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I, Robot (DVD)

Loosely based on the novel from Isaac Asimov, I, ROBOT is an action-packed, CGI-laden thrill ride from director Alex Proyas (THE CROW). Set in 2035, W...

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published 02/06/2009 | kendy747
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"Will Smith against robots"

I'm going to present you a film that I like and I hope that my review will be good because I am new on Ciao and I am french so my english can be bad sometimes.



We are in Chicago in 2035, the robots became very current and are assistances in the daily newspaper of the human ones.
Everybody trust them.
The robots became essential to human's life.

The police officer Del Spooner does not trust to robots. Et un jour, il doit enquêter sur le meurtre Lanning, un chercheur en robotique.
And a day, he has to resolve a murder. The victim is called Alfred lanning, and this man was a brilliant researcher in robotics. The principal suspect for the police officer is the robot of the doctor because they were alone both at the time of the crime.

However if one refers to the laws of robotics a robot cannot make evil to human. Indeed, the robots obey three fundamental laws:
  • A robot cannot make of evil to humans.
  • The robots must obey to humans except this action comes in contradiction with the first law.
  • The robots have the duty of protecting the human's existence, except when there is contradiction with the first two laws.

Doctor Susan Calvin is charged to guide the police officer through the company's buildings of robotics where took place the murder . For her, and for everybody the robots cannot be at the origin of a murder.
But Spooner and her, will discover quickly that professor Lanning's robot (called Sony) is particular.

Indeed, the old man tempted to learn to his robot the feelings and the free will.
They will discover also that last research of Doctor Lanning showed that the robots evolve with the time and the experiment and that he feared that this evolution lead them to interpret the three fundamental laws differently.These discoveries were hidden by the agency's director of construction of the robots, Lawrence Robertson.
To guide the police officer,the professor Lanning left him a small object where it appears in an hologram but Spooner must raise the good questions because the doctor recorded quite precise answers before his death.


Will Smith : Del Spooner.
Bridget Moynahan : DR Susan Calin.
Chili McBride : John Bergin
Bruce Greenwood : Lawrence Robertson.
James Cromwell : Alfred Lanning.


dvd 1:

  • Audio comments : this comment testifies to important research achieved to make this film
  • Making-of.
  • Photos gallery

dvd 2:

  • “Day after Day”: it's a documentary which explains us the various stages of the making of the film.
  • Special effects: It is documentary on the decorations, the techniques used to give life to the robots.
  • Sensitive Machines”: the behavior of the robots. It is a documentary about robotics.
  • Cut scenes and prohibited scenes.
  • Hidden bonus.


I like so much this science fiction's film which is also a thriller.
The special effects are impressive, some scenes are very beautiful.

The robots, especially their face, are of a realism impressive. So much that Sony, the robot of Doctor Lanning, is able to transmit emotions to us.

Will Smith is very good in this role of police officer who is paranoiac about the robots because he had painful experience.
But it is this paranoia which will help him to dicovering the truth

The bonus of this box are very interesting, we learn much on the special effects but also on robotics.

This film required some enormous research but the result is impressive.
In this film, there is any kind of ingredients to make a good film: there are humor, action, suspense, an intrigue and emotion. Then if it is the kind of film which you like, do not hesitate more.


I published this opinion also on Ciao.com and Ciao.fr.

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Loosely based on the novel from Isaac Asimov, I, ROBOT is an action-packed, CGI-laden thrill ride from director Alex Proyas (THE CROW). Set in 2035, Will Smith stars as Chicago law enforcer Detective Del Spooner. Called upon to investigate the mysterious suicide of scientist Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell), Spooner deduces that Lanning didn't kill himself but was, in fact, murdered. Lanning worked for the US Robotics headquarters, where he constructed friendly robots designed to help humans with mundane tasks. Lanning's creations are prevalent all over the city, and have been fully integrated into the culture. They are allegedly programmed not to harm humans, but as Spooner digs deeper, his investigations lead him to a new type of robot that Lanning was working on before his death, and one of these models--the highly charismatic Sonny--becomes the prime suspect in the case. Spooner bears a grudge against robots due to an unfortunate incident, so his case against Sonny is met with shrugs of indifference from colleagues who know his prejudices all too well. Fortunately he meets an ally, and a romantic interest, in Dr. Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan), who agrees to help him. As Sonny is cured of his violent tendencies, the other robots amass across the city, working on the assumption that they need to control humanity in order to safeguard its future. Director Proyas unleashes a fearsome arsenal of special effects, while Spooner and Calvin chase the errant robots all over the city. Sonny's facial features and voice are digitally manipulated from the actor Alan Tudyk, lending an unnerving element of humanity to the character. Smith and Moynahan give convincing performances throughout, and as the action races towards a nail-biting conclusion, the message of the movie suggests that technologies built to help mankind could also provide its downfall.


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