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published 31/01/2017 | sellerleygirl
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"Imperium is a compelling and beautifully acted film"

Imperium (DVD)

Imperium (DVD)

:¦:-• Imperium -•-:¦:

:¦:-• DVD Review -•-:¦:

:¦:-• Genre -•-:¦:

• Crime
• Drama
• Thriller

:¦:-• Tagline-•-:¦:

Defend your nation. Become your enemy
:¦:-• Film-•-:¦:

'Imperium' was virtually a straight to DVD film, being put on a limited release in cinemas. It is a 2016 American thriller film, written and directed by Daniel Ragussis, and takes its inspiration from the real-life story of FBI agent Michael German, who helped write the script.

Film Details

Directed by Daniel Ragussis
Produced by Simon Taufique, Dennis Lee, Daniel Ragussis and Ty Walker
Written by Daniel Ragussis and Michael German
Story by Michael German
Music by Will Bates
Cinematography Bobby Bukowski
Edited by Sara Corrigan
Release date August 19, 2016
Running time 109 minutes
:¦:-• The Story -•-:¦:

“This should have been a noble creature: he hath all the energy which would have made a goodly frame of glorious elements, had they been wisely mingled.”
Lord Byron

“Words build bridges into unexplored regions” - 'Imperium' opens with this Adolf Hitler quote, an extract from ‘Mein Kampf’; before we meet young, bespectacled and brown- suited Daniel Radcliffe playing FBI Agent Nate Foster, who’s been working in the back-seat at the Bureau on Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. His boss Angela Zamparo (played by Toni Collette) pulls him out of this job to go undercover into the white supremacist movement, a somewhat disregarded fascist movement in the United States - neo-Nazism.

The FBI are aware that six canisters of radioactive isotopes - illegally imported caesium-137 - have gone missing, and their biggest clue is that a neo-Nazi radio host, Dallas Wolf (played by Tracy Letts), appears to know more than he ought to about it.
Nate shaves his head, puts on some braces and a Harrington jacket, invents a backstory of military service in Iraq, and opens up a medical supplies shop in the hope that it will make him a potential resource to obtain chemical weapons; and he begins to be accepted by the white supremacists around the Washington DC area.
As he’s drawn into their world, Nate discovers that there are is a hugely assorted array of people – much more diverse than he expected involved. This movement involves far more than angry young men but also intelligent family men who live seemingly respectable lives to armed mercenaries who seem to be preparing for full-scale revolt. Every one of them however, agree that there needs to be a race war, that Jews control the world and that there are many groups (from feminists to gays) who are out to destroy white people.
The deeper that Nate gets into this movement, the more danger Nate faces, and with so many various organisations and cells working separately, finding out just which is up to what begins to prove extremely problematic; meaning that the FBI begin to wonder whether there is anything going on at all.
So, is there?

:¦:-• Cast -•-:¦:

Daniel Radcliffe as Nate Foster
Toni Collette as Angela Zamparo
Tracy Letts as Dallas Wolf
Sam Trammell as Gerry Conway
Nestor Carbonell as Tom Hernandez
Devin Druid as Johnny
Pawel Szajda as Vince Sargent
Chris Sullivan as Andrew Blackwell
Burn Gorman as Morgan
Seth Numrich as Roy
:¦:-• My Opinion -•-:¦:

I had mixed feelings about watching this film, the DVD sleeve with an image of a skin headed Daniel Radcliffe, and what looked like a swastika in the background, didn’t really make me keen to watch it, as if I was actively avoiding uncomfortable truths it may contain.
However, after watching the film I thought that ‘Imperium’ was a very strong film albeit at times a pretty disturbing one; it made me realise that you just didn’t really know who your neighbour is. It is also undoubtedly timely as Trump’s reign as president begins with controversial ethical and racist issues.
While this film may not be the best film with a theme of racist terrorism that has ever graced the screen; in fact, it’s kind of a matter-of-fact, hurried film with some twists that can be seen a mile away. It does though, contain some incredible acting throughout which overcomes any faults and makes for a very entertaining film. ‘Imperium’ is a reminder that not all the terrorists in the US (or Britain even) are imports. These domestic examples are especially frightening because, on the surface, they seem like typical all-American suburban types but under the surface they are pure evil. The most interesting such character is Gerry Conway (played by Sam Trammell); Gary is a likeable family-man who bonds with Nate over their mutual love of classical music (he loves the music of Brahms and Tchaikovsky, even makes an exception for the recordings of a Jew - Leonard Bernstein.) Gerry’s cute children gaily tell Nate that their dad has built them a tree-house to hide in “when the mud-people come”, Gerry’s wife is a stereotypical American ‘mom’ who spends her time baking cupcakes. Gerry is the one character whose very manner doesn’t scream “monster,” but all in all he is probably the most quietly dangerous of them all.
There is not really a lot of action in this film; the biggest thrills come from its look at normal, everyday life. The director seems to be far more interested in how his multi-faceted characters think on an everyday basis rather than in providing bursts of action-suspense.
Like when the neo-Nazi ring leader, Gerry blends his glossy nuclear family existence with his political beliefs. One moment Jerry is sat eating with his perfect family in a fluorescent lit modern kitchen, the next he’s attending a night-time neo-Nazi wedding decorated with burning swastikas.

It is difficult to say too much without giving spoilers, but I really do recommend this film – it will entertain you and it will make you think!!
:¦:-• The Acting -•-:¦:

My Mr Radcliffe has come a long way from that schoolboy wizard!
I thought that his American accent was really good and that he was very credible as the FBI agent brave enough to place himself in dangerous situations with such horrible people helping show that despite how awful these people are, they’re not actually that far from the rest of us in many respects. He manages to transform himself from the nerdy young FBI agent into a hateful, mean, and well-acted character. Radcliffe sheds all images of the bespectacled wizard (as well as the bespectacled FBI) image as he shaves his head (on screen) and casually throws out anti-Semitic remarks and racist quotes to prove his bona-fides to the skinhead punks, militia leaders, neo-Nazis, and media manipulators of the movement. The supporting cast, comprised of men you may kind of recognize, also serves the movie well. Too well in that they're all easy to hate. Collette is good in an uncharacteristic role that has her perpetually chewing both gum and scenery.
As his ‘keeper’, Toni Collette as Angela Zamparo, does a great job as a nonconformist FBI agent trying to bring Nate up to speed. Hers is a powerful, pivotal role and Ms Collette brings an aggressive blast of dynamism to the film. And Tracy Letts as Dallas Wolf
is also outstanding as a man whose complication deepens the more we get to know him. In a lot of ways, this radio DJ is the true villain of the film, instigating hatred among his vulnerable audience.

:¦:-• Ratings -•-:¦:

• Metacritic: 68% from 115 critics
• Rotten Tomatoes: 83% from 59 reviews
• IMDb: 6.5/10 from 22,082 votes
:¦:-• Critics -•-:¦:

• The Guardian: "Daniel Radcliffe shines as an undercover FBI agent who predictably finds himself bonding with his target"

• New York Times: "The movie works just fine as a straightforward thriller."

• Empire: "While other actors would have been a better fit, Daniel Radcliffe just about rises to the challenge in an undercover thriller that's gripping in parts and aimless in others"

• Top Critic: "Solid and watchable, and Radcliffe is genuinely ace."

• Toronto Sun: "Daniel Radcliffe sheds Potter image with scary skinhead role"

:¦:-• DVD Details -•-:¦:

The film comes on one disc in a plastic cover; the disc-opening trailers are for ‘American Pastoral’, ‘Blood Father’ and ‘Manhattan Night.’


There is no problem at all with the picture on this DVD; the picture is well-defined, clean and relatively sharp throughout.
Overall an excellent transfer.

The dialogue is crystal-clear with no imbalance or distortion.


Imperium's extras begin with an audio commentary by writer-director Daniel Ragussis and writer Michael German and then go into a ‘Living Undercover’ featurette which is pretty boring but only around 3 minutes long and then an 18 minute 'Making Imperium’ featurette, which explores the research of the worlds dramatized. There is a lot of talk in this but it is quite interesting.

As of 01/02/17 ‘Imperium’ can be purchased from Amazon new from £3.69, used from £2.22 and om Amazon Instant Video for 0.99p
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Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 15
Studio: Signature Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 7 Nov. 2016
Run Time: 104 minutes

:¦:-• In Conclusion -•-:¦:

I have read many nixed reviews on this film, but personally I really enjoyed it (if enjoyed is the correct word to use on such a topic); this is an intense and emotional film; and at times it actually made me feel a little sympathetic for some of the white supremacists, which amazed me! I thought that Daniel Radcliffe was fantastic in the lead role and that the supporting cast were all more than adequate. I would recommend this film as one that is a good crime/drama,/thriller for you. The film kept my attention throughout the 100-hour running time, and my eyes could not get off the screen. It is an interesting story, thought provoking film that I found to be well acted, and overall entertaining.
:¦:-• Pictures -•-:¦:

1. The DVD cover
2. Radcliffe fitting in with the skinheads
3. On a march with the white supremacist movement
4. Toni Collette as Angela Zamparo
5. Nate Foster shaving his head

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