In summer: do you prefer swimming in the sea or in the pool?

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In summer: do you prefer swimming in the sea or in the pool?

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Review of "In summer: do you prefer swimming in the sea or in the pool?"

published 19/08/2017 | stacie17
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"Swimming Pool Vs Sea. Childhood Vs Adulthood"

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Perfect Book Reading Depth

Let’s take ourselves back to the summer of 1992, our first family holiday abroad, myself, my Mum and Dad, and my Auntie and Uncle. We headed to (my now favourite destination) Ibiza! I was 4 years old where my love of Ibiza first began, along with my love/hate relationship with water!

First Memories

It’s always hard to tell whether I can actually remember specific memories or whether I have just seen photos and heard the stories so many times that I think I remember. Anyway, this is my side of my ‘memory’.

Me- 4 years old, ginger hair, pale skin and freckles = smothered head to toe in factor 50, swimming costume, over the top of the costume- a t-shirt- sleeves to the elbows, length to the knees, a sunhat, sunglasses, life jacket, arm bands, rubber ring- I was ready for the pool! The baby pool.
Nothing significant has ever happened to me in the pool or the sea, but I was always well prepared! My Mum used to love swimming, whereas my Dad did not. So the years that followed on our holidays to Ibiza I would always be kitted out the same! I think this was more down to my Dads ‘fears’. My Mum would take me in the ‘big pool’ and from what I can remember I would cling on to her for dear life! I think that my Dad’s ‘fears’ subconsciously got passed down to me!

To this day (a mere 25 years on) I cannot recollect one time when I have seen my Dad in a swimming pool.

As the years went on, our family holidays got busier- more aunties, uncles and cousins. My cousins were 4 and 8 years older than me, so they were much more confident in the pool. So I still tended to stick in the baby pool unless my Mum was in the big pool. Not my dad, never my Dad. In the end, by the time I was sun creamed/inflated up and ready to go in the pool everyone else would be out!
A few years later we then stayed in some apartments, with no pool, so we had to use the sea. I love the beach, still do, and it was nice to be able to paddle in the same place as everyone else. I would still be kitted out the same- t-shirt, hat, life jacket, arm bands, rubber rings. I wouldn’t put it past my Mum to have had me in socks in case my feet burned (even with the factor 100+ applied 10 times a day! But of course this was to do with sun protection and not swimming protection). I definitely became more confident in the sea than I was in the pool. I even plucked up the courage to lie on the lilo whilst my Mum swam out, until my Dad got too nervous and we came back closer to shore!

The Pedalo Incident of 1997

So, my confidence was rising in the sea. I had swimming lessons at school (I had reached green braid!) So I decided I wanted to join my Mum and 2 cousins out on a pedalo. My Mum and older cousin were sat at the front, I was wedged between the two of them, and my other cousin was at the back. We were ready! My Uncle had his camcorder out ready to record our adventure out at sea, my t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, socks, gloves, scarf (Ok, now I’m exaggerating!) were on and off we went! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the water sport set up- there is an aisle, floats either side, which you go down and then you are out in the sea. We went from one side of the floats to the other…OK, somethings not quite right, Kerry (the cousin) jumped out and turned us back to face the right direction..and we were off…to the other side of the floats… Jemma (cousin) jumped off, turned us around and we headed off..back to the other side of the floats! You see where I’m going with this! Thanks to the technology of camcorders- our big venture out into the sea was recorded for years of humilation to follow! We couldn’t get out of the floats for around 20 minutes! On the video we can actually hear people on the beach laughing at us! This is a great memory that we all laugh and talk about 20 years later! Have I been back on a pedalo- No! Did it help me to gain confidence in the sea- No!

So the holidays went on, we mainly went to the beach and the sea- so if I was asked the question- Do you prefer the sea or pool? During my childhood days I definitely would have said the sea! (But not on a pedalo!)

The Mr B years

The first thing that I need to say here is that Mr B is a very good swimmer, he lived in Tenerife for a year with a swimming pool on demand daily, so whether it be in the sea or the pool, he didn’t need his life jacket!

I met Mr B in 2006, we had our first holiday to Majorca in 2007. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to hit the beach! I had been used to the beach being on our doorstep (Marsol Apartments, Santa Eulalia) and now we had to walk to it! 20 minute walk! And as it turned out Mr B didn’t really like the beach, he preferred the pool! So we pretty much spent the main part of our first holiday around the pool.
During my holidays with Mr B, he tried to teach me to swim…well I could swim..he tried to teach me to swim without looking like I was being chased by a shark with arms and legs splashing everywhere! And the best place he could do this- was in the pool! Our following holidays (and we’ve been on a few) consisted of us lazying around by the pool, with the odd trip to the beach. I’m not quite at the ‘jumping in’, ‘diving’ stage of swimming but I do enjoy my time leisurely swimming up and down. This couldn’t have been more true on our recent trip to Bali (review coming soon, I promise!) where we had a huge adult only pool pretty much to ourselves each day. We swam so much during this holiday and I really enjoyed it! We had one dip in the sea as it was a beautiful beach and gorgeous blue sea but we definitely preferred to be by the pool!

Pool vs. Sea

I feel I have had a good amount of experience in both swimming pools and the sea. So I am going to ask myself a few vital questions:
1- Which is safer?

I would always say the pool. When people get carried away on their lilo’s in the sea you can drift out far, the pool you can’t. Life guards- it’s only in the past few years that Ibiza beach has had life guards on, most swimming pools always have them, and I think you could be saved quicker in the pool than the sea.
2- What tastes better?

I know you’re not supposed to drink the water in either, but sometimes it just goes down as soon as I open my mouth! (Or when I’m trying to learn to swim and breathe at the same time!) I wouldn’t recommend you try either so take it from me that the pool tastes better!
3- Is it too cold?

Now, this is highly dependent on what sea or pool you are in! It’s always nice to cool down after a few hot hours sunbathing, but no one wants to freeze! Sometimes swimming pools can be cold! We went to Cape Verde and the sea was much nicer to be in than the pool, because the pool was so cold! Likewise in Mauritius (yes I am beginning to boast about what countries we have been to, but they were all purely for research only purposes!) the pool was the perfect temperature!
4- Can I get stung in the pool?

The only reason Mr B will go in the sea is so he can look at all the fish and creatures in there, which is the exact reason why I would get out of the sea! Touch wood...I have never been bitten by anything in the sea, but I have stubbed my toe a few times around the pool! Research says that sea water has extra benefits to some skin conditions- I have eczema and the sea has never helped me out! (It’s still trying to teach me a lesson after the pedalo incident!)
5- Do I need to queue to get the in the sea?

Our most recent trip to Ibiza saw us spend most of our time on the beach (Mr B got really good at getting no sand on him!) and in the sea, because we did not want to queue to have to get in the pool! The hysteria over getting a sunbed next to the pool has gone crazy! And I definitely don’t like the pool that much to queue from 5am!
Having said this...the gold medal for towel dropping and reserving sunbeds by the pool in the Summer of 1999 goes to Jemma! She timed it perfectly to beat the Germans to ‘their’ beds that they had occupied for the past 8 mornings!
6- Can I stand up in it?

My most important question. I think I like the sea because I can stand up in it, I can choose my own depth to go to...apart from those pesky dips which appear out of nowhere and have me flapping around again! The pool is a more complex situation. Mr B has to go in first and test out the depths, he then needs to measure himself up against me so I know where the water will come to on me. He then needs to stand next to me as I slowly shimmy down into the pool until my feet hit the floor (whilst not trying to look silly by the coldness of the water, again this can lead to extreme flappyness in the water!) Then once I’ve figured the dips out, I’m fine!

7- Can I read my book?

The main reason for me entering the pool or the sea is to cool down as I have become so hot sunbathing/reading, but the issue being that I don’t want to put my book down! In the sea there’s a lot of sand and waves- not good for my pages! The pool has a nice ledge for me to lean against and continue to read. Even on a lilo in the sea- runs the risk of being pulled out by the tide and ending up stranded and alone! (Think castaway!)

The Winner

The only way that helps me to answer this question is to picture the perfect scenario for the pool and the sea:

Sea- White sandy beach, cushioned sun lounger, clear blue water, no sea creatures.

Pool- Large blue swimming pool, no people, cushioned sun lounger, perfect ‘Stacie’ depth.

If I could then only choose one of these for the rest of my life I would choose…the sea! In a perfect world I would always choose to be on the beach and be in the sea.
In reality- it would be the pool! As long as the pool has no other people around and I don’t need to practise for the 100m sprint to get a sunbed!

Although to be honest I will always be happy as long as I’m able to holiday! Anywhere!
(P.s Mr B if you’re reading this I don’t mean anywhere. I mean the Maldives)

Mr B says- “Pool

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    I think I prefer swimming in a clean sea - but the jury is still out - I spent my early childhood trying to drown in anything possible - a goldfish pond aged 2 or 3; a college lagoon a little older (complete with water lilies); Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico - even French Creek at camp . . . Finally learned how to swim when I was 17 - in an Olympic sized pool - the most important things to know are . . . How to get up from the bottom and how to tread water . . . I used to practice by being the 'victim' during 'LifeSaving classes' . . .
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