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Review of "Italia Saporito, Poznan"

published 07/06/2017 | RICHADA
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The street frontage, self-contained from the rest of the building which is the Wlostki Hotel.

The street frontage, self-contained from the rest of the building which is the Wlostki Hotel.


Another review from our very recent visit to Poznan, western Poland. With this area of Poland having been subject to many border and therefore nationality changes over the years, the city has a not unexpectedly international flavour, although, as it was to turn out, in culinary terms, Italian food appeared to predominate here.


......When actually there in Poznan it all seemed quite simple, after sixteen years visiting the country I am acclimatised to Poland and Polish names of restaurants and suchlike, and am now even able to make a passable stab at pronouncing them. Here however we have a third language – Italian – coming into play, and, as I carried out a little internet research into this establishment, I became more confused as in places it is simply referred to as “Restauracja Italia” – Italy Restaurant, in others, and indeed on the door from the street leading into the restaurant the word “Saporito” is added which you could translate as Flavour of Italy Restaurant, or even Tasty Italy Restaurant!

So, I guess this review sets out to analyse just how tasty an Italian restaurant this is!


To be 100% honest, after arriving at the Hotel Wloski (that’s Polish for Italian – confused? - I am becoming increasingly so!) in Poznan at 3.00 on Saturday afternoon, having been on the road since midnight, our first priority was getting something to eat and drink and with as little fuss and decision making as possible.

Restauracja Italia was simply too conveniently located to pass up.

On checking into the, as it was to turn out, excellent Wloski Hotel, the receptionist had made a point of explaining that the restaurant and bar on the ground floor, facing reception through a corridor, was not managed by the hotel and that any bills incurred there could not be added to the room bill.

A slightly odd arrangement that, as it was in this very room that we were to enjoy fabulous breakfasts over the coming four mornings, served sometimes by the same staff, but lunch and dinner were provided by a different, franchised, management team.


Located on the ground floor of the Hotel Wloski, with a separate street entrance, but not one from the car park, for us as hotel guests this could not have been more convenient.

For those either staying or resident elsewhere in Poznan, this remains an easily accessible restaurant at the city end of Dolna Wilda opposite the large, tented, open market – Targowska – complex. It is a less than five minute walk from the Stary Browar shopping and entertainment centre, a fifteen minute stroll from the historic Stary Rynek (Market Square) which forms the very centre of historic Poznan.

Poznan is a largely flat city, not a difficult one to orientate either. The approaches to the restaurant, both off of the wide pavement outside, or via the hotel from the car park are entirely flat and would be well suited to wheel chair users. There is a raised section in the restaurant, but the majority of tables are served at ground floor level, the excellent, clean, toilets being located off the corridor through to the hotel reception.


If located here in the UK many, of my acquaintance, would take two steps into the Restauracja Italia and walk out again, dismissing it at a stroke as being “too posh” or “too expensive looking” for a non (very) special occasion meal.

This however is Poland, and even here in Poznan, expensive by Polish standards, its location away from the very centre of the city – particularly the Old Town - means that prices are not as high as the internal surroundings would lead you to expect.

This is a very large, bright and airy hotel dining room, functioning as a restaurant. Large floor to high ceiling windows front and back are supplemented by defused lighting and candles. This busy restaurant, popular with local residents, for the four days that we were there it was always busy – so much so that on the Sunday the restaurant staff themselves suggested we “eat out”, a mistake on their part as we discovered the superb Restauracja Ratuszova and didn’t look back......

.....back to the review in hand and first impressions here were enhanced by being sat at the bar and a complimentary fruit cocktail served to us whilst a table was prepared near to the front window.

One could only admire the superbly well stocked bar, far above and beyond the choice offered by most hotels or restaurants that we have frequented. Casting our eyes around the room, the decor was light, the main focal point being a large ceiling mural, we agreed that eating here, especially had we been less tired, would certainly have been more of an “occasion” than we are used to.

Judging from the size of the tables, Restauracja Italia is certainly set up to cater for group celebrations, the smallest of tables here would seat eight, six with room to spare. Mrs R and I felt a tad lost, the table being so big that we could barely reach across it, I don’t add salt to my food, but would have felt the need to call a waitress over to pass it to me should it have been on the wrong side of the huge, circular, table.

THE MENU: 13 / 15

There is such a thing as too much choice, and Restauracja Italia proved it.

Being tired, and in need of food, did not help the decision making progress here, but the menu was as long as an abbreviated version of War and Peace. Sub menus, seasonal menus (it was asparagus season), soup menu, hot starter menu, cold starter menu, salad menu, fish menu, meat menu, chicken menu, pizza menu, pasta menu......

.......I never got to the end of it, even having dismissed the pizza menu altogether, it just went on far longer than I ever could, and that comes from someone known to be wordy and for writing long reviews!

From the undoubtedly impressive wine menu we simply selected a non-sparkling water!

THE PRICES: 7 / 15

All in all, taking into account the vast menu choice, quality of the service and surroundings, the pricing of the dishes, at first sight, appeared to offer sound value for money, whilst being far from cheap – but then as we were yet to discover, Poznan is an expensive, by Polish standards, city.

For both the full menu choices and pricing I am going to link you to:

the whole thing being far too voluminous to attempt to price up here – your easiest currency conversion will be 5PLN = £1.

You will need to read the “food” section to understand my scoring here – a score which has actually had me scratching my head more than any other I can remember in one of my comparative, scored, reviews.

THE SERVICE: 15 / 15

Immaculate is the only word for the service.

The best we have experienced anywhere in Poland undoubtedly. The young, friendly and enthusiastic staff have obviously had a well above average degree of training, not only do they make the tables look beautiful, but they serve in white cotton gloves too, every aspect of the service was faultless here.

THE DRINKS: 10 / 10

As served, our fruit juices, bottled water and later tea and coffee were all first class and served at the correct temperature and exactly as requested.

THE FOOD: 11 / 15

Those who regularly read my restaurant reviews will be aware that it is very rare that portion sizes warrant a mention. This is mostly due to Mrs R and I valuing quality over quantity, but there is a point at which diminishing returns set in, and in the case of the main courses at Restauracja Italia “nouvelle cuisine” is the term coming to mind, not a brickbat that I have ever found myself previously delivering on any Polish meal!

A complimentary pre-starter of four tiny slices of warm French bread is served with two delicious butters (one containing herbs), quickly and gratefully consumed, our actual starters were soon in front of us.

My choice was Carpaccio of beef, our favoured steak tartare not being offered here. Unlike my main course of pork medallions, this was a generous enough portion of meat, very prettily arranged on the plate – not the easiest of tasks with cured raw meat in my experience. Decorating the dish were two and a half baby plumb tomatoes, the same number of tiny olives and a wedge of lemon.

Mrs R had chosen a tomato and mozzarella salad starter and that is exactly what she got, alternative slices of tomato and cheese rather prettily flanked by a modest sprinkling of spring greens on an oblong plate.

Whilst the ingredients were all of an undoubtedly high standard, and very well presented on the plate, I was starting to think that these dishes were very simple and lacking in accompaniments compared to those usually served in Poland – or elsewhere else come to that – and even with the starters (at around £10 and £7.50 respectively), bearing in mind what was on the plate, the value was questionable.

The main courses quickly confirmed that, Mrs R had a piece of white fish – type and source unknown, it had been partially rolled and there was a wedge of lemon, a single potato finger and half a tomato, devoid of any other salad or vegetables, approximately 50% of the large plate was sparkling white virgin china.

I had a large soup dish with three artistically arranged two bite size pork medallions and five tiny roasted potatoes cut into flats, again, an awful lot of immaculate white china on show. The size of both the tables and plates only served to accentuate the paucity of food served on them - small wonder we were eying up a rather good looking (substantially less expensive!) pizza being served at another table.

We decided against a sweet, reasoning that far better value could be found elsewhere in the city and that, after such a long drive, a leg stretching session was needed anyway, no matter how tired we were


A lot of “maybes” occur to me; had this been a really special occasion and we were not so tired and hungry, had we eaten elsewhere previously in the day, but however many what if’s, it is difficult to get away from the actual lack of ingredients, not to mention quantity of them, on the plate. My meal was weirdly unbalanced too, the starter being larger in proportion to the main course, my wife’s truly too.

Unfortunately, were we to return to the fabulous Wloski Hotel, we would very much enjoy the Restauracja Italia ambiance lingering over breakfast and consume our main meal of the day elsewhere – exactly as we did for the three days following the meal just reviewed.

Putting that score in perspective, here is a comparison with other eating places rated on the same scoring system:

Restauracja Ratuszova – Poznan – Poland – 99% (Lunch, Dinner x 2)
Benedicts of Belfast – 96% (Dinner x 2)
Marrocco’s – Hove – 95% (Lunch, Dinner, Tea & Ice Cream!)
Boston Tea Party – Honiton – 95%
Restauracja Akropolis – Wroclaw, Poland – 94% (Dinner x 3)
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Karczma Polska – Mielec, Poland – (Lunch x 2) – 87%
Cukiernia Sowa – Galeria Malta, Poznan, Poland – 84%

RESTAURACJA ITALIA – Wloski Hotel, Poznan, Poland – 84%

Restauracja Oranzeria – Rzeszow, Poland – 84% (Lunch)
Breakfast Club – Brighton – 70% (Breakfast)
P&O Brasserie – Spirit of Britain – Dover to Calais Ferry – 50% (Dinner x 3)
Stanmer House – Brighton – 44% (Lunch Only)


13.00 – 22.00 Daily


Restauracja Italia Saporito
(Ground floor of Wloski Hotel)
Dolna Wilda 8

Tel: +48 61 830 15 09



© RICHADA / CIAO - 7.06.2017

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  • siberian-queen published 09/11/2017
    super review
  • jesi published 10/09/2017
    I had an experience of being served a portion a lot smaller than expected at a 'fine dining' hotel restaurant in Birmingham some years ago - we were being treated by an elderly couple who had enjoyed their meal there some months previously - under a different chef, apparently - I complained as my meal was so minuscule even compared to those of my companions (and I was actually hungry! my choice of meal was due to allergies and intolerance rather than a lack of appetite) and we had complementary desserts and a bottle of wine given us (and my meal free, although the others were paid for, I believe) . . . I hated to complain, as it was embarrassing to do so, but our host encouraged me to do so . . .
  • CelticSoulSister published 21/06/2017
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