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Freshen up your Air Globe (see code 038201) with a eucalyptus scented refill.

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published 30/08/2008 | shadylady999
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"The Breath of Fresh Air You Didn't Know You Needed"

JML Fresh Air Globe- Dehumidifying, Air Freshening, Light Show Providing, Working Reasonably Well, Slightly Noisy, Spaceship Looking thing.


Opening the Fresh Air Globe on Christmas day settled an internal debate for me. Once you hit adulthood, Christmas day really isn't what it used to be. It wasn't so much the appliance as the fact that I have reached an age where someone (incidentally someone younger than me) can buy me a gift of this kind without a hint of irony. What was worse, was that I was thrilled to receive it. I'd just moved into a flat where the previous occupant had had two housebound cats and a partner who smoked heavily. No amount of open windows was going to clear this smell nor the air freshener they had tried to cover it with. This would be a true test for the JML Fresh Air Globe.

**MAIN JML CLAIM 1 of 2: Neutralises nuisance odours by up to 80% - great for tackling tobacco and cooking odours**

aka: It sloshes around and sucks air in while pumping out a nice smell. Clearly I have no way of challenging the percentage of 80% here however I would agree to some extent with the claim. When the Globe is on, you can smell your chosen perfume floating around the room. If someone (me) happens to be smoking, it does seem to absorb a substantial amount of the smoke also and as for absorbing cooking odours, I wouldn't try this as I don't consider my cooking odorous.

On this topic however I have left the Globe on whilst eating once or twice and had the unpleasant sensation that the food tasted of air freshener. Not recommended! It's not a huge problem as almost as soon as you switch of the item, the scent you have chosen doesn't really linger. Almost immediately after you switch it off, the aroma of the Globe ebbs away, unless you shove your nose right up against the vent. My main issue with this is that I usually turn it off when I have had enough of the whirring noise it makes but still want the nice smell. If I'm pre-menstrual I find the noise a little similar to mild tinnitus...

**MAIN JML CLAIM 2 of 2 - Two Essences Included; Healing Eucalyptus and Soothing Lavender**

I cannot dispute this, the 15ml fragrances were included, however when opened the box, they had both leaked throughout the packaging and very little of them was left in the tiny bottles. On closer inspection, this wasn't such a problem, the smell of them was distinctly like car air freshener to me. To me, "car air freshener" is a synonym for "car sickness" as I'm sure is the case for many of you reading. Therefore, I opted not to have the bottles replaced, particularly as they are £9.99 a pop. Instead I use my own essential oils and bath oils in the Globe and there have been no adverse effects whatsoever.


Invariably, I will do idiotic investigative work like shoving my nose up against things and it is here that we discover the Globe's fatal flaw! It takes very little to knock this thing over and I have done so on several occasions even brushing past it (no doubt investigating some other thing, vacuuming, being tipsy.. ahem). When you knock this over with oil and water in it, it takes a heck of a long time to clean off the carpet. The you have a carpet which smells of cats, smoke and is a bit oily. Not exactly problem solved.

The reason it appears to tip so easily is that even with water inside the clear bowl (see picture), the top silver plastic section is considerably heavier than the bottom. The plastic base and bowl are very light plastic and in only one way are any of the three sections are connected. The top is connected to the silver base with an electrical cable! This makes it even scarier to touch with all that water sloshing about. It's a terrifying balancing act involving water and electricity and essential oils.

Having said that, I have got water into the electric a couple of times and it seems to be quite robust but who knows? Every time I go near the thing I'm afraid of knocking water into the rather cumbersome electrical arrangement. Behind the shiny globy facard is a set up for two separate wires to be connected and the adaptor cable isn't terribly long either. At £39.99 I would expect a bit of a smarter design personally.

The final oddity of the design is the light show that it does. It appears to be designed for a 70's disco as it has several settings of fluorescent colours which are either continuous, flashing or alternating. There is no fade function so I don't find it synonymous with the rest of the product which is surely meant to be soothing and relaxing- nee 'healing eucalyptus' no less! There is one colour I like which is the pale blue, but I only have that on when no one is round because the whole thing is so cheesy looking! Almost like a lava lamp or those fibre optic lamps that had a craze a while ago. It also does red, bright orange, bright green, acidic yellow and darker blue.


So why have I given this product 4 stars? Well, aside from eliminating really obvious stinking odours it has one incredibly satisfying feature. When it has been on for a little while I have the impression that it's easier to breathe in the room. Then when you go and have a look at the water in the bowl, it has turned grubby. Now clearly, this product creates awareness of a problem I didn't know I had and I think that's a bit of an issue. Overall, I don't like the idea of getting this pernickety about household things, but since it was a gift, I'll get excited! So I found out I have grubby living room air and should have been insulted, but I can't resist seeing these kinds of results. It's positively brown even in my new flat which is clean, clean, clean. Well that swings it back for me! It looks like a spaceship but gives me proof of it's worth daily. The top half gets a little grubby inside and you can't open it up to clean it which again is absurd.

It's rather nice to whack it on for half an hour before someone comes over too so that they walk in and go 'Oh it smells lovely in here' when they see your flat for the first time and you can say 'Oh does it?' knowing full well you've sprayed half your Chanel perfume into it. I fear I am made for Stepford wife living in spite of myself... either that or a turkish brothel...

JML Fresh Air Globe- Dehumidifying, Air Freshening, Light Show Providing, Working Reasonably Well, Bit Plasticy, Slightly Noisy, Spaceship Looking thing.

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  • Zmugzy published 03/09/2008
    Highly entertaining :-)
  • COOOEEE published 31/08/2008
    The price really puts me off. I keep hoping for a bargain in the sales Fionaxx
  • SophieRobson911 published 30/08/2008
    Hi Shadylady This review was extremely helpful as well as entertaining ;-)
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Freshen up your Air Globe (see code 038201) with a eucalyptus scented refill.

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