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Pro Decently priced, compact, great for travel, quick and easy to use, innovative
Cons Lack of precision, not hot enough for thick hair
Value for Money
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"Better for thinner hair"

JML Simply Straight Straightener Brush

JML Simply Straight Straightener Brush

I thought this brush was a brilliant and innovative idea, which is an opinion I still stand by despite not being entirely satisfied with this product. It works well, but just not as well as ordinary hair straighteners.

Pricing and availability

This product seems to be available from a wide range of places, both online and in store. The official JML website seem to stock it at the highest price, costing £52.98, though they're currently on offer for £29.99 which seems to be the price that most other stores are selling it for. This straightening brush is readily available on Amazon on Ebay, priced anywhere between £19.95 and £29.99, with £19.95 being the cheapest I've found the product. However, there are quite a few up for bidding aswell, so there is the potential to obtain it even cheaper. Tesco's and Argos are both currently selling them for £19.99, and Wilko are selling them for 4 pence cheaper at just £19.95. Wilko is the store in which I made my purchase.

The brush comes in a small white box which I personally found useful and informative, but also unattractive and unappealing. If I wasn't already searching for a product like this, I would not of been drawn to this packaging. The words "simply straight" are printed in black text on the top left of the box, with "as seen on tv" printed above this besides the JML logo. A photograph of the product fills the entire box, but is positioned diagonally so that it begins on the bottom left corner and finishes on the top right. This leaves a small space either side of the picture, the left side of which is used to briefly list a few of the products features, whereas the right side is used to display another photograph of a girl actually using the brush. On the side of the box is three before and after pictures of real people who have used the product, though I personally didn't find the results in the pictures very impressing. The remainder of the box is full of information and advertising related to the brush.
Inside, the brush is packaged between small pieces of cardboard for protection.
The product

This hair straightening brush is not only practical, but also attractive and stylish in design. The actual brush is black, with black bristles, a black handle, a black wire and a black plug. It does, however, flaunt a bright pink line that starts at the tip of the handle and travels around the whole edge of the brush. The bristles are coated in ceramic, which is also bright pink. On the back of the brush, located at the top of the handle, is a small squared screen which lights up blue and displays the temperature in clear black text. Beneath this is the plus button, with the minus button directly below. These buttons are rectangular in shape, though the top is rounded, and are composed of rubber. They sit inside a slight dip in the handle, as does the circular power button which is situated just below. The screen and the buttons are all bordered by a glossy black background, whereas the rest of the brush is more of a matte effect, though the words "simply straight" are debossed into the bottom of the handle and are also glossy.
The brush is, in my experience, slightly larger than an ordinary sized brush. It measures roughly 20 centimetres in height, 16.7 centimetres in width and 7 centimetres in depth. The brush also has a swivel cord, with a practical length of around 180 centimetres. On the back of the head of the brush is a sticker, which states a warning that the brush will become hot whilst in use. This sticker must be removed before use.

LCD display - The JML simply straight straightener brush possesses an LCD screen, which stands for 'Liquid crystal display'. This is a screen that is very thin, but formed from a multitude of layers, two of which are polarized panels that contain a mixture of liquid crystal in between them. This screen has a backlight which is shone through the liquid crystal layer, thus generating an image on the screen and informing us of the straighteners current temperature.

Adjustable temperature - The temperature of this brush can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons, with the lowest temperature being 150 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature being 185 degrees Celsius. The lower temperature is most suited for those with shorter and finer hair, whereas the higher temperatures will best serve those with longer and thicker hair. I have hair that is very long, thick and curly and the highest temperature was enough to tame my hair and straighten it to a decent level, but if I wanted a perfectly straight finish then I'd have to use my ordinary hair straighteners, as it reaches higher temperatures.

Automatic shut-off feature - This straightening hairbrush is designed to automatically switch off if left on for too long. Although the shut-off time is not specified, it is normally between 30 and 60 minutes, by which time the power will switch off. This feature increases the safety of the product, eliminating the danger that comes alongside forgetting to turn it off.

Swivel cord - The swivel cord enables the freedom of movement, making use of this product much easier. This feature prevents you from getting tangled in the wire as you twist and turn the brush to straighten your hair, as well as making it easier for you to turn the brush to the angle you require. The wire is also long, measuring at 180 centimetres, which only adds to the ease of use.

Ceramic coated bristles - The ceramic coating of the bristles on this brush contain an ion neutralising property. Positive ions in our hair cause it to look dull and dry, so when the ceramic becomes heated, it will react with the positive ions in the hair and change them into negative ions. This results in smoother, shinier and healthier looking hair. It's important to note, however, that the bristles are only coated in ceramic rather than being entirely ceramic. Beneath the ceramic the bristles are, to the best of my knowledge, plastic.
My experience

I purchased this brush because I loved the general idea, it seemed so much quicker and easier. I hate straightening my hair as it is long, thick and curly, so normally takes a long time. With two young children aged only 4 months and nearly 2, as well as two step children aged 6 and 8, I don't have time to patiently straighten my hair. So, I wanted something to match my busy life and provide me with a quicker alternative. This brush was the perfect option, I can't fault it for the purpose I intended it for. Being a brush, I can straighten my hair with just one hand, whereas normally I'd have hair straighteners in one hand and a hairbrush in the other. This meant I could be more relaxed with the straightening process, as well as being able to do something else at the same time. However, I did notice that in terms of how well they straightened my hair, they didn't live up to my ordinary straighteners. The temperatures don't reach as high as my ordinary straighteners, which reach around 260 degrees Celsius, so didn't work as well on my thick hair. For people with shorter and finer hair this shouldn't cause any issues, as you won't require as much heat. Aside from the temperature, though, I also noticed it was near impossible to get all the little waves and kinks. This was especially the case right at the roots, by the ears and underneath the hair by the neck. This is because the entire thing is much larger than the narrow plate on ordinary hair straighteners, so has much less precision. In conclusion to these findings I decided to continue using my normal hair straighteners for more special outings, but still use my JML simply straight straightener brush for quick touch ups, when I'm in more of a rush or for when I'm just going somewhere like the park.

I rated this only 4 stars as although it is a great product, for a great price, I feel it is only good for touch ups or when you're in a hurry. I have hair that is long and thick, but feel as though this product is best for people with hair that is short and thin. I've knocked only one star off as although it doesn't reach as high of a temperature as I'd like, as well as lacking precision due to its size, I believe it has a market for those who need to style their hair quickly.

I'd recommend this brush for anyone who needs a quick styling fix, though I don't recommend it as a main styling tool. The brush doesn't work as well as my ordinary straighteners, but it is quicker and easier to use as well as being more convenient for travel. It also leaves the hair silky and smooth as it effectively brushes through whilst it straightens. I think it's a great product to take on holidays, camping trips or any other kind of travel where luggage or bag space is limited, I'd recommend it for that purpose alone. However, if you're looking to purchase these with the desire to have a precise and flawless finish, I'd suggest looking for an alternative product.

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