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published 02/02/2016 | Candyperfumegirl
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"Relief from colic"

Infacol Simeticone Drops

Infacol Simeticone Drops

When my son was around three weeks old he began suffering with a bout of colic, it would start each and every evening around six o'clock and he would just scream and scream drawing his knees up to his chest, until around 10 at night when it would suddenly cease. It was just awful seeing our little boy like this, knowing there was very little we could do. Having had a baby suffering from colic before I decided to pick up some Infacol to help relieve the symptoms a little.

What is colic?

Colic is a fairly common problem, occurring in 1-5 babies, usually effecting newborns, usually the problem disappears before the 6 month mark. It is not an serious medical condition but can be rather distressing for both parent and baby.

The NHS describes colic as being a baby that cries excessively but otherwise appears to be healthy. The crying will often follow a pattern, reoccurring at the same time each day - usually in the evenings. The NHS website has lots of tips on how to deal with a baby suffering from colic, if in doubt speak to your HV or GP.

What is Infacol?

Infacol is a oral suspension marketed by Forest laboratories, it is widely available to purchased in supermarkets and chemists, no prescription is required.

Infacol has been specifically formulated to relieve infant colic, griping pain and wind.

It contains the active ingredient simeticone (40mg/ml). It is sugar, alcohol and colourant free.

It is safe for newborns onwards.

What does it look like?

Infacol comes presented in a small white cardboard box, the front of which clearly shows the brand logo, product name and a picture of a sleeping newborn.

Plenty of information is given on the box including ingredients, dosage instructions, usage guide and generally colic information, all of which should be read thoroughly before use. The BBE is on the bottom of the box, mine expires on the 08/2017 so it has a good shelf life.

Inside the box is the bottle itself, the bottle is plastic and contains much of the same information as the box. On top there is a screw on lid when opened this reveals the attached dropper with which to administer the drops.

The infacol itself is white in colour, it has a rather gloopy consistency. It is a little thick but is loose enough to drip. It has a rather sweet smell, it is certainly not unpleasant.

How to use

The dropper has a 0.5ml capacity, it is easy to draw the infacol into the dropper by simply squeezing the rubbery bulb at the top. The dropper has a 0.5ml capacity so measuring out the required amount is incredibly easy and safe. Between one & two droppers can be given to baby (0.5ml-1ml). To administer you simply place the droppers tip to baby's mouth, squeeze the rubbery bulb and release.
Our experience

As usual my son began suffering from colic at around 6pm in the evening and so I decided to try him on the Infacol. I followed the instructions and dosage carefully, giving my son one full dropper (0.5ml). He seemed quite surprised by the taste and stopped crying for a couple of seconds as he experienced the liquid in his mouth, he did not seem to find it unpleasant but he was very interested. After a minute his usual crying resumed until around half an hour later when he let out an almighty burp, a couple more followed and then he really seemed to calm down. An hour later his crying had stopped completely and he had fallen asleep by himself in his cot. I was quite relieved by this as he would usually be up till at least 10pm crying and would only settle in my arms.

Administering the drops was really easy and fuss free, my son was happy to take the drops too.

I continued using the Infacol with similar results for around a month, at which point the colic disappeared itself and so there was no longer a reason to continue with it.

A 50ml bottle lasts approximately 100 doses, as mentioned earlier we used it for around a month, I have given my bottle a little shake and it certainly feels and sound like there is plenty left inside.
Final Thoughts

I was really pleased with how well the Infacol drops worked, I was surprised by how quickly it got to work and alleviated the colic symptoms in my son. I would recommend it to other parents with babies suffering with colic, but of course if in doubt a trip to the GP or a chat with your HV is advised.

Prices & availability

Infacol is really easy to find, it can be purchased in pretty much every supermarket and chemist plus on line too.

A quick look on line shows me a 50ml bottle has a RRP of around £2.99 but of course prices vary.

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  • snow_drops published 03/10/2016
    vh. I think i'll never forget the smell of Infacol from those newborn days!
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 29/03/2016
    It is so horrid when they have colic.
  • VampirePrincessLizzy published 29/02/2016
    Handy read :)
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