Is global warming an urgent danger?

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Is global warming an urgent danger?

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published 24/11/2008 | Sidekick15
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"Global warming-what is it and the cosequences"

Global Waming is one of the most common topics that the public have been talking about nowadays. Actually,global warming simply means,in my opinion,is called warming of the Earth. Actually, global warming have occured even before the Industrial Revolution, at the rate of 5 degrees celcius per 100 000 century. However,nowadays,the warming of the Earth had been increased to 5 degrees celcius per century(from 1905 to 2005). This can prove disastrous if we do not do anything immediately.

Global warming is simply caused by man-made greenhouse gases,even though some natural green house gases(like CO2,carbon dioxide) can affect this.According to my research, this natural greenhouse gases are the ones that probably warmed the Earth some thousand years ago(and it still does now).Other greenhouse gases include,methane,water vapour and the ozone.

More detailed stuff of the warming is still under research now.Anyway,here are some effects of global warming.....
-Sea Rises:As Earth starts to heat up,the ice caps in the artic and Antartic will melt.When they melt,they will become water and the water around them(thats the ocean) will rise. If you do not understand what I mean, place a ice cube in a measuring beaker.Place them in the hot sun and let them melt. Once that happens,quickly check the volume in the measuring beaker.It will definitely rise.

This simply could mean. Flooding of low lying areas like Tokyo,San Francisco,London,Singapore andmany more. The traditions of the people there wil be wipe out.Also,if there are crops near the coasttal areas,this could cause a famine as crops will be drowned by the sea water.Floods would happen.

-Temperature rises: Simply mean that the temperature will rise.This will cause large amounts of land to be dry. The area near the Artic will experience worse off temperature rises.Dry eason will be high around there. Even though areas near the Equator will experience least temperature changes(1 to 2 degrees celcius), a small change in temperature could mean everything.

-Drastic climate changes: This means, there will be more dry season around,more deserts and lesser farming area.This can cause world famine and world drought. This is going to be tough,especially for the people who live nea Artic.They are not used to major heat changes in my opinion.

IS there ANYTHING we can do to stop this?Well we cannot definitely stop the Earth from heating the least we can stop the rate.

As normal citizens we definitely cannot build large sea walls to prevent coastal rising or more complicated stuff.However,we can do some changes in our lifestyle like conserving our energy,recycle or plant more plants. We can do more by having lesser energy eating light bulbs,computers and many other appliances.


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