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Is Parliament still sovereign?

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... Ultimately though, with devolved powers passed to both institutions meant less sovereignty being held at Westminster and power being spread amongst the British Isles. However, on the other hand, it can be argued that although the UK Parliament has devolved powers to both the Scottish Parliament/Welsh ... Read review

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Parliament is not sovereign!

Advantageschecks and balances between institutions in power

Disadvantagespower is diluted between institutions, no clear sovereign institution at the moment

"...may be argued that Britain is no longer ruled by the British parliament and that Parliament no longer has ‘ultimate power’ over legislation. Sovereignty of the British parliament has been dispersed within the past century, mostly the latter half. Within this period, parliament has placed power in other institutions such as European Union, the devolved Scottish Parliament/Welsh Assembly. With this question, it may also include certain political units, ..." Read review

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