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It's Not What You Think - Chris Evans

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This book is a wonderful insight into one of today's most well known celebrities. I've always admired Christopher Evans. Admittedly back in the day some considered him a big headed loud mouth, but hey, there's no denying that even then this man had talent and lots of it! For those unfamiliar ... Read review
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it's Not What You Say - Commercials

it's Not What You Say - Commercials

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It's Not What You Say It's How - Mac Dre

It's Not What You Say It's How - Mac Dre

Release Date: 2001-11-13, Audio CD, Thizz

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Community Level 4jinxyjo


It certainly wasn't what I thought!

AdvantagesSo much more to tell

DisadvantagesGot to wait for the next book

"...pick up a copy if it's half as interesting and inspiring as the first. Well done Mr E. Conclusion An inspiring, wonderfully written, funny, honest look into the life of the one and only Chris Evans. Well worth a read even if you aren't a big fan. ..." Read review

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Probably wasn't what I thought!

AdvantagesHonest, open, easy reading, funny.

DisadvantagesNone really unless you don't like the author, in which case you wouldn't read it.

"...plenty of humour too. It's easy reading - very good beside the pool or on the beach too! I now look forward to reading Chris Evans' next instalment as soon as it's out in paperback. ..." Read review

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The story of how one council estate lad made good, really very good, and survived -- just about -- to tell the tale! 'I see this book as an account of boy who climbed a glorious mountain and then dug himself a huge black valley for no good reason other than he didn't know what else to do.' Chris Evans Chris Evans' extraordinary career has seen him become one of this country's most successful broadcasters and producers. From his early years on Manchester's Piccadilly radio to Don't Forget Your Toothbrush, The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday for Channel 4, Chris changed the TV landscape during the '90s and on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast show and as owner of Virgin Radio, ushered in the age of the celebrity DJ. His relentless pursuit of success and subversive style were his trademarks. But then 'the Chris Evans show' and Chris Evans' life became frighteningly blurred at the edges. The more outlandish the antics whether on or off screen or air, the better, for a while at least. The celebrity girlfriends, nights out drinking. Rolling into work late with 7m listeners waiting. For someone who took such pride in his work, what had happened? The country loved him so why wasn't he happy? Chris Evans' autobiography is a funny and frank story of how a boy from a Warrington council estate who started work at 13 and held down 20 different jobs by the time he left school; became the most widely acclaimed broadcaster of his generation. From the early death of his father that literally set him to work, to his meteoric rise in TV and radio, he will talk openly about the highs and lows of his, at times, turbulent career and how his drive to succeed impacted his personal life. This will be a fascinating and surprising life story from one of Britain's brightest and boldest personalities. About the AuthorChris Evans began his broadcasting careeer at Manchester Piccadilly radio, going on to become a household name in TV and radio. With his production company Ginger, he launched and presented the hugely successful Channel 4 shows The Big Breakfast, Don't Forget Your Toothbrush and TFI Friday. In 1995 Chris joined Radio 1 hosting the flagship breakfast show, attracting 7.5m listeners. After his controversial departure he then joined Virgin Radio's breakfast show, eventually acquiring the station from Richard Branson for GBP87m. He went on to sell the Ginger Media Group (including Virgin Radio) in 2000 for GBP225m. In 2005 Chris joined Radio 2, eventually replacing Johnnie Walker as host of Drive-time.The show attracts 5.5m listeners daily with Chris winning two Sony Awards in 2009.

Product details

EAN 9780007327218
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Biography
Title It's Not What You Think
Author Chris Evans
Release Date 10-02-13
ISBN 7327218


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