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What invention does the world need?

Hmmm well there are so many gadgets and gizmos around you sometimes wonder what else could be invented to help the world. A considerable amount of the existing inventions seem to cause more trouble in the long run. After taking a year out to travel I did notice something, that people who had less seemed happier and possessions and inventions were not always a good thing. These people were living in communities where they had to work hard for food and shelter just to survive and I feel that these people are special as they are struggling to survive and are some of the happiest people I have ever met. Some inventions have been fantastic though and help people on a daily basis. It's great to have the basic's like a toilet and sink to wash in!

Ok well I have a few inventions that I would like the world to have. I always said cars should be put on a scalextric track so people couldn't speed and you didn't have to consciously drive only press a mere button and then you would be in a certain place. These cars would differ from the scalextric as you would be able to program them to take you to places. This may be because I haven't passed my driving test yet and hate the thought of doing it lol! Also our public transport is non-existant where I live so I don't exactly have a choice! But I think it would improve the world as it would control speed and people could get to where they wanted more effectively leaving no racers on the road and accidents. I suppose if you wanted to take it a step further you could just have a transporter and it will beam you to different places like they do in Star Trek. This would stop pollution, road traffic, leave our countryside undamaged and stop accidents on the road. Plus it also would mean no traffic jams in the morning only a few seconds would take you to work even if you worked on the other side of the world.

A machine should be made so that all the rubbish in the world could be made into something useful. This could mean that landfill sites could be cleared and new rubbish would be recycled more effectively. Everyone says global warming is happening this may be due to several factors. I've been told the world goes through cycles of being hot and cold and it was inevitable. Others say its due to the ozone layer breaking down. Either way it would be nice for everyone to be able to not have smelly rubbish lying about polluting our rivers, lakes, countryside, or any natural beauty the world has to offer. Wildlife would be harmed less and things could go on, as they should do in the natural process of life. Instead of landfill sites growing bigger and bigger. Soon we will have no-where to put our waste.

To help with diseases a machine could be made which scans your body and then you know whats wrong with you. This would cut out blood tests and any other nasty tests people have to get done to check if you are healthy. Then if something is wrong with you the same machine could scan you again fixing any problems and making you healthy again without any horrible side effects.

For myself I would like a machine that makes up clothes to your size in a second and if you wanted to wear a different colour you could put it in and press a button and it would change it for you. I think it would be a great way to recycle your old clothes. The same way that it can be done on the computer a click of a button and your outfit has changed. Ping! Maybe I have just watched too much Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a child lol! It could be used for putting on makeup and doing your hair you would never have to go to a hairdresser or beautician anymore. Save every girl wasting hours getting ready to go out for a night out!

It would be handy to have a book like they have in Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium which you tell what toy you are looking for, open it and toys come out of it. Only this book would have anything that you wanted not only toys. Maybe giving people everything they could ever imagine would make them happy. Personally I don't think it would, as some people always want more. Yet again I think I have been watching too much television lol! This book could stop famine as you could ask it for food for the starving and money for the poor. Though if fairytales did come true and this was ever invented it probably wouldn't be used for good. It would probably make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Originally posted on Dooyoo under my username denise40
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chocoholic 02.08.2010 10:26

Love the scalextric idea- that is indeed fab!

jesi 10.05.2008 13:30

My dream gadget is already described in my desert island five things to take with me when I get myself deliberately stranded (lol) . . . . ~ ♥ ~ &#9829 ~ .............................................. ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ jes ~ ♥ &#9829

tayloa22 28.04.2008 09:03

a real treat to read your review

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