In summer: do you prefer swimming in the sea or in the pool?

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In summer: do you prefer swimming in the sea or in the pool?

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Review of "In summer: do you prefer swimming in the sea or in the pool?"

published 18/08/2017 | NBCMad92
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Pro Bar Right By The Pool! The Sea Is Calming & Beautiful
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"I Prefer Swimming Where I Don't Get Eaten Alive"

See!  I did get in the sea

See! I did get in the sea

As some of you may know, I recently returned from a lovely holiday with my best friend from Jamaica. It was lovely out there. The food was great. The people were great. The weather was glorious; there is nothing in that holiday that I can really fault. Everything was perfect. Definite holiday blues when I returned I can tell you that for a fact.

It is the main thing we do on holiday isn't it? Swimming. Whether it is in the sea or in a pool, it's the main thing we do as tourists and one of the main questions that people ask. "Did you go swimming?", "Did you go in the sea?" etc.

During Jamaica. I won't lie, we didn't venture into the ocean. We went to the beach a couple of times and some of out excursions were at the beach but we didn't go in for a dip. Want to know the main reason why we decided to stick by the pool? It was closer to the bar! If we were on the beach, we would have had to walk to get our alcoholic beverages and we didn't want to do that. We always managed to get our loungers right next to the bar so we were only an arms length away from getting our rum and cokes. Diet for me. That was the only reason why we didn't go to the beach and swim in the sea much, if there was a bar at the beach we probably would have been there all the time. The scenery was beautiful and it was lovely and quiet there.

When We Were Young

When I was younger and we use to go on family holidays, you would always find me in the water. Whether it be a pool or the sea I would always be swimming. I've always been a good swimmer and always enjoyed it. I use to try and swim out as far as I could before my daddy tugged me back to stop me drifting out to sea. He used to call me a limpet as I would sit on his back whilst he was swimming.

I loved the sea. It was fascinating to me. I loved seeing the fish swimming around, looking at all the shells, finding crabs. Everything about it I loved. There is something calming about the ocean, nothing about the sea to me was scary. It was filled with such beautiful creatures and I would have so much fun, nothing could tear me away from my love of it.

I loved our family holidays and now that I am older, I do miss going away as a family. As my mumma and daddy have now split up, I doubt we will be going on any family va-ca's soon but I will always have the memories of when it was fun.

So to conclude, when I was younger, I was definitely one for the ocean.

When It All Went Wrong

My brother was diagnosed with cancer when he was 17 (I was about 12). He started to become unwell whilst we was in Mexico and got the diagnosis when we returned. That was the last time we went away as a family. Things were very difficult for us as a family. My mumma and daddy would always be up the hospital so my other brother (older) and I had to grow up fast and learn to look after ourselves. Probably why I have always been an independent person and am probably far too old for my age.

I'm definitely a nerd when I comes to researching random things online. Always have been. I'm the person that will watch a film right down to the credits and research it straight afterwards. I enjoy learning about things. I enjoy watching documentaries and a lot of them were to do with animals (when I was younger).

I remember researching things about the sea and I came across research about sharks. I was fascinated by these powerful creatures but I didn't really have a fear of them. As my research took me further and further I started to develop a fear of them and soon a phobia called galeophobia or selachophobia which is an extreme fear of sharks. I ended up giving myself a phobia I never had before. This phobia got so bad I couldn't put my feet on the floor or have them dangling off a chair if a shark film was on or if someone showed me a photograph of a shark. If my family was watching a shark film and I walked in the room I would run out. However, even though I had this phobia, I still thought they were beautiful animals. I just didn't want to get bitten by one of them.

When I went swimming at our local pool with my friends sometimes they would tease me and start singing the JAWS theme. I jumped out the pool and refused to get back in. They would then start having a go at me telling me I was stupid for thinking I was going to get eaten by a shark in a pool. Obviously, I knew that wasn't going to happen but having a phobia, you cannot help how you react to things even if you know it is extremely unlikely that it is going to happen, even in this case, definitely not.

This is where I started to fear the ocean and you wouldn't see me hunting for any shells or fish.

Galeophobia or Selachophobia

Galeophoabia is from the Greek word "Galeos" which means small sharks or dogfish but it also stems from the term "Ailurophobia" which is a fear of cats.

Symptoms of this phobia are:

An elevated heart rate

Shortness of breath, chest pains

Sweating profusely or trembling

Feeling nauseated

Experiencing deep mental anguish, dizziness or fainting

Although I have never fainted, I have probably experienced every one of these symptoms when faced with something to do with sharks.

Now That I'm Older

When I went on holiday with my (now ex) boyfriend to Turkey, I researched to see what sharks live in their waters. His family were a boating family so he always wanted to be on the boat. I refused. I told him I would never get on a boat. Eventually after a week of nagging me I got on one and cried the entire time. Even though I knew there were no dangerous sharks in Turkish waters, the thought of it still terrified me. He didn't ask me to go back on the boat again until the next time we went out there. Everything was fine at first until we hit really hard waters and the boat was rocking so much that the sea was coming in the boat. Again, I saw in the middle of the boat and sobbed until we got off it.

I took a trip to Florida with a group of friends and I know there are sharks out there. I had a fear of going on the plane as the thought of crashing into the sea terrified me. I sat in the middle of the aisle and my friend promised me that if we crashed he would kill me before I was eaten... Thanks mate! We had our own pool in our villa and as we were mainly rushing around trying to see and do everything, we didn't get much time to chill out or go to the beach. We did take a trip to Disneyland and all my friends wanted to travel on the boat to the main resort. Again, I refused. I told them I would meet them on the other side and get the train. Eventually after deciding that would be too risky to lose each other, they got me on the boat. I wasn't as scared because we was on a lake but I was still nervous, sweating and my heart was beating almost out my chest.

I checked before we went Jamaica about the sharks to which I found nothing but again, as we wanted to be close to the bar, we stuck by the poolside. I did go in the ocean once which was lovely. We went on a catamaran trip which I was terrified at first but once we had a few rum punches down us, I had the time of my life. I don't think to get over my fear I should down a bottle of vodka and go swimming with the fishes though...

To sum up, probably now I would stick by the pool. I don't dip my head in the water because of my hair extensions and I like being close to the bar for my beverages. I would be happy in the pool as long as no one starts singing the JAWS theme.

Pool or Sea?

I really does upset me that I have this phobia because I love the sea. I think it is amazing and with so many creatures in it you could never get bored of it. It is cool and refreshing and I can be totally at peace with it. I hate that this phobia stops me from being in the place I love. I still suffer a lot with it now. I can't have my feet on the floor when I'm watching a shark documentary or film. If I have to leave the room I have to pause it on a scene where a shark isn't on screen so I can walk out. If someone makes a joke of sharks I would have to get out the water. It's horrible and embarrassing but I cannot help it. My issue isn't getting eaten by a shark. What do I care? I'm dead? Eat me for all you like but I don't want to get bitten by one of them.

I honestly believe that you cannot blame sharks for the attacks on humans. When we swim in the sea, we are in their home. If someone walked into my home and start throwing stuff around believe me I would have something to say. I hate seeing when people hunt sharks for sport or when they get caught in the cages. It's horrible. I was reading one article of a group that kept hand feeding sharks so the sharks got use to humans with food in their hands so when they saw humans they would "attack" their hands. Probably thinking they had some food in their hands! How is that fair to blame them for that? Sharks have a stigma upon them probably because of films like JAWS and Deep Blue Sea which I can totally understand. Look at the crisis with clowns and IT. We still need to educate people and teach them that they are not mindless eating machines that just want to attack people. They are beautiful creatures that should be allowed to roam free.

It's not funny to make fun of people's phobias nor is it fair to judge them on it. There are many programs that try to help people with their phobias. For phobias like mine, there are shark diving courses to go to to overcome your fear but like HELL will you ever get me in one of those.

So? Would I be in the ocean or the pool. At this precise moment of time. Until I get this phobia under control, the pool is the place for me. I hope one day I do get over my phobia because one day, I do want to have kids and I would want to be able to play with them in the sea and teach them about the fish and the crabs and rocks and... sing "Under The Sea" with them.

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  • RICHADA published 04/09/2017
    Loved the oh so human touch to this one - as for me, having lived all my life no further than 2.5 miles from the sea, no matter who tried, I simply never learned to swim and yet have no qualms about being out on a boat, sharks or not! R.
  • Violet1278 published 31/08/2017
    E from me for an excellent piece.x
  • jb0077 published 25/08/2017
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