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I don't normally buy in a lot of fruit drinks as I just go through them too easily but one drink that I love to buy a bottle of every so often, is J20. I have tried most of the flavours but the one that I really love the most is this Apply & Mango one, probably because I love mango a lot. The ... Read review

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J20 J2O Bottle Apple & Mango 12x275ml

J20 J2O Bottle Apple & Mango 12x275ml

J2O Bottle Apple & Mango 12x275ml

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Quenching Your Thirst

Advantagestastes nice

Disadvantagesquite sweet

"...of the first I tried. J20 are sometimes a bit pricey but they are worth the money. ===PACKAGING=== J20 comes in a small glass bottle with a bottle cap on top with the brand name. It is easy to see the drink inside and has the usual J20 bright label on the front which stands out very strong. It is a 200ml bottle and states the flavour on the front as all have different coloured labels. All ingredients are stated on the reverse of the label, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Apple and Man going to do better.

Advantagesrefreshing, no alcohol

Disadvantagesno alcohol!

"...was the introduction of the J20 range of fruit juices, served in a glass bottle and looking for all the world like a fruity alcopop which forgot to get the alcohol added! So when arriving in the pub yesterday afternoon after a rather unpleasant afternoon sat on the side of a very humid swimming pool I was in dire need of a refreshing drink. At the bar it was on the tip of my tongue to request a nice yummy voddie and lemonade but the pub we were attending ..." Read review

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Advantagesnon-alcholic so suitable for a designated driver

Disadvantagesnot available in all pubs and clubs

"...Public house at Chesterfield, a J20 (any flavour) costs £1.50 - so I tend to only buy them in the Wetherspoons outlets as this saves me 45p!! Discovered that you can buy 4 bottles of this drink for £2.98 at Tesco's. I had this drink at the Rutland Arms last night (13 Feb 2004) with a bendy straw (I can see no benefit in using a straw with this drink, though). The bottle stated NEW TASTE, but reading the ingredients I could not see any changes ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Stephoohla


A sophisticated drink with no hangover the next day.. Yummy J20!

AdvantagesRefreshing, a bit healthier than your typical soft drink.

DisadvantagesA tad on the expensive side in a pub.

"J20 is a brand of non-alcoholic soft drink, typically fruit-flavoured but very sweet at the same time. The drinks come in a bottle, mostly made of glass but sometimes in newsagents you can buy them in a plastic form which makes it easier and more environment-friendly to drink on the go. Easy to spot among shelves due to the large 'J20' logo smacked right across the front, and the brightly-coloured hues of the drinks themselves, which come in yellow, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5textmad


~ Wow that hit my taste buds ~

AdvantagesNice alternative to alcohol or fizzy drinks.


"...pack to try. ~ What is j20 ~ It is a juice drink in a 275ml glass bottle. All the bottles of j20 have the same design a sticker on the front with j20 on and a sticker at the top with britvic and the flavour. ~ The flavours are ~ Orange and cranberry Apple and mango Orange and passion fruit Apple and melon Apple and raspberry ~ Where can i buy it from ~ You can buy it from pubs, clubs, bars, and a lot of supermarkets. ~ ..." Read review

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Type Other Soft Drinks
Manufacturer Britvic


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