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... Isle of Dogs marks the third of the newer novels and frankly its by far the worst book I have read in many a year. I have no clue what Cornwell thinks she is doing by releasing these novels, but she certainly isnít doing herself many favours. it is almost as if she is playing a game with ... Read review
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Isle Of Dogs - Patricia Cornwell

Isle Of Dogs - Patricia Cornwell

Following the bestselling success of HORNET'S NEST and SOUTHERN CROSS, this is another ... more

irreverent portrait of politically driven law
enforcement run amok.

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Isle Of Dogs: V. 3 By Patricia Cornwell (paperback, 2002)

Isle Of Dogs: V. 3 By Patricia Cornwell (paperback, 2002)

ean 9780751531886 title isle of dogs sku st 075153188 x product category books comics ... more

magazines about speedy hen ltd by continuing with
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accepting our current terms and conditions details
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biography patricia cornwell divides her time
between richmond virginia and new york she has won
numerous awards for her ground breaking dr kay
scarpetta series she has helped to establish the
virginia institute of fo

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Isle of Dogs [3 CDs: Abridged] - Patricia Cornwell

Isle of Dogs [3 CDs: Abridged] - Patricia Cornwell

Be aware: this is not your typical Cornwell novel. Not only is there no Kay Scarpetta, but ... more

Isle of Dogs is a comic romp, a real departure for
this author. It centres around a couple of
characters from past books--police chief Judy
Hammer and reporter-turned-cop Andy Brazil of
Hornet's Nest and Southern Cross--but the plot,
style and tone will remind you more of Carl
Hiaasen's dark comedies.The madcap doings get
underway when the addled, nearly blind governor of
Virginia confusedly launches a speed-trap program
on isolated Tangier Island, whose prickly,
eccentric residents promptly attempt secession.
Cornwell adeptly interweaves other crisscrossing
plot lines involving a gang of street-stupid thugs
gunning for Hammer and Brazil, an angel-faced
serial killer, a kidnapped dog and more. She does
miss a few beats: the pacing sags during certain
episodes, and at times the writing strains so hard
for laughs that instead it draws winces.
Nonetheless, Isle of Dogs is for the most part a
funny, diverting read and a refreshing departure
for Cornwell. --Nicholas H Allison, Amazon.com

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Community Level 7wampyrii


Gone To The Dogs


DisadvantagesPatricia Cornwell has lost her marbles

"...that was nothing compared to Isle Of Dogs, the third in this abysmal series... The plot...ermmm yes the plot. Where to begin...or do I really have to? No forget it, Iím not going to. In a nutshell you have Hammer and Brazil trying to clear up town again whilst the decision to put speed humps all over that town has infuriated residents so much that an island tries to gain indepence from the rest of America through kidnapping a dentist and some ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 5Pelenya


Is This Really Patricia Cornwell's Work

AdvantagesDr.Kay Scarpetta appears in it a couple of times

DisadvantagesHard to follow and thoroughly boring

"Having been a long-time fan of Patricia Cornwellís crime/suspense novels, I was happily surprised when I received her latest book, ďIsle of Dogs,Ē from my mom at Christmas. I hadnít read anything by Cornwell in a while, so I was quite eager to get down to business and sink my teeth into my new prized possession. Thinking it was another book involving Virginia Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, I was most disappointed to find that only vague ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 2MsMuminah


Isle of Humour and Dogs

AdvantagesA humorously different side of Cornwell

Disadvantagesno sequel

"I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book. This was the only novel of Patricia Cornwell that had enough humour in it to make me laugh out loud. There still was intrigue -about ten plots twisting and turning into one long saga. There still was a decadent mystery to be figured out. Ofcourse there were still gory murders to be sorted and explored by a doctor well versed in the arts of forensic science. What was different was the type of characters ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful


Advantagescornwell's lighthearted writing style

Disadvantagescomplete contrast to the scarpetta novels

"...get into the characters in Isle of Dogs. The writing style is almost tongue in cheek, and is far more lighthearted than the sometimes dark tone of her previous novels. The characters are quirky and some are a little bit vacuous, however, this leads charm to the story, as you don't know whether to love them or hate them! Nonetheless, I did enjoy this particular book,but be warned, if Scarpetta floats your boat and you are expecting the same kind ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Community Level 1mkim


Prepare to be disappointed

AdvantagesA well-known author

DisadvantagesHuge disappointment if familiar with her other novels

"...a little island - The Isle of Dogs. The plot in this novel is somewhat unclear and when reading it, you get the feeling that it is not the same Patricia Cornwell that you are used to from "Hornet's Nest" and the Kay Scarpetta novels. "The Isle of Dogs" is greatly spoiled by the introduction of talking trouts and crabs which makes the credibility of the novel crash to the ground. ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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New Superintendent of the Virginia State Police, Judy Hammer is at her wits' end trying to protect the public from the politicians and vice versa. Amid the mayhem, an island off the coast declares UDI - claiming its independence lies with its first settlers - from London's Isle of Dogs.

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Author Patricia Cornwell
Title Isle Of Dogs
Genre Crime
Type Fiction
ISBN 0316858595; 0316858609; 075153188X


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I don't think I've ever read a darker book - it's actively disturbing. (*)
Good plot, plenty twists and turns.
The main character a little irritating and unbelievable at times. (*)
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Quite long, if you're not used to reading long books (*)
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Focussed a little too much on Cross's family life. (*)
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