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Ibuprofen I first discovered this when I was a little fourteen year old having really bad period pains, (as all women can sympathize and all men can groan here) and my ever-loving mum use to say have a hot water bottle and a paracetmol and you’ll be fine!! Well GRRR to that, I don’t do pain ... Read review

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Community Level 5NURSE_BETTY


Ibuprofen.... works for some...not for me!

Advantagesworks on people of all ages...

Disadvantageslots of possible side effects

"...your body! ****** Who is ibuprofen made for? ****** Well Ibuprofen is an over the counter medication which is used for mild to moderate pain. Ibuprofen is taken by people who have rheumatic disease, (this does include juvenile arthritis) and musculoskeletal disorders. It is also used to reduce fever, pain and inflammation and stiffness, gout, headaches, migraines, general muscle aches, menstrual pain, backache and is also effective as a post ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Phew! What a relief! Review with images

AdvantagesGets rid of the pain

DisadvantagesNot very cheap

"...with Co-Op's own brand of IBUPROFEN tablets. He paid £2.25 for 24 tablets. These tablets are 400mg. These are extra strength tablets for the effective relief of pain. PACKAGING The 2x12 sachets of tablets come in a rather bland looking box. It box is grey and white with the Co-Op brand name in the top left hand corner. The Ibuprofen name in in black bold letting across the top. On the back of the box are the indications (what to ..." Read review

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Community Level 7flashpointz



AdvantagesGives effective and fast relief from pain -inexpensive

DisadvantagesBuying it from your local Chemists will give you a Pain the pocket!

"...relief than a couple of Ibuprofen tablets ? Well, just suppose, your temples are throbbing and that pain just won’t go away. You head for your medicine cupboard, but the cupboard is bare. You, poor Mrs Hubbard, start to shreek “Oh my God, there’s none left, what am I to do???” So, it’s off to the Chemist you go. You prefer taking your Ibuprofen in the form of those nifty little ‘Nurofen’ caplets. They go down easiest of all, but at a price. ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Collingwoo...


My weapon of choice

AdvantagesPain relief, reduces fever, cheap, may be given to children

DisadvantagesTastes bitter, may cause feelings of drowsiness

"...is going to be about ibuprofen - but then you have probably already guessed this from the category its in. I was struggling a little bit for inspiration for my latest review, but thought if I have done one on aspirin, then why not this? As always, I hope this of use (and perhaps even interest) to all you nice people out there in ciaoland. ● So what is ibuprofen then? Unlike aspirin, which is synthesised from an active ingredient found ..." Read review

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Community Level 6alliecat


Allie's Agony

AdvantagesFast acting pain relief

DisadvantagesOnly cures the symptoms of pain, not the cause

"...I find a couple of Ibuprofen tablets and a good long sleep really help. Neurofen is one of the leading brands, but I don’t often buy it. It costs a lot of money and you are only really paying for a name. I always buy generic Ibuprofen tablets and I find very little difference in the quality. Generic brands are sometimes a little larger, and might be a little more difficult to swallow if you have problems in this area. The ones I use currently ..." Read review

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