack on the sensibilities of my mate Scott. Scott is too afraid to speak out about the way he feels subjugated by Will.I.Am’s frantic beats, but luckily he has a friend like me who can do it for him. Worse, ‘Mazal Tov’ is rhymed with ‘take it off’, thus forever linking Jewish good luck with topless skanks.

“Let’s make the world’s stupidest stand and truly mean it”, Scott.

The production behind the song is cultural and current, but only in the sense that Will.I.Am produces at least 12% of all mainstream hip-hop music and there is nothing much to stand it up against. Dammit, people, we all heard his solo material and the unerring way in which he made Cheryl Cole unmentionably boring. How did you allow him the chance to continue with this project? I Gotta Feeling is the most unapologetically vile way to spend your precious time, and as such has been widely accepted as the song of choice for most branches of TK Maxx.

Lyrically dire, with no music behind it and a phony sense of objectivist disdain trickling out of the bejewelled teeth of the millionaires singing it, the song does not represent you, your friends, your family, or anyone you know. It is not an anthem. It is everything which mocks your love of music and fun and hates you. I know many people who listen to this before they go on a night out. Think about what you’re saying about yourself. Think of all the ways you could be better spending your prep time. Instead of being lied to by a large-scale corporation hiding within the wanton souls of the four members of this band, you could be listening to The Pipettes instead. The Pipettes have got their own manifesto and everything, guy. What have Black Eyed Peas got? Empty promises and a rich streak of anti-Semitism. And your money.


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  • LadyValkyrie published 22/10/2011
    I actually quite like this song when I'm in the right mood, but totally agree that musically it's really just churned-out garbage.
  • dragonhelmuk published 08/06/2011
    Great writing as always. :>
  • MrBrightside1987 published 18/03/2011
    I'm with you on this song I cant stand it, its terrible, great review =]
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Single Track from Black Eyed Peas - Genre: Hip Hop/Rap - Release Year: 2008

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