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Is legal media downloading the way of the future?

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... Is there any point in paying for a device when I can read anyway without it? Then there’s the cost of the e-books themselves. I love to get a good deal. I can go on eBay or even walk into a bookshop and find a book for less than £1 or one that is half price. With an e-book you may get ... Read review

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Downloading, please wait Review with images

AdvantagesMedia is available to everyone with just the click of button

DisadvantagesLeads to illegal downloading and hacking, costs more and requires more knowledge of technology

"...or even on our phones. Media is pretty much my life; video games, films, music, books, technology, and computers. I use computers and technology all the time and keep track of the latest technology and media. So you may be thinking that I get all the latest technology and love the new ideas, such as touch screens or downloading media. But you’d be wrong. It’s always great to see what they can do with technology and it’s great to have different options ..." Read review

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Community Level 3NegativeG


Downloading Music. Has so many positives and negatives.

AdvantagesInstant access to music.

DisadvantagesProblems, even with legal downloads.

"...on music downloading since that is my experience though I am sure other media formats such as movies will have the same issues. Music downloading is becoming big business. From the early days of Napster which helped popularise the downloading age, more and more music is being downloaded. There are of course two types of downloading. Illegal and legal. Many people confuse the two since some downloading sites state that they are doing nothing wrong, ..." Read review

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The Genie is out of the Bottle Review with images

AdvantagesAvoids the clutter of piles of CDs, DVDs etc, legal is more reliable

DisadvantagesExpensive, no come back if you haven't backed up in the event of a hard drive failure

"...2011 and the CD single is all but dead and the secondary market in CDs offers such poor returns that the second hand music shop is an endangered species, as is, worryingly, the record shop in general. This is due to the growth in downloads - both legal and illegal. ==Why Stay Legal?== The main reason I switched to legal download was the fact my daughter was starting to show a great interest in music and as a pretty seasoned user of Limewire, I was ..." Read review

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Pirates of the Carribean is the most pirated film in the U.K? Review with images

AdvantagesTechnology rising to the challenge

DisadvantagesTheft is huge

"...of all music downloaded online is stolen, simple as, the internet killing the music industry stone dead. The 10% that is purchased is mostly the popular songs, the day of the album track as equally scarce as music sales collapse. Or so it looks. The music industry is claiming that because everyone can choose to buy online they have bigger sales reach and so can afford to off set the huge theft. If an albums total sale was one million copies worldwide ..." Read review

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Legally and Illegally, yes.

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...I mean, who doesn't? Downloading is definitley becoming more and more popular and it wouldn't surprise me if CD's and DVD's are scrapped and people just download online. I mean , what would you rather do - drive/walk to a shop, search for your favorite cd/dvd, buy it, get home find somewhere to store the thing, and then be constantly getting it out and putting it back in the case? OR , going online, choose from thousands of websites to purchase your ..." Read review

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