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published 13/05/2011 | Alyson29
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Pro Surveys are interesting and often interactive. Good rewards
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"Ipsos - One of my favourite survey sites"

Ipsos Access Panel

Ipsos Access Panel

If you read my review on One Poll you will be aware that I am a member of a few online survey sites with my favourites being One Poll, Valued Opinions, My Survey and Ipsos Access Panels. I initially joined Ipsos in January 2010 after learning about the site in a magazine when I was reading an extremely interesting article, which informed its’ readers of how to make small amounts of money online. My feelings about Ipsos have changed several times due to their frustrating actions and I initially wrote a review on Dooyoo in May 2010 when my experience at that time, was considerably negative. However, since my initial joining of Ipsos their site has undergone a much needed modernisation and as a result, my experience has considerably improved. What I like about online surveys is that I can choose to complete them if and when I want, as there are no limitations where I am compelled to complete a specific number in any given time period. Whilst I adore shopping much of my spare time is spent at home, as I provide support to my husband who has limited mobility, so the completion of surveys is what I class as my “escapism” as I love being asked my thoughts and opinions on various products and services. This review discusses my experience with Ipsos since my initial joining in January 2010. I would advise that whilst my Ipsos review initially appeared on Dooyoo, this has been totally re-written due to my change of opinion with the site.


Ipsos Access Panels belongs to a global company by the name of Ipsos Group and I had frequently noticed their name appearing underneath short surveys in magazines where I would read something like “we surveyed 100 women and asked them what was the first thing they noticed when they looked at the opposite sex?” I was amazed to see that this company is so huge, as they gather information from over six million surveys, which are carried out in more than 100 countries worldwide. Whilst I was aware that they are a global company, I have to say that I raised an eyebrow when I realised how global they actually are. Their role is to obtain information from a huge range of consumers and in return they are able to improve the products and services that we regularly use on a day-to-day basis. When I first learned of online survey companies I joined up to each and every one that I could find; many of which I realised paid little or nothing in return for my valuable time, so my accounts with them were subsequently closed. Whilst my experience with Ipsos has been up and down I can honestly say that I have always received my money and my review will hopefully give you a flavour of what you can expect if you join the site.


It is very difficult for me to remember the joining process, particularly as it was a year and a half ago, so I’ve taken a quick look at the Dooyoo review that I posted in May 2010, which detailed the process prior to the site receiving its’ modernisation. I had advised that I was required to enter a few personal details about myself, such as my email address, which is obviously compulsory in order for the site to send survey invites, name, date of birth, sex and as far as I can recall I had to advise of my interests, but this may well have now changed. However, this is the part that I found extremely strange and something that considerably differs from other survey sites and that is I had to list every member of my household, which was solely my husband. They requested his date of birth and I presumed this was just for information purposes and that my surveys would be targeted to me as someone being in a relationship, but I was very, very wrong. Many of the surveys I have received are addressed to my husband, which makes me somewhat frustrated, particularly as they are about products that I regularly use. This is a real negative with Ipsos as far as I am concerned as if my husband wished to join in his own right he would not be permitted, as there can only be one account holder per household. I feel this is rather strange, particularly in houses with multiple occupation as the occupants may not even be related. My husband’s surveys are sent to my email inbox in exactly the same way as mine, but in large capital letters we are informed that nobody else can complete the survey other than him! Survey invites seem to be like buses, as one week I may receive half a dozen and the next few weeks will remain extremely quiet. I apologise if there are any bus drivers reading this review! In my experience with the site I find that the email invites are very slow coming through, as the survey may well have been sitting in my Ipsos account for several hours prior, so I regularly check my account rather than wait for the email invites. The website is considerably modern and fairly eye-catching and a huge bonus is that in my experience it has never been slow in updating the pages unlike some othr sites I am with, such as One Poll.


The survey rewards are always made clear from the offset, so you can decide if you wish to proceed. Whilst some survey sites pay in £’s Ipsos pays in points, so I will firstly explain the payout thresholds before advising you of the points that you can expect to receive when completing a survey. When I first joined Ipsos the minimum payout threshold was 750 points, which would allow me to request a £5 gift voucher for stores such as Argos, John Lewis, Boots and Amazon. Unfortunately, I'm only able to comment on my experience with receiving vouchers from Amazon, as I have never opted for any other stores. However, unlike other sites it was more cost effective to wait until I had accumulated enough points for a £10 voucher, which required 1,380 points. For some reason Ipsos has now done away with the £5 vouchers and the minimum payout threshold is now 1,380 points for a £10 voucher, which sounds rather a lot, but is fairly easy to achieve. I keep a record book of all the survey sites I am with as it is interesting to read back and see how much money I have earned from the sites and how long it took me to get there. My figures show that on 12 June 2010 I applied for a £5 voucher and I applied for a further one on 14 July 2010 and again on 24 July 2010. I’ve always requested Amazon vouchers, which are emailed to my inbox where I simply copy and paste the code into my Amazon account and these would previously be received within two weeks of my request. However, this is now a real negative as far as I am concerned, as over the past six months or so Ipsos seem to take as long as they possibly can to send the vouchers, which I find extremely frustrating. I discovered that they state to allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of the voucher as opposed to the previous 2, but I would argue with this claim, as it is far from correct and I am often waiting up to 6 or 7 weeks. Each time I email their customer services I receive a fairly standard email, which I do not find particularly friendly, informing me that they have run low on stocks. This has happened to me on the last six occasions and waiting for payments is the site’s biggest downfall and their administration office really needs to address this issue. My account is extremely easy to navigate where I am able to see each survey I have completed, which has a unique reference number by the side. Whilst the appropriate number of points normally credit my account instantly I would strongly recommend you keep a record of the survey number, as on the rare occasion, the points do not credit and I have found myself in many email debates with their customer services in a bid to receive my rewards. I am able to see my full account details and when I initially request a payment it shows as “requested”. Some time afterwards this changes to “Submitted Step 1”, then “Submitted Step 2” and as I requested a payment on 5 May 2011 my account has been showing the step 2 status for the past 7 days, so I am hoping to receive my £10 Amazon voucher any day.


Since Ipsos updated their website a good few months ago I have noticed that the survey rewards seem much more generous where I can expect to receive anything between 150 – 400 points per survey. I have copied and pasted below a snapshot of my account, which shows the activity within the last couple of months. You will notice that on 12 May 2011 I received only 5 points for a survey and this was because I was screened out, which in my experience is a very rare occurrence. On the 10 May 2011 I received 250 points for Day 1 of a survey, which I really enjoyed completing, as it was interactive. I was initially asked to participate in a prize drawer where I would receive £50 worth of household products, so I had to choose various items from supermarket shelves and place them in my shopping basket. Whilst this was fun I would advise that I have probably participated in at least a dozen similar surveys and I cannot state that I have ever won a prize. The survey then asked me to choose one film from a choice of four where I would soon be shown a trailer. I had to click on a television screen to watch a series of adverts, so it is important that I paid full attention as I was asked a few questions afterwards. I then had to click on a computer monitor and watch some online advertising. Whilst the survey probably took me in the region of 30 minutes to complete I found it really entertaining and it captured my attention throughout. I was then advised that I would be invited to complete Day 2, which would reward me with an additional 150 points, but for some reason I was screened out half way through and only received 50 points, as the snapshot below shows.

12/05/2011 Survey 1101514201009 (Complete) 5 Points
11/05/2011 Survey 1102070101001 (Complete) 50 Points
10/05/2011 Survey 1101284201001 (Complete - Day 1) 250 Points
06/05/2011 Survey 1101503101002 (Complete) 400 Points
05/05/2011 Survey 1005370602003 (Complete) 175 Points
28/04/2011 Survey 1101786201003 (Complete) 150 Points
27/04/2011 Survey 1101879801001 (Complete) 100 Points
22/04/2011 Survey 1100632501001 (Complete) 100 Points
19/04/2011 Survey 1100186201003 (Complete) 10 Points
01/04/2011 Survey 1101526701003 (Complete) 5 Points

The language and graphics used in the surveys are first class and I cannot state that I have never noticed any spelling mistakes, which seems to be a common occurrence for many sites. My biggest frustration with Ipsos occurred last month where I was invited to take part in answering questions about a television programme, which was in the early stages of being developed. I was advised that I would receive a 30 minute DVD that I needed to watch on a specific day to enable me the answer the survey questions, which would be sent to me the following day. I jumped at the idea, as it seemed quite exciting to take part in the development of a new programme, so the DVD arrived some 5 days later and I popped it into my player and began to watch. I almost fell asleep, as it was the most boring television I have watched since the BBC test card, but I continued as I was looking forward to answering the survey questions. As promised, the survey arrived in my inbox the following day, but when I clicked on the start button I was advised that the survey had closed due to sufficient responses! I couldn’t quite believe it, so I sent Ipsos a rather abrupt email and was basically advised that it was unfortunate for me! As a consequence, I received absolutely no payment and I now have the memories of half an hour of sheer rubbish, which I do not believe will ever hit our TV screens! Ipsos operate a rather generous loyalty points programme, which are rewarded depending on your participation on the site. For example, I have received quite large bonuses, such as 5 completed surveys earned me 25 points, 50 surveys 150 points and more recently I received 400 bonus points. This was a huge boost to my account, particularly as Ipsos considered my participation from the very beginning, so I did quite well out of the bonuses. The points are credited quarterly, but it is advisable to keep a check on this, as Ipsos are not very good at crediting the points and regularly need prompting. The subjects of the surveys I have received are quite varied and I have answered questions on pet food, cars, washing products, alcohol and finances. Whilst these surveys are few and far between I have in the past, been invited to participate in product trials with the most interesting being Aerial Stain Removers where I was sent 3 different full sized products totalling around £12. The bonus with product trials is that as well as being able to keep the products I also get paid for using them. I have had a quick look at my account history and would advise that since joining the site in January 2010 I have completed well over 200 surveys and in total I have earned £140, which isn’t too bad. In addition to this I have participated in 5 product trials. Whilst the site isn’t the best out there, the surveys are easy to complete and are quite enjoyable. I frequently receive surveys from Ipsos where no payment is offered and I am simply advised that I will be entered into a prize drawer. Whilst I used to regularly complete the surveys, which generally take around 10 - 15 minutes I now ignore them, particularly as I've never received any prizes. As with all of the survey sites, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but every little helps and I love the feeling when I see an Amazon voucher in my inbox.


Yes, most definitely, as the surveys are fun, easy to do and the rewards are fairly good. My only grumble is the long wait for payment and for that reason alone I feel the need to deduct a star. I have emailed Ipsos on numerous occasions and advised them that their site would be one of the best if they sorted out their slow payment system rather than continually running out of Amazon vouchers, but they clearly prefer to do it their way! Whilst this isn’t a huge grumble, particularly as I always receive my money in the end, their customer services isn’t the best, as their emails are never personalised and always seem to read as if they’ve been sent by a robot!

I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

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  • chrisandmark_is_here published 13/09/2011
    I love Ipsos, for the past few years have always managed to cash out for a nice amount of vouchers at Christmas - have had lots of nappy trials off them since having my son too so that's saved a good few quid! x
  • daisyleex published 01/09/2011
    Very informative review. E xx
  • mrufo published 08/08/2011
    E. Absolutely thorough review. You should try to become Prime Minister!...Paul xxx
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