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Beauty IS the beast!


Beauty is on the inside !

We still judge people by the way the loook !

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Beauty is pain, or is it? Many people believe beauty to be someone with extremely good looks, but true beauty does not consist of what is on the outside, it's what's on the inside.

Picking up a typical magazine nowadays and flicking through the pages, you will see that every picture consists of someone with long, sleek hair that's had every strand stamped into place with hot steam irons, has gorgeously applied make-up, the most expensive of course, and has a body squeezed into the tightest jeans around. But is this all real beauty is? I believe that even the most hideous person around can be beautiful. Sounds strange I know, referring to someone as both ugly and beautiful but by saying their beautiful - I am referring to their personality. I'm not trying to say that attractive people have bad personalities; I'm just saying that in order to find that one person you connect with, you must look beyond the flesh and bones and into their inner beauty.

One of Disney's classic movies, Beauty and the Beast, was loved by all. This movie will remain one of the most popular for young children to watch whilst growing up, but did we ever see the true meaning of the film? The message that said, true beauty is on the inside. I mean we watch it, enjoy it, possibly have a little sob to ourselves at the happy ending and then shove it back in the cupboard and forget about it almost instantly. We fail to see what the film showed us. How we don't have to look good in order to be good and how we don't need to be in perfect shape, in order to be loved. If the movie was remade today, who knows how much of a joke it would be? The beast would no longer be a Beast, but a naturally conditioned beast with a coconut scent. With its hair professionally cut and styled, nails trimmed by the perfect nail technician and clothes, not just any clothes, but expertly chosen clothes to fit the Beast's busty waistline. And to finish off, a sapphire blue Chanel ribbon placed perfectly on the side of the Beast's head - terrifying! It just shows that our society is obsessed with fashion and how people just can't accept others for who they are - unattractive or not. Beauty and the Beast shows us the true meaning of beauty and its message will continue to fail for many years to come.

To some people, being good-looking and athletic is their life and in some cases, their career. Models, footballers, actors and actresses the list goes on and most of these, especially models, depend on their image. It's amazing to see the sort of lengths people go to in order to achieve a good image. Plastic surgery has increased dramatically in the past decade as more and more people are undergoing body reshaping. The majority of these tend to be female and the most popular surgery is breast implants, or commonly known as a 'boob-job.' It's the norm these days. A while ago it wouldn't be accepted and people would look down on you for violating your body like that but it's all different now. I know people, some close to me, who have had plastic surgery and loved it. It's true, the benefits from getting it are fantastic but we shouldn't have to pay so much just to look good - when yet again - real beauty is on the inside!

So why can't we just see past the deep blue eyes and sleek, freshly combed hair? I blame advertisements. Television these days are full of adverts trying to get you to use their products to achieve healthier looking skin or pills to help you lose weight within two weeks. Yes! Two weeks - I mean wow! Until you buy them, they don't work and that's twenty five pounds down the drain and all you're left with is extreme constipation for the next few days. But we never learn. We go straight back to the shops the next day looking for alternatives. I'm not going to lie, I probably fall into this category myself and I'm sure I'm not the only one in my school who worries 24/7 about the way they look. "Is my hair ok?" The amount of times I've heard this in my four years or so at school is overwhelming. If it wasn't for all the advertisements and pressures from others around you, we wouldn't be nearly as obsessed as we are today.

Bullies play a significant part in the way many teenagers look these days. Entering a typical high school, you will find those who dress darkly and wear Marilyn Manson style make-up. These people call themselves Goths. Although we don't have many in our school, they still exist throughout many schools around the world. People who are Goths tend to have been bullied at one stage of their lives, resulting in them wanting to be different. Other people are those who are punks, moshers, skaters who wear baggy clothes and, well, skater gear. Their hair is usually long if it's a guy and short if it's a girl. Whereas the opposition, Neds and Chavs, wear designer clothes and walk with a swagger. But why do we all hide behind these names? What category would I fall into? I like pop music, some dance, some punk and even some gothic songs and I also wear quite fashionable clothes. Therefore some people class me as a Ned due to the fact that I wear a Burberry coat - the Ned style coat.

I class myself as me, an individual. I either like something or I don't end of. But to others, the way you dress tells them what you are - not who you are. People with a different, unique sort of fashion tend to get a lot of attention - mostly negative. Coming to school with pink fishnet tights, stripy red and black skirt and a corset that nearly suffocates you is a recipe for disaster. They then get name called, things thrown at them - and they hide. Hide behind their thick dark make-up, pretending that it doesn't bother them. But it does. They are then stuck. They don't know what to do. If they come back to school the following day looking 'normal' (if that word can even be defined) then they feel they have gave in to the bullies, giving them what they want. But if they keep looking the way they do - their life is going to stay hell. Fashion screws up their life, so why do we keep doing it? Making ourselves look ok by either following everyone's style or by being different. There's no right answer, except that we should not befriend those with good fashion sense or dislike someone for the way they look.

My point has been made. Look beyond the skin, into the soul. If what you see in there is bad, then fair enough but at least you then know, instead of turning to face the other way after just receiving a fright from their appearance. Always remember Beauty and the Beast, the Beast was hideous - with a loving heart.

Thanks for reading people!

Gareth xx
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giantpanda21 07.04.2006 17:47

I think that beauty is skin deep it doen't matter what people look like on the outside it's what's inside that counts. An excellent review Sarah x : )

shewhosings 17.08.2005 19:48

If only more young people thought along the same lines as you do! Society is falling into a pit of obsession with appearance and its quite sickening. Fantastic review Gareth. Jules x

whoopidoo 09.08.2005 01:59

Doesn't end when you walk out those school gates I'm afraid. I was bullied mercilessly because my Mum just couldn't afford designer clothes. To spare her feelings we used to assure her we were happy and we never let on how bullied we were. However it instilled in us an appreciation for things when we did get them and I now am so glad I am not and never have been a clone. As someone below has mentioned it all comes with confidence which itself only comes with life experience. An excellent review on something I feel very strongly about - I feel younger now at 28 than I did when I was at school and am so much happier in myself. One of my daughters is very looks/materialistic orientated and it so infuriates me - everything she does is to please other people. I beg her to make her own decisions - we have such rows over it but she is so afraid people will hate her and she is only 8! What a world we live in. Cam x

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